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  1. Hi, does anyone know if I can get a chocolate Martini with my drink package, or will it be extra. If not, does anyone know what chocolaty drink I could get with my drink package?
  2. Hi everyone, Is this a decent price for the deluxe beverage package? I know that I can cancel and rebuy if the price drops, but I don't feel any need to rush and purchase unless the initial price is pretty decent.
  3. My wife and I just booked our cruise for December 2020 and we could not be more excited!! While I was looking over the cruise planner I saw the price of the "Refreshment Package" for drinks. I am not sure if I can justify paying the price they have set for that specific drink package... I am wondering if anyone on here knows the price Royal charges for their mocktails, fresh squeezed juices, and bottled water.
  4. Hi everyone! First time cruiser here (unless you count a cruise when I was 14 yrs old having everything booked by family). Bf and I are going on Oasis in May 2020 to port Canaveral, coco cay and Nassau. I have a few questions that I’m hoping can be answered. Thanks in advance! a. How are the clubs on royal Caribbean ships? (Or oasis specifically) Do they get pretty packed? How late are they open and is the music good? I have nyc clubs to compare it to in my mind b. At the clubs if we wanted tequila shots with the unlimited drinking package, how often could we get them or is there a specific time period we’d have to wait between each shot? c. Why is it impossible to find a drink menu for oasis anywhere? I want to make sure drinks I would want are included in the unlimited package. For example how much is a frozen pina colada? (A drink I see myself having a lot of) margarita? mojito? d. How does it work if we do not want to pay gratuity in advance? Our travel agent says on the last night of the trip they will put tip envelopes for cash in our room, is that how it actually works or is there another way to self pay gratuity? e. How does making my time dining reservations go? As well as theater and aquatheater reservations? f. For people who have been to the water park at coco cay and Atlantis, which is better? g. Any first time cruiser advice that you think is absolutely necessary? h. How are speciality restaurants on oasis? Interested in the bbq place and playmakers bar thank you all!!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm going on my first cruise in February and cannot wait! I am part of a large (wedding) group and will be rooming with a friend of mine. Both he and I have purchased the deluxe drink package. I have small concerns over the possibility of him getting his revoked due to violating their no sharing policy. He is a bit of a wildcard when he drinks, and although he never does anything too over-the-top, buying tons of rounds for new friends at the pool (or wherever) may be up his alley. I am afraid that he may break the no sharing policy that RC states will result in revocation of a drink pass. My question is if his drink pass gets revoked, will mine also be at risk of revocation? I am a very responsible drinker, and I don't want to be penalized for his actions. I know that RC generally requires both or none of each stateroom's inhabitants have deluxe drink passes. Thanks for reading!
  6. I am considering purchasing the Deluxe drink package on my upcoming cruise on Allure of the Seas. I know I'll enjoy some alcoholic drinks but I am also a coffee fanatic and enjoy my espresso based drinks so this package may be perfect for me. I know Starbucks is not included in the premium coffee but what is included? And where is that premium coffee found on the ship? I apologize if this question has been asked! This is my first cruise! Thank you for all your help!
  7. If i wanted to purchase the drinks package with voom for my wife does that mean i must purchase it as well or can i just purchase drinks package by itself? If i can do this, can i do it on planner or would i have to call RC to get this done? TYI Ray
  8. Sailing on Harmony OTS for the Sept. 22nd sailing in 31 days. Wanted to see about doing a 'Bar Crawl' with my group and anyone else that we happen to meet up with on the ship. But, like the old saying goes....'you cant say you've been drinking all day, unless you start in the morning'. So, with that.... where is the earliest place to get a drink on the ship? It appears that most of the 'bars' open around 1030 AM. But... if you're an early riser... can you get a bloody Mary, mimosa, or an 'Irish breakfast' from somewhere before that? Any thoughts on this or advice about getting a bar crawl organized is greatly appreciated. ~Cheers
  9. I'm a fairly simple drinker and tend to stick with things I already know i.e. beers, long islands, bourbon, gin, etc. (could not for the life of me remember all those crazy mixed drink names) Since I am purchasing the deluxe drink package it gives me a rare opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and start experiment with all those crazy drinks with crazy names. (why not!? since im on vacation!) *This will be on the 7 day symphony of the seas western caribbean jan, 2020* So my question is: Does anyone have a list of official drink names and the ingredients that they could send me? (I plan on printing or copy pasting the list to take with me to the cruise lol)
  10. I'll be taking my very first cruise ever on Symphony of the Seas 7 days on Jan, 2020. I'm still getting use to all guides and tips on youtube/google. I've also been very vigilant on the cruise planner feature on royal caribbean website. My 2 questions below: What is the cheapest deluxe drink package you have ever purchased on specifically symphony of the seas? (I'm trying to grab an average so I know when to pull the trigger and buy) When is the best time to buy the deluxe drink package? I know we'll be going over labor day, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years. So i'm hoping one of those holidays will have a great sale for the DDP. (the only problem is I don't know the lowest and highest DDP has been sold for) Thank you all in advance for answering my questions!
