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  1. I don't have any numbers for you, but I made a not that it was cheaper to charge to the seapass for money to use in the casino and then cash in -- rather than use the ATM.
  2. Correct. Will they process an expedited passport? Is there time for that?
  3. I have this link saved: http://www.shipcruise.org/royal-caribbean-alcohol-policy-drink-prices/
  4. So if we created one order with 4 people in two rooms - can all the OBC be pooled? We have $100 per person. The majority of it is going to be used for gratuities, but that still leaves $80+ if it can be pooled.
  5. Ripple Cruise Communicator https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ripple-cruise-communicator/id895489791
  6. That reminds me of an app I read about. Darned if I can remember the name, but it worked with the Apple products and at the time, they didn't have a Droid version. There was some question as to whether RC was beginning to block it. If I think of the name, I'll post.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply Mark. I'm glad it worked well for your family. I'm hoping there are other solutions. I'd rather not have to pay the high cost of internet on board.
  8. Can't take credit for taking them. Just saving and posting.
  9. And she took photos of the Optix Teen Club!!
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