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  1. I was thinking of spending a few nights in Orlando before my cruise. My port is Miami so I was going to use Red Coach to travel there from Orlando. Has anyone ever used them before? Does anyone recommend any other means of transportation? I believe the port will be 3 hours away from where I will be in Orlando.
  2. What brand of coffee do they serve for speciality in cafe promenade on Allure of the seas?
  3. From experience, what is the typical weather like in the caribbean in January? (Bahamas and St. Thomas specifically) Was the water warm enough to swim in? I have tried researching online but have found conflicting answers?
  4. Awesome! Thanks so much! Also is it a best practice to bring your own wine on board?
  5. Greetings!! For the royal replenish package non alcoholic part...do I have to stick to the drinks I see on the menu or can I tell the bartender to make whatever I can think of as long as it is not alcoholic?
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