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  1. I have a cruise booked for June 14. My final payment was due on yesterday and I did pay it, but only after I called and got a room upgrade from an oceanview room with pull down beds and no sleeper sofa to two oceanview balcony rooms for my family of 5 for $400 more. I really hope things are better then, as I'm much more excited about it now that I don't have to sleep with my kids in my room and have 2 bathrooms, but at the same time I'm realistic so won't be surprised if we have to postpone.
  2. We are scheduled for our first cruise with RC in June. I have a 13 y/o who is getting pulled into the mass hysteria and thinks he is going to die on the cruise ship, a 4 y/o, and a 1 y/o who will be turning 2 while on the cruise and seems to pick up every germ. I do have concerns, but as of now am not cancelling. I am going to see what happens with it all before making a decision - I'm hoping things get better and not worse. I see you are on much sooner though, so not sure if that helps you. As a parent it is our jobs to be cautious and look out for our children's well-being, but I do thi
  3. Thanks so much! I didn't realize about the reservations. I think we will just go without the package
  4. I have a few questions about the specialty dining on our Oasis cruise in June. As of now I haven't purchased any dining plans (the only extra we have purchased is the refreshment package), but trying to figure out if it would be beneficial or not. We aren't foodies so I think we'd be fine eating at the MDR. However, I know we will be visiting the BBQ because DS is a huge bbq lover, and probably Playmakers, and the kids love hibachi and Italian. So knowing that, it may be about the same price to get the 3 night dining package. With the 3 night package, do you have to go at dinner or can yo
  5. This is amazing information - thank you so much @AshleyDillo !!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone! I have to tell you @Matt that I'm not looking forward to sleeping in the same room with them either! @Neesathanks for all info - I'll keep an eye out on the refreshment pricing
  7. Hi All. I've been a lurker for awhile but now that my cruise is getting close I'm getting a little anxious. This is our first cruise with RC. We have cruised once before with Disney when we only had one child - which was a fantastic experience. Now we have added two more and are cruising this time with a family of 5 on Oasis in June. My kids are 13, 4, and turning 2 while on our cruise in June. We booked an oceanview room. While booking the RC rep said there was only a certain room configuration that we could book for 5 ppl since we will be using a crib. So apparently our room will have
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