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Found 24 results

  1. It’s nearly time! I feel like I have waited for yeeears to set off on my first cruise as an adult! (It’s been… 84 years… ) In reality, I haven’t had to wait all that long as the days between booking and embarkation maxed out at 146 days. Now it’s down to just SIX days! The saddest part was that I had three vacations to go on between then and now and the poor Grand Canyon and Puerto Vallarta did not get the travel-obsessing they deserved. In March, my boyfriend and I were looking into different trips we could take for our birthdays this August (on the 22nd and 25th) and as a Puerto Rican h
  2. As I sit here an look at cruise videos instead of working I was wondering which one is used for MTD.
  3. I am sitting in my hotel waiting for magic hour - that time when you head to the pier. It's slowly inching closer, minute by minute. Tick, tock, tick, tock. IT'S CRUISE DAY!!!!!! I spent the week in the Rocky Mountains working at a site just over 10,000 feet in altitude. It snowed twice and temperatures went below freezing every night. Last night the Florida humidity was even higher from the rain and it hit me like a wall as I stepped off the plane onto the jet bridge. Less than 24 hours ago I was scrapping ice off the windshield of my car. I'm so ready for this cruise...
  4. Hi Everyone I Thought I Share A Video I Made Of The Freedom Of The Seas. Hope You Enjoy
  5. I'm looking to book a cruise next year, and two that interest me are either on Freedom of the Seas, or Allure of the Seas. Allure is a bit more expensive, but it's on a larger ship. I'm wondering if it is worth the extra money to be on it?
  6. Four in my group - 3 adults, one teen, plus our previous foreign exchange student.
  7. This is my first time ever hearing of tendering (I've only cruised to the Bahamas before and neither port was a tender port). Where do I find out if any of the ports on my upcoming cruise require this time of embarkation? I am on Freedom of the Seas, June 9th, St. Martin, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. Thanks for any help!
  8. Looking forward to our cruise out of San Juan on Freedom of the Seas later this summer. A friend and I were looking for something to do while our wives take advantage of the Spa (thank you Cruise Planner Sales). I've read varying reports about a Cigar Bar on RC ships. I know they were labeled as Connoisseur Clubs, but I hear the familiar mantra (in Matt's voice) telling me "These vary ship to ship and sailing to sailing". So I ask in this forum, does Freedom have a Connoisseur Club? Thanks and Happy Sailing to all,
  9. I've searched and can't seem to find any info. . . I understand that Harmony has a teen SPA for those 13-17, but wondering if Freedom offers that also? My son will be 17 and our cruise is his graduation present, and he is BEGGING for a deep tissue massage (athlete of course. . LOL!). Wondering if it's offered or if I could get for a 17 year old? Also, are there Mommy and Me services? I seen on other ships (Disney obviously!) Mommy and me mani/pedis, etc. Just something fun to do with my 10 year old for a girls pampering. Any one have any info or experience I'd greatly appreciate.
  10. Hi everyone! My husband and I are trying to decide which cruise to take this summer (July) and would love any help in the decision. The three choices: 1) Anthem OTS- 9 night Bermuda- only 1 day in Bermuda, then off to San Juan, St. Marteen, and Labadee. 2) Grandeur OTS- 9 night Bermuda- overnight in Bermuda, then off to Nassau and Cococay 3) Freedom OTS- 7 night Southern Caribbean- St. Marteen, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Johns, and Barbados. Other information: * We love Anthem, but will be doing the Bahamas itinerary in just a few weeks in April.
  11. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the cabins on Deck 10 AFT, D1 category, 1380-1392 or 1680-1692 on the Freedom class of ships? We have the option for a D1 cabin in that area of the ship but are a bit concerned being directly under the windjammer. It is appealing however because its on deck 10 in not such a busy area, away from elevators and more suites on this deck so maybe a bit quieter. The other options would be similar D1 cabin on deck 7 that would have cabins above and below us instead of the windjammer. Tried searching pictures of these cabins but can't seem to find any.
  12. First time with an Embarkation Day that has a Late Evening Departure (8:30PM). Just a general question about luggage, where/how to be luggage free during the day. What to do with luggage if we wanted to explore San Juan during the day, before Embarkation? We do plan to travel into San Juan the day before & have a hotel, but: Curious if the hotel would hold the luggage for the day, even after check-out time (assuming a fee perhaps)? Could we drop it at the ship porters earlier in the day? Thanks All!
