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Found 18 results

  1. This will be our first sailing that doesn’t leave from Galveston, Texas. So excited to go to San Juan!
  2. Has Celebrity stopped sailing out of San Juan, P.R.??
  3. Looking for opinions on the Enchantment of the Seas out of San Juan. Looks like she has not had a refurbishment in 8 years. Is she looking old? ? Is she too small to find enough entertainment for a 19 yr old? ? We love the ports of call out of San Juan, but I am concerned the 19 yr old will be disappointed with this ship. Thanks for the opinions, good bad or indifferent. ?
  4. We have booked for 1/10/2021 departing San Juan. There are others not yet booked that intend to join...However a few have expressed concern about departing out of Puerto Rico instead of a Florida port due to Puerto Rico still being in some disarray from hurricanes of the past 3 years. I don't want to have to start over if I don't need to but I'm feeling the pressure. Please share your thoughts on yay or nay with San Juan, especially during the month of January. Also the reason we chose San Juan was because we're going southern Caribbean and there was a savings on a 7 day depart PR as opposed to an 8 day departing FT. Lauderdale. As much as we'd love more boat time we felt it was best for us to spend a little more on time and money for the flight than another pp/pd charge for the boat. I'm definitely open to any suggestions, as I have barely any experience choosing this type of vacation but I value the experience on this forum!
  5. So when we booked the cruise we purchased the Royal Caribbean round trip airport transfer. Our flight doesn’t leave until 4:45pm and my husband and I would like to explore old town San Juan. Any suggestions on the best way of doing this? Do we just not do the airport transfer and get a taxi instead? Can we explore San Juan and get the RC transfer later in the day? Should we take the airport transfer right after disembarking and store our luggage at airport and then take taxi from airport to explore San Juan and back? I have no idea what I’m doing as this is our first cruise. Any suggestions welcome! Thank you!!
  6. In a perfect world we would have been able to enjoy more time in San Juan, but that's not the case. We will arrive the afternoon before the cruise and plan to enjoy the beach at our hotel in Condando. Our return flight is at 3:13pm. I am interested in doing the RC San Juan on your own w/airport drop-off because it takes care of our luggage and gets us back to the airport, but it states our flights must be 3:30 or later. Will the 15 minutes make much difference? Here's the link from cruise planner: Can I book it? https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruiseplanner/category/1002/product/100000003328024419
  7. Hi!!! Quick question. I want to go to the Bacardi distillery prior to boarding ( I won't have time when we return). We are leaving out of San Juan (not a port). Is there a way to check my alcohol in with security (to hold until the end of the cruise) prior to boarding? I don't want to buy from the distillery, if I cannot check it in with security. Does anyone know??? Thanks in advance!
  8. Our cruise leaves out of San Juan and I wasn't really planning anything until flights were booked. We are flying in the day before and staying at the Condando Plaza Hilton (free with points, yay!) Unfortunately we have to leave the same day the cruise returns and our flight is at 3:13pm. I figure that gives us some time to disembark, take a cab to Barrachina's & explore that area for a bit before heading to the airport. Not ideal, I know San Juan has so much more to offer and hopefully we can return again some day and do that. I'll preface this by saying this Jersey girl was born and raised in NY and basically I have trust issues, lol. I told hubby we could either have breakfast or lunch (& definitely one last Pina Colada) before heading to the airport and we could leave our luggage there (yes, I will tip for that separately). He thinks I'm nuts and can't believe I'm not concerned about theft, will change my mind when I get there and hence we'll be roaming the streets with our suitcases. Can others share their experiences?
  9. I am SO excited for my family's very first cruise ever this July (7-14) on the Allure. My mother- and father-in-law (avid RC cruisers) are treating my family of three (me, husband, and son who will be 3 weeks shy of 6) and my brother-in-law's family (husband, wife, 13 and 15 year old boys) to the cruise and are helping us with transportation there. We will be responsible for all extras (excursions, premium dining, tips, etc.). I am having difficulty navigating the shore options available to us and haven't been able to find any sites that review the options. Ideally, I would like to take our son with us when in port because this will be his first international experience. We don't *really* love the beach and are definitely foodie-friendly (but not alcohol; we just don't drink it) and can definitely do walking tours but maybe not hikes. What are your thoughts on the available options? Of course, I will take any additional tips or tricks for making our first cruise a successful one! I don't expect us to do any premium dining, but I would be interested to hear in what extras are really worth it. We also enjoy dancing, music, comedy, art, watching sports, and of course, travel.
