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  1. We're cruising aboard Oasis in April... and I'm sorely tempted to sign up for the tour. But good lord, it's expensive... maybe I'm better off blowing that money at the casino... :D
  2. Favorite restaurant on board? Favorite port of call? The one thing you liked least or actually didn't like?
  3. It doesn't chase the snow away, but it will make shoveling Sunday's snow fall just a little easier...
  4. Today I printed our SetSail passes and a couple of baggage tags... Maybe a little premature for an April sailing, but with my lawn covered in a few feet of "White Fescue" (with more on the way) I figured what better way to chase away winter? I do admit to some barely controlled giggling as the documents exited the printer... The SetSail pass did raise one question: There are options to let Royal Caribbean convert on board charges to my card's currency, or let my card issuer convert. Stupid question time - are on board charges made in USD or another currency?
  5. Does anyone have experience with the Crowne Plaza Airport/Cruiseport hotel? I booked it months ago for our April 2015 cruise on Oasis, but now I'm second guessing myself...
  6. We're sailing on Oasis in April... I had planned on visiting the 'secret' balconies. I was so disappointed when I found out that they are now staterooms! Good for the people booking those rooms, though!
  7. I hope you enjoyed your cruise! What did you think of the Windjammer? A coworker just returned from a cruise aboard Adventure of the Seas and was pleasantly surprised by the level of service by the staff at the buffet.
  8. Heh.... it's more important that your cruise ends the way you want it to! Enjoy!
  9. It would appear that Dynamic Dining is the "New Coke" of the cruise industry.
  10. I guess the real question is "Are you feeling lucky?" Even in this great future there are so many variables to account for in travel that I think arriving the day before is the way to go. Save the pulse pounding excitement for an adventure excursion. Before we were married my wife missed a cruise because of unexpected travel problems. To this day she gets that lower lip tremble when she thinks of all of those calls to Carnival and being put on hold - only to hear Kathy Lee Gifford sing "Ain't we got fun!". All that said, I know people do it - some have no choice in the matter, it's what their schedules dictate. Whatever choice you make, I hope your journey to the port is calm and uneventful, and that you have an awesome cruise.
  11. As I was snow blowing and shoveling yesterday I was saying "77 more days... just 77 more days". We booked excursions for Labadee and Cozumel last night as a way of warding off winter. Apparently that didn't work too well...
  12. I was going to click "Like" on your post - but apparently I've reached my daily limit of exuberance and must either curb my enthusiasm, or come back tomorrow! And I've come across cashiers in the US who don't think two dollar bills are legal, too!
  13. There, I fixed it for you..... ;-) I like the idea of tipping with 2 dollar bills!
  14. Does that ice tea category include "southern style" sweet tea?
  15. Has anyone done any of the Mayan ruins excursions? It seems like a lot of travel time for a short time at Tulum...
  16. Excellent! By the time you are done you'll have seen more of the US than many Americans!
  17. Odd... I'm sailing on Oasis in April. When I log onto Royal Caribbean's website and go to My Cruises I can see the entertainment schedule and make reservations. This is for things like Cats, stand up comedy and the ice skating show, etc.
  18. I hope you enjoy your visit to the US! Will you be remaining in Florida, or will you visit other parts of the country?
  19. I think the real takeaway on the drink packages (alcohol and otherwise) is it's all about choices. For some the security of knowing exactly what they are paying for their drinks for the whole cruise is worth the upfront money outweighs the possibility that they won't recoup the expense. For others, especially experienced cruisers, the smart play is 'pay as you go'. We're cruising on Oasis in April. I'll probably buy one of the soft drink plans as we have two teenagers, and they love that carbonated sugar water....
  20. I feel your pain. It's bad enough when a vacation is over, but to have to shovel snow as soon as you get back stinks... Years ago I insisted on wearing shorts as we traveled from the Caribbean back to Connecticut. The jet way was shockingly cold, if I remember correctly. But I stretched that vacation feel for a few more hours.
  21. Heh... not naming any names, but for some people 10 beers on a vacation is just a good start.... ;-)
  22. On Quantum class now and Oasis class later this year (maybe)... But I have trust issues.... After all, when I was in a kid they said we'd have flying cars, colonies on the moon, and a 25 hour work week by the year 2000...
  23. I wonder what "later in the year" means.... We're booked on Oasis for an April cruise. I suspect we'll have the traditional MDR experience. Actually, we opted for my time dining, so I guess we weren't going for the old school MDR experience anyway.
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