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  1. When we sail Disney, we always get our luggage before dinner on the first night. Is that true of RC? Anyone experience any problems with luggage delivery? I am hoping to only have to carry on medications, bathing suits, and sunscreen. I do not look forward to carrying on dinner clothes.
  2. Loopner, Thanks much for the compasses and the photos. Appreciate it. We are ready for a Royal Caribbean magic!
  3. Esteemed, well traveled colleagues, I need your help. We are taking our first ever Royal Caribbean cruise on the April 6th. Our family (including our 14 year old daughter) will be travelling with friends who have a 14 year old daughter and 17 year old son. I have no worries about the girls as they are very close and will have each other to hang out with. I am a little concerned about our friends' son. I cannot seem to locate the "teen club" on the Brilliance nor am I able to find any teen specific activities for the 14-17 year old group on the past Cruise Compass. Does anyone know of what types of teen activities are availabile on the Brilliance? Thanks all!
  4. Hi All, I am Teresa. My husband, John and our two kids (son 20 and daughter 14) live about 20 minutes outside of Lansing Michigan. We love cruising having honeymooned on the Dolphin Cruise Line (just a few years ago), we have been on six Disney cruises (And yes, Matt, I know the money we could have saved!). We will be heading on our first RC cruise in two weeks from now - Brilliance of the Seas. Can't wait to do a comparison! Thanks for all the advice, we have been lurking for some time.
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