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  1. We're getting closer to our cruise (less than 20 days!!) My mother-in-law is extremely concerned about communication while on shore. We are traveling in a group of 9, not everyone is going on the same excursions on port days. What is the best way to communicate while on shore via cell phone - we will be getting the Voom service but we're having difficulty understanding how off-shore cell service is going to work. She's convinced that we'll need to head to AT&T and order international calling service AND have Voom. I think this will be way too expensive to have both. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!!!
  2. More RC first-timer questions.... What's the best option for cell phone/internet service while on the boat and at port? I'm traveling with 9 people in 4 different rooms on 2 separate decks, my mother in law is worried about communication between the family members while on board and in port. Would we be better off signing up for an international call plan from our service provider or get some walkie talkies (I've seen this in several "tip" sites). Are there laundry facilities/services available? I don't know how to pack for 7 days for myself and my 5yo son without packing a huge suitcase that I'd have to check at the airport.
  3. WOW, a lot of great information...thank you all so much! Can I keep this feed going and ask more questions???? Where do I find info on the scheduled activities for my cruise? We're on Harmony of the Seas out of Ft Lauderdale July 22-29, 2017.
  4. This will be my third cruise, first with RC. I'm traveling with my extended family. My 5yo son and I are sharing a room. Can someone explain to me how the drink packages work? Can my son and I share one? Is room service included in the price? I'm just really confused by how this drink package works and the more I try to understand the more confused I get. I thought food and drinks are included EXCEPT for alcohol and "specialty" restaurants and cafes. I'd rather spend my money at port and on excursions than food and drink on board. Where do I find information on "kids club" hours and cost and information on fitness club hours, cost, classes. The website has a lot of information but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Also, what happened to the RC app? Is there one to replace it? ~Thanks!!
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