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  1. I would say it's in a public area ..I asked this on facebook and someone told me it's a secret and I have to find it myself ...I'm not going to spend 7 days looking for it
  2. Anyone know where the builders plate is on liberty of the seas? I want to take a picture of it ...
  3. Thanks ...did you book onboard or on the ship? I like to book ahead of time so we don't have to worry about it later ...
  4. Do you know how to book this without booking through the cruise line? I found one website on it but when I asked them how to do it they said you have to book through the cruise line. It even said on the website you could book online as long as you are not on carnival. Also how much did this cost?
  5. Bought the new luggage tags too for my cruise last month...they worked great!
  6. I like the thriller jet boat ride in cozumel ...it only took an hour and than we had the rest of the day to shop ...
  7. Ok I found it on my document that they send to my email...it says the onboard credit is split between us...
  8. Ok michelle how do I get it split between the 2 of us?
  9. We are on different credit cards for our onboard charging (sea passes) so will the onboard be split...this was a promo
  10. If we have an on board credit for 300.00 and my boyfriend and my 2 kids are in the cabin will they split the onboard credit up with my boyfriend and I?
  11. I will definitely make sure I ask ahead of time how much the drink is ...the way these drink prices are going up you never know what's going to happen
  12. Ok thank you:):) I can still have my margaritas and Pina Coladas than:):)
  13. How much does the drink have to be before you gave to pay to make up the difference? I thought it was $10.00 and someone else told me as long as the drink isn't over $12.00 I don't have to make up the difference. Does anyone know what the cost limit is?
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