  11. I have two cruises the summer of 2020 (one on Harmony and one on Oasis) and just noticed a pretty significant price increase on the Deluxe Beverage Package. A couple weeks ago it had 20% off with the price of $56 and now it is 20% off with a price of $65 ?. Price increases are always expected but wow! Are other people seeing an increase in their package prices? #StillLoyalToRoyal #StillGoingToPurchaseLOL
  12. Hi everyone! Just wondering what the souvenir cups given with beverage packages are like on symphony of the seas. I've seen some cool looking ones with a chip and also some cheap plastic looking ones. Thanks!
  13. Is sparkling water or flavored sparkling water (like La Croix or Perrier) available? We will be on MOS in September and have purchased the drink package. I have only seen a general list of the mixed drinks and pop available. Thanks!
  14. This is interesting. I've been watching the Deluxe Beverage Package pricing for my upcoming Anthem sailing for a while now. Before today, it's always been $56/night when no sale is in place (stock 20% off $70 on-board price), and $52/night when theres a BOGO50 (25% off $70 on-board price). Never changed in months of watching it. Today, the price is $52/night with no sale in effect. Verified I haven't received an email from Royal, and there are no banners in place. So the on-board price just got dropped to $65 -- 80% of 65 is 52. I'll be very curious to what this weekend's expected Memorial Day sale shows: A BOGO50 with the same $52 price? (meaning Royal IT just jumped the gun and enabled the sale price a few days early) A BOGO50 at $49/night? (25% off $65) The long-sought 30% off sale?!? At today's on-board price that would be $45.50/night (which as we've seen can be listed at either $45 or $46, depending on how they choose to round it) At the prior-to-today $70/night on-board pricing, it would be exactly $49 If they do 30% off at either price level, I'll grab that. $45 or $46/night is just at the level where it's not hard at all for me to break even without drink fatigue setting in. $49/night would just mean a couple of extra bottles of water each day to cover the small gap, and lord knows that the hydration around the cocktails and wine would be good for me! ?
  15. I am sailing Freedom in August and purchased the DBP for my boyfriend and I for $44pp/pd. I am a HEAVY water drinker as well as a fairly heavy drinker when it comes to vacation. On a regular day I drink around 96 ounces of water which only goes up when in the sun and drinking cocktails all day! I can easily drink 5-6 cocktails a day to make my break-even price but will be needing upwards of 120 ounces of water a day to try and battle my dehydration. How does getting water work while on board? I have heard to ask the bartender for a bottle with each cocktail but how many will they conceivably let me have per day and do they offer any size of bottle larger than a lil 12 oz'er? I will be bringing my Hydroflask of course, but I hate to think of all the waste of those plastic bottles since I could be drinking 10 of them a day. I am not a bottled water snob by any means (San Diego county tap water tastes great to me!) so how do people who haven't purchased a drink package get water? Are there filling stations for bottles like you find in an airport? I LOVE THOSE. SOS! As a strictly water and liquor drinker I need to know the other half of my beverage choices is also easily obtainable. Thanks for any thoughts! ?
  16. Hi! A few friends and I just booked the 7 night Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan on 3/17/2019. I am wondering if anyone knows when RCCL will have a promo going on for the drink package? Apparently the price is increasing in 2019 and I don't think I am going to drink $63-$74 per day in alcohol lol. I figured I won't get one or I will wait for a promo. Thank you in advance!
