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  1. Hello All, I'm a first time RC cruiser, when I booked our cruise last January (2016) I was told we could use our $200 on board credit towards the drink packages for our Oasis of the Seas cruise. After paying for the cruise and speaking with customer service, they told me they can't apply it but I can buy the drink package once I board the ship with my credits? Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I was also told by my booking agent that I could purchase liquor at the duty free shop and immediately take it back to my cabin, and the posts on this blog seem to argue otherwise. So I'm quite confused what on earth is right because I feel like the booking agents tell you one thing then the customer service agents say the opposite. Can a recent cruiser clarify any of this for me? Thanks in advance!
  2. I am considering purchasing the Deluxe drink package on my upcoming cruise on Allure of the Seas. I know I'll enjoy some alcoholic drinks but I am also a coffee fanatic and enjoy my espresso based drinks so this package may be perfect for me. I know Starbucks is not included in the premium coffee but what is included? And where is that premium coffee found on the ship? I apologize if this question has been asked! This is my first cruise! Thank you for all your help!
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question! We are going on the Harmony in a couple weeks and we did the drink package. My father insists on having everything linked to his account so he can pay, because he's a great guy. Question: we did the deluxe drink package. Does a sale show up on the invoice at the end of the cruise for every time we buy a drink, even if it's "free"? Or does nothing show up unless we decide to add additional gratuity? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Just like so many, I am wrestling with drink package decisions...here's my latest: Has anyone purchased the Royal Replenish package and asked a bartender to add alcohol to a non-alcoholic cocktail and paid an additional amount? If so, how much?
  5. My husband and I are sailing on Freedom of the Seas Jan 24 2016. Neither of us drink alcohol, coffee, or pop (we're from Michigan, we bake with soda, we drink pop) My husband really only drinks water, maybe juice at breakfast. I drink water and hot tea. I've been told that we can get juice, coffee/tea, and water with our meals. We were planning on just bringing our own refillable water bottles on the ship, and I always carry my own tea bags and stevia. So my questions are, will they fill our water bottles with water for us in the pool area, or will we need to refill them in our room? Is there a coffee maker in the room where I can heat my own water for tea? I have a small portable water heater pot I can bring if not. Thank You!
  6. Hi, If I purchase a drink package do I still pay a tip on each drink?
  7. Greetings!! For the royal replenish package non alcoholic part...do I have to stick to the drinks I see on the menu or can I tell the bartender to make whatever I can think of as long as it is not alcoholic?
  8. Can anyone tell me if the Premium Drink Package will cover drinks when on Coco Cay?
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