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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Super excited to cruise this part of the world Asia Anyone out there been to Indonesia - cruise port for Lombok,and Benoa, Bali Indonesia ship not showing any tours yet?
  2. Hi Has anyone done long cruises to different parts of the world How to you pack for 87 nites on a cruise, tips on what to bring, How to manage tours, visas
  3. How did you guys go about getting the $300 from Royal or contact executives? I noticed others mentioning this when they have had lost luggage. I am super frustrated. We disembarked on Friday, Oct 28, 2022 from Freedom of the seas and my luggage was deemed “lost”. The customer service phone number says I have to wait 7-10 business days to see if my luggage “shows up”. The thing is… I had my luggage. I was right by the exit of the port and took my hand off of it to put my birth certificate in my backpack and stepped out the door. My bag was right in my sight and I wasn’t allowed to grab it since it was in the building and I was out of it. It was then deemed “suspicious” until the cruise disembarked entirely and the bag was searched which was like 4 hours later and we had a flight to catch. The port agent took my information so that they could ship the bag to me after (at my expense) but I haven’t heard a thing. Every time we try to contact Royal they have no record of it and say to just wait 7-10 business days to see if it “shows up”. It was right there. It was never lost!!! All the phone calls are like 45 min waits and zero help. The person that took my information obviously failed to follow through.
  4. Hey Media is full of stories of airport chaos.... What happens if your luggage is delayed at the airport and you actually don`t get it before the ship sails from the port of departure? Will the athe airline company make sure your luggage is delivered to one of the ports of the ships itinerary or just take the easiest solution and send your luggage back to your home address? Anyone with experience on this?
  5. We are taking a post-cruise excursion in Vancouver on the Serenade of the Seas in June 2022. Since we are staying overnight in Vancouver to fly out the next day, we decided to take a post-cruise excursion. Specifically, the Sea to Sky Experience and Shannon Falls with Airport Transfer excursion. We chose this excursion because it was on the list of places we wanted to see and since we are staying at the Fairmont Airport Hotel it is where we will be dropped off. We also chose this hotel because we have a morning US flight and the wanted convenience of being right their to catch our flight. I've searched around but couldn't find the answer to my question. If we leave our bags out the night before the end of the cruise, what happens to our bags? Do we claim them then lug them over to the excursion bus? Or do they load them on the tour bus? The tour leaves at 8:30 and ends at the airport. Thank you all for your great advice!
  6. Embark tip: The best way to go with the test result is printing it, but if you want to have everything digital, before arriving to the port make a screen shot for the results of all the people in your cabin. The reason is sometimes the internet signal in the port is not good and it can take a loooong time to be able to show the results, and there is nothing that can be made before showing the results. When you do the screen shot make sure that is the full page and you can see clearly the name of the person, type of test, date it was taken and, of course the result. Debark tip: Make sure to put something distinctive on every piece of your luggage so you can recognize them right away: A ribbon (NOT red, please), a bright tag, a pompom, duck tape, etc. This is not only for you to spot your luggage but for other people not to take it by mistake. You have no idea how many times it happens that when someone go to get their baggage they cannot find it because somebody took it and is already gone. The other thing you can do that is very helpful to find quick your luggage is to take a picture with all the pieces when they are ready to be left outside your cabin with the number tags and whatever you put on them to be recognized, so next day at debark if you don't find them right away it would be easier for the agents to help you. This is really a good way to do it.
  7. What do you recommend to keep with you in your carry-on/personal bag vs. your larger "checked" luggage? I read that sometimes your checked bag doesn't get to your room until late, which means you may want something out of the bag to have with you as you walk around the ship. Obviously I will hold on to my electronics, medicine and documents. Should I keep a bathing suit or change of clothes with me? Thoughts?
  8. I know. I know. I already tried to change it a month ago but changing it will also cancel my departure flight and that's full up as well (Or at least that's what Air2Sea told me). So I'm stuck with this 7 am flight day of, arriving in Newark at 9 am. But the question I have, is I also took the Royal Transfer option. If I'm taken right to the port I'm going to be 2-3 hours early for check in. (I have the earliest check in option at noon, but it's still noon). My main concern is the luggage. Is there any ability to drop off the luggage to porters that early and then go and do something else (Probably via Uber), or will we be stuck with our luggage until check in time?