  17. Hello All, I realized today that we have $75 OBC and everytime I look at the cruise planner, the price that is shown is showed with the OBC taken off. If we wanted to be able to book the drink package without using our OBC (I want to get a few merch items on board). How would I go about doing that? Do I need to call Royal? Do I need to have my TA call Royal? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. Based on current bookings I should make Diamond Plus this spring. I sometimes cruise and share a cabin with friends or family who are not D+. This got me thinking... what about deluxe drink packages with the new rules that everyone over 21 in a cabin must buy the drink package if any one in that cabin buys the drink package? A Diamond Plus member typically receives a 30% discount from the on board drink package price. This is usually better than cruise planner prices even during sale events. That's great for the D+ member, but what about anyone sharing the cabin over 21 years old who isn't D+? If we buy in advance using the cruise planner the D+ member doesn't get their 30% discount but if you wait until on board, only the D+ member receives any discount, everyone else over 21 pays full price. No win situation. I posed the question to the Crown and Anchor desk at Royal Caribbean and this was their response: "We discussed your questions at length with a supervisor. The long story, short, is that in order to get the best value for all members of your stateroom, you will all need to purchase the beverage package through the Cruise Planner, before your sailing. Then, when you board, you will be able to cancel your own beverage package and then re-book it using your Diamond Plus discount." Has anyone tried this? Cancelling a cruise planner purchase on board and buying it again using your on board C&A offer?
  19. This is for Allure of the Seas January sailing Never seen more than 20% for drink package alone. This is full 25% US$ 41.25 per day. There is no more excuse to not buy it :) 2 drinks + 1 glass of wine + 1 coffee per day makes you break even. OVERVIEW Toast to virtually unlimited options on your vacation – wake up with premium coffee, tea, and fresh-squeezed juices, then keep cool onboard with non-alcoholic drinks and bottled still and sparkling water. Relax and unwind with premium and frozen cocktails, domestic and imported beers and a wide selection of wines by the glass.* Plus, enjoy a discount of 40% off bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles above $100 in bars and dining rooms. Each adult of legal drinking age assigned to the same stateroom must purchase this package. Price shown is per person, per day. *All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores.
  20. My husband and I are sailing on Freedom of the Seas Jan 24 2016. Neither of us drink alcohol, coffee, or pop (we're from Michigan, we bake with soda, we drink pop) My husband really only drinks water, maybe juice at breakfast. I drink water and hot tea. I've been told that we can get juice, coffee/tea, and water with our meals. We were planning on just bringing our own refillable water bottles on the ship, and I always carry my own tea bags and stevia. So my questions are, will they fill our water bottles with water for us in the pool area, or will we need to refill them in our room? Is there a coffee maker in the room where I can heat my own water for tea? I have a small portable water heater pot I can bring if not. Thank You!
  21. GREAT SITE!!!! I am enjoying reading the posts and thanks for adding me. DH and I are Diamond Plus members and we booked a cruise with our daughter, her hubs, and the 2 grand kids on Oasis in Sept. and we are springing for the voyage. We wanted to purchase the drink package, but heard that if you wait until you are onboard the ship, they offer D+ discounts as much as 30%, is this true? I have read, yes, no, I don't know, so I guess no one really knows. My cruise planner right now is offering a 30% discount in advance for the Ultimate, but that includes Zoom, which I don't want, so it's still the same price. I only want to purchase the Ultimate package for the 4 of us. They are Diamond, so I understand their discount would be 20%. Crown and Anchor is useless, they don't have a clue.
  22. My wife and I are cruising Oasis of the Seas on September 3, 2017 and we have both bought the deluxe drink package for the first time (sixth RCI cruise together). My wife particularly likes champagne so we hang out at the champagne bar a lot. From what I have read the deluxe drink package covers drinks up to $13 on oasis class, but all the menu's I'm finding online only show two champagne (sparkling wine) choices (by the glass) with both being over the $13 mark. Has anyone been on a very recent cruise with the deluxe drink package and been able to get champagne without paying an up charge? Thanks for any answers!
  23. So I'm 290 days out from my Eastern Caribbean cruise on Freedom of the Seas, and I see that the beverage packages are now available for me to buy on the Cruise Planner. Since I just missed the last Sip and Stream offering, and I've got so much time before embarkation day, I'm gong to bide my time and keep an eye out for either a 20-30% off sale or another Sip and Stream offer. Maybe around 4th of July week? This is kind of nuts, I'm still a little over 9 months away from my trip! At the rate things are coming up on the Cruise Planner, I'll have all of our excursions, drink packages, and internet booked and paid off at least six months ahead of time. At that point I'll just be making the monthly cruise fare payments until final payment in December.
  24. We set sail on Allure July 9th. My daughter and nieces like the specialty coffee drinks, like lattes, mochas, things like that. The refreshment package says it doesn't include Starbucks, so we bought them the refreshment package and the coffee card. Is this really necessary? I see the refreshment package includes premium coffees. Does this mean they can get espresso drinks with their refreshment package, they just can't get them at Starbucks? What does premium coffee mean? What kind of coffee drinks are included in the package? Thanks again all! This blog has been such a great help!
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