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  1. We are going on Harmony!! Thank you :)
  2. I always always worry about the railings I don't know why because I know they would NEVER try to climb or anything but lawrdy it always scares me.
  3. This does help thank you!! I feel the same way. We kinda let them go on our last cruise but it was very very limited and for very short amounts of time but this year the older two are really wanting to go more which I understand I was cruising at their age too. I am just a Mom and still worry.
  4. I have been on several cruises and this will by my kids 3rd cruise. I have three boys ages 9, 11 and 12. The two older boys are very mature for their age (I know a lot of parents say that and maybe really think it, but I am constantly getting praise about how well behaved and mature they are I promise lol). My husband and I are also NOT helicopter parents at all, but we still love our children more than anything and of course worry so here is my question. Would you allow your 11 and 12 year old to roam around the ship? We plan on taking walki-talkies with us and given each boy one. Any other information about the ship would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
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