  9. To all my fellow cruisers, being from Tampa area (so spoiled driving to ports) I am guilty of bringing way to much luggage. If I am going to have to "air to sea" my desire is to be prepared for a 7 night sailing with just carry on luggage, one per each of us. Can it be done? Probably would forego the "formal night" but with the extra costs and logistics I believe less is more concerning this topic. Could we have some fun and revisit personal hacks & suggestions? Looks like carry on size is 22x14x9 and a personal bag, maybe a smaller size back pack? I look forward to your responses.
  10. Im going for my first time on a cruise by my own. I read about the LV, but some pages says it isnt avaible for MIA (american airlines). Other says it does. Im not sure whats right. Also I wanted to Book a flight that departs on 11am. My cruise is suppose to debark 6am but doesnt know if it is an option. Thanks for any help and recommendation
  11. Hi there! I'm going on Symphony of the Seas next month and my DH & I were contemplating whether or not we should each use airplane approved carry-on size suitcases or just the standard size checked luggage. We like the aspect of getting off the plane quickly and also being able to hold on to everything we'll need for the cruise BUT we also would like to explore the ship and take a dip in the pool on embarkation day without having to lug around our suitcases. In the event we do go the small carry-on sized suitcase (22") route, are we allowed to give it to the porters when we get to the ship? Or do they only take really large suitcases? Has anyone ever given the porters their carry-on sized suitcases? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello All, I know most people post on here asking what they should pack etc, etc. I no matter what cruise try to never actually carry on my luggage with like clothes (like why deal with that). So I bring a carry on tote, backpack, small roller bag, etc. What is everyone's most useful item that they bring with them, I'm not talking passport, medicine, hand sanitizer or any of that. I always have to have a pen, sunscreen and portable battery charger bc my phone dies SO fast. I also like to have a small snack of nuts/protein bar to hold me over if there is a wait to get on the ship.
  13. Our cruise leaves out of San Juan and I wasn't really planning anything until flights were booked. We are flying in the day before and staying at the Condando Plaza Hilton (free with points, yay!) Unfortunately we have to leave the same day the cruise returns and our flight is at 3:13pm. I figure that gives us some time to disembark, take a cab to Barrachina's & explore that area for a bit before heading to the airport. Not ideal, I know San Juan has so much more to offer and hopefully we can return again some day and do that. I'll preface this by saying this Jersey girl was born and raised in NY and basically I have trust issues, lol. I told hubby we could either have breakfast or lunch (& definitely one last Pina Colada) before heading to the airport and we could leave our luggage there (yes, I will tip for that separately). He thinks I'm nuts and can't believe I'm not concerned about theft, will change my mind when I get there and hence we'll be roaming the streets with our suitcases. Can others share their experiences?
  14. Thinking about doing this with my group of 8 family members when we sail on a 7-day on Allure out of Miami in late December. Are people having a good experience with this service? Thanks!
  15. We have used the luggage valet service for flights out of Fort Lauderdale and really like it. But, I can't remember the time restrictions for qualifying flights. We are trying to decide our flight times and would like to fly out at 4:40pm on a Saturday. Does anyone remember those restrictions? Royal Caribbean can't give me an answer, "must wait until you are onboard to schedule it".
  16. So we are boarding in sydney, we want to go early go to have a leisurely lunch at the Rocks BUT of course we will have our luggage. Is it like at the airport where you can check your luggage in any time? Or do you have to board with your luggage. So could we get there early check in our luggage go to lunch at the Rocks then board later? Thanks in advance for your help. Never cruised before.
  17. We will be flying to Galveston for our October sailing on the Navigator of the Seas. Does anyone have any experience with packing wine? I would like to bring the allowed 2 bottles, with one being a Prosecco (a dry sparkling dry white wine). Is it safe to pack these items in checked luggage wiht the change in air pressure? Last thing I would like is to have a bottle explode in flight and soak my clothes.
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