  10. I'm doing something I never do and don't recommend. I'm flying in the day of the cruise, tomorrow. Coming from the US West I'm taking a red eye tonight at midnight to NYC then off to San Juan in the morning landing in San Juan at 12:05pm. I booked air through Royal's Air2Sea program plus I have travel insurance so between the two and with a evening sail away I'm rolling the dice. I came across a deal on this 5 Night cruise and couldn't pass it up. $549 all in, solo in a balcony with $50 OBC. Air2Sea was actually cheaper than Delta direct plus it provides some limited coverage in case of delays. Between air and cruise fare I'm right at $1k for this trip. Shortly after I booked the news of a cheap cruise broke and many members of the RCPeriscopers.live group jumped on board including @mpoole3 who will be live blogging on the main page of RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com so this will be a light blog for me. Keep an eye on the main page for his blog. We have one port of call on this cruise, St Maarten. I have no plans this time and may just take a taxi to Maho Beach and explore that area and a few beaches nearby. On my last stop in St. Maarten I took a coastal catamaran and we sailed past Maho Beach but we were offshore. There are few other beaches close by so I may just beach hop this time. After St Maarten on day 2 we have 3 sea days on our way to Bayonne, NJ where Adventure will spend the summer alternating embarkations with Anthem. On this cruise I transferred the booking over to mpoole3's brother who is a travel agent which netted another $50 in OBC. Consequently gratuities are covered and I'll have little left over for a few drinks since I'm sailing without a drink package. I'm traveling light having crammed everything into a 22" carry on suitcase. That'll help if I have flight delays or need to leverage Air2Sea to fly me to St. Maarten. I should have enough time for a shower in the JFK Delta Sky club in the morning. With no checked luggage I'll have everything with me in the club and as soon as I board Adventure in San Juan. Two other new additions for me on this cruise are a new travel router and some iPhone lens(es). Credit for this travel router goes to @Galveston Steve and credit for the Moment iPhone lens goes to @JLMoran. Indeed this blog has the effect of causing people including myself to spend some money! I've used the new travel router on a couple of business trips to share my free wifi plan on Delta courtesy of TMobile so my non-TMobile work phone and laptop could join. It worked well for that so in the interest of traveling light I'm leaving my trusted travel router at home. It's been a while since I've taken a red eye but it's practice for my overnight flight to Barcelona to join Symphony on her transatlantic to America in October. Looks like my inbound aircraft is now in the air on its way here. So far so good.
  11. We are taking Adventure of the Seas from San Juan. We are flying in the day before and are spending the night in San Juan. The boarding information says boarding begins at 12:30 pm. Is it possible to check out of our hotel, and drop our luggage off at the cruise terminal, so we can spend more time looking around San Juan?
  12. HI there! I'm sailing on Adventure out of San Juan on Saturday, stopping in St Thomas, St Kitts, Curacao & Aruba. I'm kind of silent member, I listen to all of Matt's podcasts, and peruse the blog and forums quite a bit, but dont speak out too much. :) I've learned so much here and would love to help pay it back and help contribute. I'll possibly blog here each day, if there is anything you want to know, feel free to post here and I'll see how I can help. **5 days and 23 hours, but who is counting?!**
  13. First time with an Embarkation Day that has a Late Evening Departure (8:30PM). Just a general question about luggage, where/how to be luggage free during the day. What to do with luggage if we wanted to explore San Juan during the day, before Embarkation? We do plan to travel into San Juan the day before & have a hotel, but: Curious if the hotel would hold the luggage for the day, even after check-out time (assuming a fee perhaps)? Could we drop it at the ship porters earlier in the day? Thanks All!
  14. Way back in March I booked (using my United miles) the Sheraton Old San Juan for the night before our 1/7/18 Southern Caribbean Cruise. I've been hearing rumors about last minute hotel cancellations in San Juan either due to hotel hurricane recovery issues or hotels housing relief workers instead (some sources are claiming the hotels get more $$$ from the relief funds). I had not heard a peep from the Sheraton, but I decided to call today to check on my reservation and they advised me that they are not accepting guests until 1/8! I have since been on the phone with United who is telling me that the Sheraton is attempting to secure a reservation for me at a comparable hotel. I will give them a day or two before I fully panic and start calling again, but I am feeling quite nervous. Of course, I am very sympathetic to all the challenges and struggles that Puerto Rico is facing; still, I want to make sure we have a place to sleep that night! Anyone else experiencing these issues? Oh, and if you did the same thing as we did and planned to arrive in San Juan the day before the cruise, you may want to check on your reservation....
  15. I'm looking for feedback on the rainforest driving excursion (SJA7) in San Juan. Is it worth it? My husband and I are mid 50's.
  16. Can anyone tell me which pier the Oasis will probably use for a port call in San Juan? I am trying to figure out if it is around Pier #1 or #3 (right next to Old San Juan and trolley stops)? Or if it will be across the bay at the Pan American pier (which will require a taxi to get back over to Old San Juan)? This is not an embarkation from San Juan, just a port call. But I have read that the Pan American Pier is for the bigger ships. We are scheduled for June 2017, on the Oasis, and I am enjoying the early planning and soaking up everyone's tips and suggestions. Also any suggestions for visiting the forts would be welcome as well. Many thanks to all of you.
  17. What are some of your favorite San Juan restaurants for nice pre-cruise dinner?
  18. I will be taking my first cruise with Royal Caribbean this summer and docking at San Juan, St. Maarten and Haiti. Which would be the best location for scuba? We also go to Bermuda, but have already dived there once before.
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