  13. I've searched high and low on the internet for pictures of videos of the deck 12 balcony rooms on freedom of the seas, I understand these were added on around 3 years ago but cant find much information on them. I see a fair few videos for for the panoramic rooms which look great but non for the balcony. can anyone help me out?
  14. Going on Oasis of the Seas next July, and I was wondering if the shop on board sells different model ships, not just the one you are on. For example, if you are on board Mariner of the Seas, could you buy a scale model of Liberty of the Seas, or would you have to go on that ship to get that model? I would really like to get a couple of different models on board.
  15. As well as Caribbean, also pricing up Japan cruises with Royal Caribbean. There’s two cruises that we looked up, both going to 3 ports. One is on the Quantum from Shanghai, and the other is on the Ovation from Tianjin. Which ship is better? Is there a difference? Does one have something the other one doesn’t? Thanks in advance.
  16. Going on our 3rd cruise on Freedom. First time in aft stateroom. Has anyone stayed in aft stateroom 9407? Balcony looks smaller than our previous balconies midship. Concerned we may be disappointed. Any advice on that room?
  17. Hey Guys and Gals! Hope all are well! I'm having 2nd thoughts about the Jr Suite booked for Jan 28 2018 FOTS 6 nighter. I booked it because Cindy's "vacation" has always been to "lay" on a recliner chair on a balcony/shade and read herself to sleep. That's her "down time", her absolute pie in the sky vacation. I noticed in the RCCL Jr suite pictures, the balcony had a regular chair, and what appeared to be a loung chair (one with a totally different back) shown in the picture, but not fully shown. I'm hoping and praying there really "is" a lounge chair. Before I started calling RCCL to
  18. Hi Gang, Noticed a $14 and change per day single person VOOM on the Cruise planner. This question is to any of you been on FOTS and used Voom, how was it? I know some ships are much better (bandwidth) than others, and I will need to do some "work" :( While on the ship. I don't recall seeing any "scopes" from Freedom recently, but then again, I'm old and forgetful. Thanks so much for any input. Jan 28th can't get here fast enough. Thank you all. Rob and Cindy
  19. I am cruising on Freedom of the Seas March 12, 2017 out of Ft. Lauderdale. It says the ship leaves at 5:30pm. How early can I embark? Also, how late is too late? I am booking transportation and need to know best times to book!
  20. I am not one to produce lengthy cruise reviews but there are a couple of things from my cruise last week on Freedom that are worth passing on. My streak is in tact ! I still have never had a bad cruise ! WHEW ! 1. Diamond Plus members are no longer invited to the reserved section of seats at the ice shows. We had no problem at all finding a good seat but I was surprised that the reserved seating no longer includes D+ - Gold card holders only. 2. D+ were welcome in both the D Lounge and the Concierge Lounge although all of our voice messages came from the Diamond Lounge Concier
  21. When we were on Freedom two weeks ago, I decided to buy myself a watch. I don't wear one all the time, but mine is getting some age and I wanted a nicer one. I was perusing the specials on the Promenade and found a pretty Invicta that was 75% off of the "retail" cost of $525. I ended up paying $149 for it and was pretty happy (Mattheus was super helpful and nice, BTW). A couple of days after I got home, I looked on the net to see just how much I saved...to my huge disappointment, every site I saw had it for less money. Some of them a good bit less. So, my advise is to be sm
  22. I don't get the drink packages but I went into the Cruise Planner and happened to notice that, under the drinks packages option, there is no Ultimate Drink Package option to purchase. I thought maybe the UDP was just somehow missing from the tab header so I clicked on the "All Beverage Packages" link and it's not there, either. There IS a [apparently] limited time offer for a 20% discount on prepaid Premium Packages but nothing at all about an UDP. Anyone else notice this on their sailings ? My sailing is Freedom, June 26. BTW, there are also 8 VOOM options advertised, too.
  23. A friend just took the same cruise and itinerary that we are taking next month (well, 39 days, but who's counting?). When I talked to him about it, he said he went to Guest Services and asked them to remove all of the gratuities that were charged automatically, and that he would tip on his own for the entire cruise at the end. Is it possible to do that? Is it considered a little rogue? I'd rather tip my attendant and probably my dining room servers on my own, since they are the people with whom I've interacted with. Also - is there a template or something where you cool peo
  24. Hump? Aft? Other? Any suggestions on best junior suite on Freedom?
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