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  1. I'm wondering what's actually included in the beach day excursions? I'm wondering what's actually in it since I don't want to just chill on a beach chair for xyz hours after I meet a stingray.
  2. Hello cruisers! I'm traveling on Allure of the Seas in December and I'm wondering if there's any restraunts (preferably complimentary) that offer Caviar? My folks want to try caviar and I heard there's caviar in some RCL ships. I'm wondering if it's on Allure but places where first time cruisers (no diamond bar unfortunately) can experience?
  3. Did that for my Dec 19th too. I wonder what happened? I was heading to Mexico and they changed to bahamas
  4. I'm going on a cruise with my parents and I'm wondering how is the teen club in RCL? I've heard some bad things about it but that was a long time ago so I'm trying to gauge if it's good now. What's their tech like? Xbox Ones and 360's or do they have the new series X? Is there a soft area for VR (I exercise in VR). What's the vibe like?
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