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  1. I have a few questions about the specialty dining on our Oasis cruise in June. As of now I haven't purchased any dining plans (the only extra we have purchased is the refreshment package), but trying to figure out if it would be beneficial or not. We aren't foodies so I think we'd be fine eating at the MDR. However, I know we will be visiting the BBQ because DS is a huge bbq lover, and probably Playmakers, and the kids love hibachi and Italian. So knowing that, it may be about the same price to get the 3 night dining package. With the 3 night package, do you have to go at dinner or can yo
  2. Hi everyone! First time cruiser here (unless you count a cruise when I was 14 yrs old having everything booked by family). Bf and I are going on Oasis in May 2020 to port Canaveral, coco cay and Nassau. I have a few questions that I’m hoping can be answered. Thanks in advance! a. How are the clubs on royal Caribbean ships? (Or oasis specifically) Do they get pretty packed? How late are they open and is the music good? I have nyc clubs to compare it to in my mind b. At the clubs if we wanted tequila shots with the unlimited drinking package, how often could we get them or is there a s
  3. So there have been a lot of posts here lately about getting tables for two. I figured I'd turn it on its head and ask about being a party of only two or four, but wanting the biggest table possible so we have that "classic" experience of meeting new people and having good, long, fun conversation (hopefully with a lot of laughs). Getting a table for two apparently requires sending an email request or making a phone call to RCI. Does wanting to be at a big table also require this? On my cruise on Freedom we're a party of four and I seem to remember reading that this size party is normally p
  4. One more week we'll be on Navigator for our first cruise. I've already made MTD reservation at MDR for the last night, hopefully to catch the farewell performance. As first time cruisers, my mom and I would be thrilled to experience it. But as I was doing research online, I saw someone mentioned some cruises stop doing it already coz people really hate it and find it annoying and awkward. Does anyone know whether MDR staff on Navigator still do farewell performance on the last night? If they do, what time the performance will take place? Does 8 pm reservation sound good? Thank
  5. I tried searching but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have read somewhere that MDR is open for breakfast, and that it's also open seating. 1. Is it buffer, or is it served? 2. Is the food same as WJ offering, or is there a different menu? 3. What's the dresscode for breakfast at the MDR? Does it have a "high end breakfast vibe" and therefore you should dress up a bit, or people just show up in whatever (shorts and t-shirts)? 4. For you personally, what would make you eat breakfast in the MDR, versus WJ, versus room service (provided that you're only ordering
  6. so i recently went on carnival valor for a 5 day cruise, and was surprised to find out they only do lobster night on 6 day or more cruises. what is the policy on rcl? i read that formal night will be night 2, but that is our anniversary, and we already have reservations at chops. thanks!
  7. Hi guys, another quick one. Is breakfast and or lunch server in the MDR? Or just windjammer? We are on explorer. Thanks again all x
  8. Saw a previous post about favorite food in the MDR. Made me think about the reat of the ship as well! So I'd love to hear what were peoples favorite food or meal from any restaurant, and ship! Would love to hear what everyone liked!
  9. Hi all! We have booked a GS on Liberty of the Seas in August. I started researching and it’s all starting to get jumbled. 1. As suite members, do we have a speciality dining option for embarkation lunch or should we look at the Key? 2. I swear I have found that we can eat breakfast and lunch at speciality dining but now I’m having trouble finding it again. If we do, what restaurant and is it the same menu as the main dining (just a different location?). We are ultimately deciding if we should pay for the speciality dining package or if the suite perks get us enough.
  10. You all have been amazingly resourceful so far! I was wondering about food at Adventure Ocean. My son, who will be just short of six when we take our first cruise, will likely be there much of the day time when we are at sea. I know about the kids' dining options at the dining room, but is there food available at OA for the kids? He seems to be hungry (hangry, more like it!) ALL THE TIME, and it would be awesome if they either had regularly scheduled snacks or a pantry with food. I haven't seen anything about this on any website! Thank you all. Valerie
  11. I understand that a few days prior to embarkation, a suite concierge will email to introduce themself and ask if there are any requests that they can take care of. So, can they make all the dining rezis on the ultimate dining package PRIOR to our embarkation?
  12. We are sailing on Independence of the Seas 12/6-12/10...we are going with friends...while we all chose My Time Dining, are we supposed to "pre-book" our times? or can we just walk up to the dining room when we're ready to eat? I cannot remember what we did on the last cruise...
