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Found 8 results

  1. Im going for my first time on a cruise by my own. I read about the LV, but some pages says it isnt avaible for MIA (american airlines). Other says it does. Im not sure whats right. Also I wanted to Book a flight that departs on 11am. My cruise is suppose to debark 6am but doesnt know if it is an option. Thanks for any help and recommendation
  2. Hi there! I'm going on Symphony of the Seas next month and my DH & I were contemplating whether or not we should each use airplane approved carry-on size suitcases or just the standard size checked luggage. We like the aspect of getting off the plane quickly and also being able to hold on to everything we'll need for the cruise BUT we also would like to explore the ship and take a dip in the pool on embarkation day without having to lug around our suitcases. In the event we do go the small carry-on sized suitcase (22") route, are we allowed to give it to the porters when we get to th
  3. Hello All, I know most people post on here asking what they should pack etc, etc. I no matter what cruise try to never actually carry on my luggage with like clothes (like why deal with that). So I bring a carry on tote, backpack, small roller bag, etc. What is everyone's most useful item that they bring with them, I'm not talking passport, medicine, hand sanitizer or any of that. I always have to have a pen, sunscreen and portable battery charger bc my phone dies SO fast. I also like to have a small snack of nuts/protein bar to hold me over if there is a wait to get on
  4. Our cruise leaves out of San Juan and I wasn't really planning anything until flights were booked. We are flying in the day before and staying at the Condando Plaza Hilton (free with points, yay!) Unfortunately we have to leave the same day the cruise returns and our flight is at 3:13pm. I figure that gives us some time to disembark, take a cab to Barrachina's & explore that area for a bit before heading to the airport. Not ideal, I know San Juan has so much more to offer and hopefully we can return again some day and do that. I'll preface this by saying this Jersey girl was
  5. Thinking about doing this with my group of 8 family members when we sail on a 7-day on Allure out of Miami in late December. Are people having a good experience with this service? Thanks!
  6. We have used the luggage valet service for flights out of Fort Lauderdale and really like it. But, I can't remember the time restrictions for qualifying flights. We are trying to decide our flight times and would like to fly out at 4:40pm on a Saturday. Does anyone remember those restrictions? Royal Caribbean can't give me an answer, "must wait until you are onboard to schedule it".
  7. So we are boarding in sydney, we want to go early go to have a leisurely lunch at the Rocks BUT of course we will have our luggage. Is it like at the airport where you can check your luggage in any time? Or do you have to board with your luggage. So could we get there early check in our luggage go to lunch at the Rocks then board later? Thanks in advance for your help. Never cruised before.
  8. We will be flying to Galveston for our October sailing on the Navigator of the Seas. Does anyone have any experience with packing wine? I would like to bring the allowed 2 bottles, with one being a Prosecco (a dry sparkling dry white wine). Is it safe to pack these items in checked luggage wiht the change in air pressure? Last thing I would like is to have a bottle explode in flight and soak my clothes.
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