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Found 24 results

  1. Just got off Symphony of the Seas this morning on the 11-18 Jan sailing out of Miami and my daughter has lost her precious Edward the Elephant plush toy. Have logged with RCCL but desperate to get him back. He has our email address on a little tag near his tail. If any fellow cruisers have found a stowaway please check and contact us.
  2. Hi! First time RC cruiser here. Hubby and I are taking our kids, 8 & 5, on their very first cruise in a couple of weeks - so exciting! We are going on the Mariner to CoCo Cay and Nassau. Since we are trying not to spend a ton of money, my mom offered to buy us the Essential Nassau shore excursion. Looking into it, though, I'm not sure it would be all that fun for the kids. Has anyone done this excursion? Is it good? Kid-friendly? I'm wondering if we would be better touring the island on our own for free. Any feedback / thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have a recent Ocean Adventures Cruise Compass that they’d be willing to post from Allure (7nt)? Traveling with 2 families- kids ages 4, 7, 7, 10, and 11. My kids have only ever been on a Disney Cruise and my son loved planning out his day hour by hour. It doesn’t seem like RCCL gets as specific and breaks down the kids activities. I’m just worried some of or all won’t want to partake in any Ocean Adventures programming and instead of me getting a break here and there, I’ll be their personal cruise director. Thanks! PS- I looked on the cruise compasses page and most recent o
  4. Hello All, we just got back from a 5-day Bermuda cruise on the Anthem of the Seas and I wanted to share my "lessons learned" as a "pay it forward" for all the great forum members who provided advice to me for several questions I posted. We are a 4 person family (42M, 39F, 13M, and 10F) and we had 2 balcony rooms booked on Deck 13 forward. I hope I can help some newbie cruisers with the info below! 1. Do Show Up Early on Embarkation Day: Our ship was schedule to leave from Bayonne, NJ cruise port at 4:30pm. Coming from NH, we drove to Danbury, CT the night before and stayed at a hotel (
  5. We are sailing on Enchantment on August 28th. What I like least About cruising is very early afternoon on embarkation day when everyone is jammed into the Windjammeir. to circumvent this I went ahead and pre-purchased lunch at Chops. We have an active 18 month old who will be on his third cruise (Alaska, Bahamas & now Mexico) and eats like gangbusters. Question!!! What are his option for what RC consider No Charge for under age 3. THX
  6. We will be taking our 2 1/2 year old with us on a Canada & New England cruise. We’re looking for suggestions on places in Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John and Halifax that would be good for young kids. Any help is appreciated!
  7. You all have been amazingly resourceful so far! I was wondering about food at Adventure Ocean. My son, who will be just short of six when we take our first cruise, will likely be there much of the day time when we are at sea. I know about the kids' dining options at the dining room, but is there food available at OA for the kids? He seems to be hungry (hangry, more like it!) ALL THE TIME, and it would be awesome if they either had regularly scheduled snacks or a pantry with food. I haven't seen anything about this on any website! Thank you all. Valerie
  8. I've read conflicting reports on kids menus at wonderland. Cruise critic says an adventurous kids menu but other places said they dont offer any. Any recent travellers have any info?
  9. We are taking our first cruise on Oasis of the Seas 30th December with our 12 year old son. We have read that the kids facilities are really good on board and have received various suggestions about what to do when we first get on the ship. Is it a kids club that is supervised, i.e do we need to be nearby, will he (should he?) be able to come and go as he pleases and is that wise? Should we get him registered at the earliest opportunity? Not looking to abdicate responsibility but want him to have a certain amount of freedom.
  10. Hello fellow cruisers! We just returned from our vacation on the Mariner of the Seas. I wanted to do a review, and hopefully answer any questions you guys have about the cruise. I will include information regarding restrictions for age/height for the on-board activities, since I did not find many answers to these questions before our cruise. About us: Me (the mom, and planner of all family vacations!) My husband, (the dad, and the one that does not want to know a thing about the vacation until it's time to pack!) We have two sons - our oldest, who I will call RS, is 9 years old, and our you
  11. I have been on several cruises and this will by my kids 3rd cruise. I have three boys ages 9, 11 and 12. The two older boys are very mature for their age (I know a lot of parents say that and maybe really think it, but I am constantly getting praise about how well behaved and mature they are I promise lol). My husband and I are also NOT helicopter parents at all, but we still love our children more than anything and of course worry so here is my question. Would you allow your 11 and 12 year old to roam around the ship? We plan on taking walki-talkies with us and given each boy one. Any othe
  12. I've searched and can't seem to find any info. . . I understand that Harmony has a teen SPA for those 13-17, but wondering if Freedom offers that also? My son will be 17 and our cruise is his graduation present, and he is BEGGING for a deep tissue massage (athlete of course. . LOL!). Wondering if it's offered or if I could get for a 17 year old? Also, are there Mommy and Me services? I seen on other ships (Disney obviously!) Mommy and me mani/pedis, etc. Just something fun to do with my 10 year old for a girls pampering. Any one have any info or experience I'd greatly appreciate.