  13. I've been reading the cruise compasses for Radiance of the Seas, Alaska Southbound. Question for @twangster and others who have made this sailing: How is dining, reserved and MDR, coordinated with the late muster drill time? I've seen 7pm and 5:30pm (I think it was) in the latest ROTS/southbound Compasses as the drill time. I made our dining rezi for 6:30pm. Maybe we shouldn't reserve anything the first night????
  14. We have the ultimate dining package on the Symphony group cruise over thanksgiving. I know we have to make our reservations once we’re on board, but was wondering if we’d have better luck making the reservations with the Diamond lounge concierge or at one of the specialty restaurants. We made mock reservations in the cruise planner today and not many times available online.
  15. For those who have cruised on FOTS, if you could only go to one of the dining venues which one would you recommend? Not interested in Sabor so it's a straight choice between chops grille and giovannis. Thanks
  16. Just wanted to give a shout out to this site!!! I read for days and got a lot of great advice on our cruise. It's the first one for me in many moons, and the first for my wife and one of our daughters. We went for my oldest DD grad cruise, another family of 4 and a set of grand parents for a total of 10 in our party. After the cruise was booked, I had to call RC in person for show resizes and dinner resizes because the website wasn't right. So, we drove down from NC, split the drive around Daytona Beach, which was about 3 hrs from the port. Our board times were 1PM, but we went for an ear
  17. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  18. Yay! So I booked my first EVER cruise! I am booked on a 12 day Ovation of the Seas from Sydney around New Zealand! The itineraries were released this past week. Thanks to the many people who have posted on these forums as I have lurked and learned from you all! I chose Ovation and leaned toward RCL because of these boards and Ovation was the newest ship in the area (though I think Princess Majestic might be newer). As an aviation geek I can definitely tell the difference between plane types but, I didn't know much about cruising and ships but these forums helped heaps and I am still le
  19. I'm first-time sailing on the Liberty of the Seas on May 13. When I try to reserve my dining times through the Cruise Planner, it says we are "not configured for mytime dining." So I don't know what time we are scheduled for, and I can't find it in my reservation. Where would I See that information? or would I have to call RC? Thanks!
  20. Hello! First time cruiser here - am curious about a few things. 1. We booked our cruise (Adventure of the Seas, 7 nights, leaving July 6, 2018) through Expedia - I cannot figure out if dining gratuities are included. If not, what is the cost associated with 7 nights? 2. How does my time dining work? I see you can book a time to reserve your main dining room table every night. Can you choose different times each night? What happens if you change your plans and don't show up? Are you charged? Will they cancel future times? 3. To clarify - the buffet and main dining room are
  21. Hi again folks, What are your top picks for specialty dining? Any input will be great...maybe rank venues from best to worst (although it sounds like Sorrento's has a lock on that). Also would like to hear about that favorite dish you absolutely must have when on board. Thanks, Jane
  22. Hey, everyone! My family and I just got off of our second Royal Caribbean cruise. There were two waiters that were really special and helped make the cruise so enjoyable for the family, and we're trying to locate them. My family is hoping to be able to connect on Facebook or something. I don't have complete names, but will include what info I have and if anyone can help I'd appreciate it! Both waiters were on the Brilliance of the Seas as of just last week. The first waiter all I have is a last name : Abadi. The second- I believe is from Mexico. His first name is Juan, and last
  23. Hi! Going on a cruise with my husband and parents in May on Allure of the Seas. My dad just bought the Izumi Hibachi Experience dinner for the first night of the cruise. I just wanted to make sure - is this a flat charge or will we have to pay for additional things as well? I've included a snippet of what it looks like on the cruise planner. I was just making sure, because I thought Izumi was a la carte pricing and you had to pay for what you wanted. Oh - and we are going on Allure of the Seas. Thanks!!
  24. This will be our first RC cruise. We are going on the Vision of the Seas as part of a large group. I've been trying to figure out the food situation on the ship as to whats free and what times you can eat. On carnival you could eat buffets almost anytime it seems. I purchased a Deluxe Package but i was wondering What beers are available? Im more into craft beers or something with more flavor than budlight. Also when we bring our 2 bottles of wine do we get to keep them in the rooms? Thanks
  25. Hi Everyone, So a recent hiccup in our upcoming vacation (ONE MONTH OUT!) Is that my missus is in need of surgery for Galstones. The surgery should be late fall when we are home from the cruise. She is doing okay, as we tend to eat a pretty low fat selection most of the time. Its only when we go out somewhere awesome (and high fat) that she has issues, mainly intense pain. We are trying to avoid that on our upcoming cruise! I have heard that RCCL does a healthy menu option (for people with dietary needs/issues) Is there a Low Fat menu available? It doesn't need to be crazy
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