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  1. Leaving this Sunday on Allure. I’d like my 11 yr old to have the Royal app on a spare phone in order to use the chat feature. I know by law kids have to be 13 to use most communication apps, but is there a workaround? RCCL has our birthdates so changing that to log him in likely wouldn’t work, right? Both my husband and I will want the chat feature and I’m not sure if it would let one of us log into a second device. We really don’t want to get the internet package. Any suggestions on how we can get this set up so the 3 of us can chat?
  2. Where can I find a link to this graph and current info. Leave in 10 days and want to watch it. Thanks!
  3. I’m going on the Allure in 19 days. I’m confused because I have entertainment booked for the entire week, but my app only shows half the week. Experienced users- Should I be Concerned?
  4. If you look at the deck plans now vs. after the revamp, it does look like they are removing it from Allure. Thanks for the reminder about the ship being cashless- never thought out that with the kids spending their own money.
  5. Does anyone know the approximate cost of making a stuffed animal at Pets at Sea on Allure? I want my kids to bring their own money.
  6. I'm traveling on Allure of the Seas in less than three weeks! At home, I'm a big Starbucks latte drinker. I see on the Cruise Planner that I can purchase a Cafe Select Coffee Card - $31 for 15 beverages. I also see in the fine print that it doesn't include any drinks made "inside licensed Starbucks stores/cafes". If I can't use the card at Starbucks, what other locations on the ship makes premium latte drinks? Are there multiple locations? I'm trying to decide if there are enough locations so I can't have to wait in long lines in the morning to get a latte. Thanks in advance!
  7. Does anyone have a recent Ocean Adventures Cruise Compass that they’d be willing to post from Allure (7nt)? Traveling with 2 families- kids ages 4, 7, 7, 10, and 11. My kids have only ever been on a Disney Cruise and my son loved planning out his day hour by hour. It doesn’t seem like RCCL gets as specific and breaks down the kids activities. I’m just worried some of or all won’t want to partake in any Ocean Adventures programming and instead of me getting a break here and there, I’ll be their personal cruise director. Thanks! PS- I looked on the cruise compasses page and most recent o
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