  13. We just bought cruise tickets via http://www.royalcaribbean.com/ for 4-nights to Bahamas on Majesty of Seas and we are super excited and looking forward to the trip! We didn't know that, there weren't any balconies on Majesty of Seas and the website continues to show Balcony as "Sold Out" - I thought we missed the boat on getting a deal on a balcony but if we knew that the ship didn't have any, it would have been better upfront. We booked two interior staterooms as we are 5 adults and 2 kids and it's great that RC is running a kids sail free promotion. Stateroom #1:
  14. My husband and I are taking our 7 year old on a spring break cruise this March on the Navigator of the Seas. This is my first cruise in 10 years (the other one was on the Enchantment of the Seas back in 2007) and my first time cruising with my son. I wanted to get some advice on shore excursions for our stop in Costa Maya. I want to take him to see some ruins and remember Tulum being fantastic the last time I visited. It doesn't seem like Tulum is offered anymore, and I want to branch off and explore non ship sponsored excursions. I've heard good things about Native Choice tours and
  15. Does anyone know if any of the Trolls characters are on board Oasis as part of the Dreamworks Experience?
  16. We will be on Oasis of the Seas on September 10th with an almost 3 -year old. It's not our first time cruising with her (we did Liberty of the Seas last year) and she did great. This year though she's older, potty trained, and we will be driving from San Antonio to Orlando before the cruise. Any tips, tricks, and advice on how to keep her entertained, comfortable, etc would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck...any advice on how to handle my husband who hates being stuck in a car is also appreciated! LOL Any Oasis class specific tips are also greatly appreciated!
  17. This will be my third cruise, first with RC. I'm traveling with my extended family. My 5yo son and I are sharing a room. Can someone explain to me how the drink packages work? Can my son and I share one? Is room service included in the price? I'm just really confused by how this drink package works and the more I try to understand the more confused I get. I thought food and drinks are included EXCEPT for alcohol and "specialty" restaurants and cafes. I'd rather spend my money at port and on excursions than food and drink on board. Where do I find information on "kids club" hours and cost and i
  18. My family will be cruising on the Inner passage on June 24th. We will be bringing our boys, ages 9 & 11. Can anyone offer packing advice? I feel like the packing lists I'm finding are too general. I don't know if we should bring winter gear or not. What about footwear for shore excursions (hiking or rain boots)? Will we need shorts at all? Will it be warm enough to swim? Any general advise for a first time cruise with kids?
  19. Hi - My 5-year-old daughter and I will be sailing on the Majesty of the Seas on April 22 (3-night Bahamas) - it's our first cruise and we're very excited. I'm just looking to connect with other cruisers (any age, with or without kids) to have a few acquaintances prior to sailing. Would be great to hear from you!
  20. Hi there and thanks in advance for your help! I am cruising in four weeks with a 6mth old, 9 and 13 yr old and my mother who is just recovery from cancer treatment and a broken ankle, we will be celebrating her birthday and she is also has an autoimmune disease so she can tire easily. Cancer and broken ankle happened after the cruise was booked. We are doing the western cruise to jamaica, cozumel and haiti. We do have an aqua suite on the oasis. I'm really struggling with what excursions would be good for all involved, what is close to the ship and what would be exciting for my kids as
  21. I was thinking of making my son first or second passenger on our future cruises so that he can start accruing Crown and Anchor status. Will this work? Any pros or cons I should be aware of?
  22. Hi All I'm looking for some advice about an upcoming cruise. We will be cruising a week after my eldest daughter turns 18. In Australia its legal age for drinking and nightclubs but I think USA (therefore RCCL) its different. Anyway, I've heard it can be difficult for people of this age to find fellow cruisers to socialise with because your too old to go to the kids club (which would be her preference ((and mine!)) ) but not old enough to go to the nightclubs. Any advice or thoughts appreciated. Luke
  23. Question # 1: I have read that their is a time limit between soda refills ( assuming you purchased the beverage package ) on Freedom of the Seas. Does anyone know what the time limit between refills is, or if this is even true? Question # 2: What has been your best ideas for younger kids to keep up with their sea pass cards. ( my boys are 8 and 10 years old )?
  24. I just wanted to remind everyone to ask for the kids' menu in the MDR especially if there's nothing to your liking on the regular menu or if you're looking for something different (e.g., finger foods). We often find that desserts of the kids' menu can be a nice change as most cruise lines have some version of a banana split which can make the regular ice cream a bit more appealing. On Royal, it's more like sliced bananas with chocolate syrup, but still quite tasty especially if you opt for the specialty flavor of the night. Remember, any adult can order for the kids' menu just like any k
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