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  1. OK, Whew! I think we're OK. Since I was getting conflicting information about my reservation from both Sheraton (corporate) and United Mileage Plus, I did some sleuthing and finally found the following email address that goes directly to the hotel: [email protected] I also copied the hotel's general manager, Larry Vitale at [email protected] I immediately got an email from Mr. Vitale and a phone call back from a reservation manager who is actually at the hotel in Puerto Rico and who reassured me that my reservation was fine. I will cross my fingers that
  2. Yes, it's weird - Expedia also appears to be accepting reservations for 1/6, however, Sheraton's website has a statement posted that they are not accepting reservations until after January 8. I have spoken with reps at both the Sheraton AND United Mileage Plus and both are advising me the same - no reservations allowed prior to 1/8. But I had never received any notice of cancellation, so what if I had not called??? Feeling anxious.
  3. Way back in March I booked (using my United miles) the Sheraton Old San Juan for the night before our 1/7/18 Southern Caribbean Cruise. I've been hearing rumors about last minute hotel cancellations in San Juan either due to hotel hurricane recovery issues or hotels housing relief workers instead (some sources are claiming the hotels get more $$$ from the relief funds). I had not heard a peep from the Sheraton, but I decided to call today to check on my reservation and they advised me that they are not accepting guests until 1/8! I have since been on the phone with United who is telling me
  4. We are looking forward to our southern Caribbean cruise on Jewel of the Seas in early January! We have a balcony cabin and am just wondering what toiletries are stocked in the room? Checked Royal Caribbean‘s site but could not find the answer. Does the bathroom come with shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, hair dryer? I am also assuming there’s a coffee maker in the room, with all the safety issues about heat, maybe I shouldn’t assume. Appreciate the help! Thanks!
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