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  1. Is The Crown & anchor coupon vouchers $13 for all bars and all day and nite a permanent thing or is this a short time event ?
  2. what ship are you on in Feb 2023 , i am booked march 2023 on wonder and nothing but spa stuff
  3. We always Tip our Cabin Stewart Pre Cruise and at the End even though i had Pre Paid Gratuities , and i usually use specialty dining and always Leave $10 to $20 tip each meal .
  4. the cruise i was looking at went up by $400 i should have booked last week was much cheaper , maybe next week it will drop again , who knows, "WOW" HeHe
  5. So no more stupid drink menu , and i can order frozen drinks now also
  6. Diamond Lounge Happy Hour Drink Vouchers, Rccl Made changes to the program it now says you can buy drinks up to $13 a voucher , Does mean they no longer have the diamond Drink Menu and you can order any drink up to $13 per voucher no expectation ?
  7. Thank you i took it this morning Wednesday 12-29 at 4 am EST, for my Friday Boarding sailing 12-31, I hope it will be ok ! And yes came up Negative !
  8. I am Vaccinated and was wondering does it matter the time of day you can test , or can i test 3 am before 2 days before boarding Day ? before i go to work , or do i need to wait 48 hr from boarding time ?
  9. i ordered the 2- 2 packs not sure i will need all them
  10. i am pending also for my 12-31 symphony i am in a BW Balcony, and my extra space ocean view balcony is pending , and my JS is expired so i did not bid high enough on that at $340 PP , i did not get any option higher than a JS ,
  11. it is Highly suggested you order an extra one or 2 as a back up i have been trying to figure out if i should order 1 or 2 extra for , i am a party of 2 people ?
  12. Should i order (Test Kits ) 3 pack or stay safe and order the 6 pack for me and my wife curious what people think for 2 people ?
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