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  1. So we are boarding in sydney, we want to go early go to have a leisurely lunch at the Rocks BUT of course we will have our luggage. Is it like at the airport where you can check your luggage in any time? Or do you have to board with your luggage. So could we get there early check in our luggage go to lunch at the Rocks then board later? Thanks in advance for your help. Never cruised before.
  2. First timer and apologies im sure this has been answered but I have looked and cant find. SO I am thinking I will purchase voom 1 device. Can I use my iphone, then log out and then later say use my computer? Yes this is two devices but they are both mine and I wont be using at the same time. Is this possible or do I have to get 2 devices which is not worth my while. OR should I just do the internet cafe. I need to stay in touch with work for emails mostly.
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