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  1. I kinda saw that too when I first glanced at it. Some kind of anthropomorphized kids meal? The skull plate!
  2. On anthem in June, I saw NY Strip on the MDR menu every night. Was not until the last night that I had it.... It was a really good steak. Not fantastic, but very good. I've since recreated it at home. Got a Sous Vide gadget and I can make a really tender, perfectly medium steak at home similar to what I had on Anthem using a Choice cut of NY strip..
  3. Anthem of the Seas MDR. Our server was gracious and informative the whole time. He and the head waiter were able to get item that were not on the menu for us. ie. My wife had heard that some of the Indian cooking staff were excellent in preparing food from their country/region of origin and was curious about their dishes. The next night, they brought her a mini Indian buffet with enough to share for the three of us. The following nights we would have additional Indian treats brought to us. He would also bring entrees for us to try as an appetiser. Very friendly and professional.
  4. We had a short stay (Ship came in at 7AM, off the ship by 9AM and we had to be back on by around 5PM sail away at 6PM) Party of 3. We went to the Information Kiosk a the Royal Dock and got 6 bus tokens for $16.45. Enough to travel thru the first zone (and back). They do not give transfer tickets on the bus. But if you are going to be there a few days, I think there is an unlimited pass availbe for around $20? We went out to Somerset to an area I had scouted on Google Maps. Explored a few shops, got ice cream and medicinal teas at De Island Shack and worked out way past the Count
  5. I was on Anthem over a week ago. I have a Chromecast. There is no accessible HDMI port on the television in the room. Either they bought it that way, or they had some kind of black plastic moulding around the TV to prevent access to the switches and ports. The only way I was able to turn the tv on and off was with the remote. No access to on/off buttons. For a 4 night cruise, I never saw the same movie twice. Also, there was plenty to do, so I didn't spend much time vegg'ing in the room. Maybe took a break after shore excursion..
  6. Not sure whether iw as a free cruise in an owners suite, or an upgrade during the current cruise (would have only had port day, sea day, and return day). All I know is, I didn't get a chance to play that day. I can look it up in my Cruise Compass when I get home.
  7. I was wondering if cruises I purchase for family members can be applied to my cruise points? After all, I'm the one purchasing the cruises for them.
  8. My first meal was on the Windjammer. though it was good, it was not memorable. I think I made a sandwich of some coldcuts and had a hotdog which was more flavorful thatn the Coney Island dog upstairs at the doghouse. The first real meal would be the MDR - American Icon - I had the Wild mushroom soup (really good. They had the more plain Cream of Mushroom up at the Winjammer that night and Cream of Mushroom again later for the Galley brunch 3 days later). followed by Escargot - I was to looking forward to it. It was tasty, but nothing I would order again for the remainder of the cruis
  9. obtw. I had missed the BINGO session a few days before. The jackpot on that was either a cruise or upgrade to the Owners Suite. I guess no one was occupying it at the time?
  10. Winner's Pack of cards was $39. Extra cracker was $5 and Dauber was $3 - total $47 The next pack up was 9 cards for all three games at $59. The players pack of 3 cards for three games was $29 Total time for game play was about 1 hour. The Bingo host also made mention how the Cruise director brags about the$7 Million spent on multimedia for the 270 Experience and their "Virtual Fireworks display" He presented a free Virtual fireworks display on the projector that lasted 1 minute! Ha!
  11. I was on the Anthem June 22 thru June 26th. My wife noticed they were pushing food down our throats and bringing us entrees to try. I think that has to do with them trying to show volume to justify staffing/salaries, etc. I ate at the MDR at 5:30 each night and it was usually only 50 percent capacity. So maybe they are trying to avoid being reduced to 2 MDRs and having the floor space changed to another jewelry shop. I embraced my 270 pound weight (though I'm going to be working out the next few months to reduce) and found a fellow cruiser who shared my sentiments. We were on the way
  12. Played bingo for the first time for cash. This was for the final game of the cruise. Bought a 6 card, three game pack and got a "cracker" tear off lottery ticket. That was called the "Winner's Pack". Got an additional cracker for $5 and the bingo ink maker "dauber" was $2 (Normally $3). CORRECTION: I got the dauber for $3. Didn't win any of the crackers. First game was a $750 jackpot. Second game was $820 and Third game was $1250. They said the first game was the largest jackpot they had seen for a First game. Usually it gets that way on the 3rd game. I did
  13. I like Old Bay in moderation. Some places literlly pile it on the food. A light dusting is fine for me. As of yet, I have not tried it on Honey Stung chicken. Maybe for Tilapia.
  14. The only fried chicken on the Room Service Menu is fried chicken wings that have an assortment of sauces - ie. BBQ, honey mustard, Buffalo, Teriyaki, etc.
  15. I saw no honeystung chicken on Anthem 6/22 to 6/27. And yeah, last cruise night, I was annoyed at a woman who was standing in front of the caribbean food selections at the WJ, her plate resting on the steel bar while she was eating shrimp from her plate for 4 minutes as he 14 year old child wandered around her. She saw people waiting to get to the selections, but would not move. Wasn't even looking at the caribbean food. Just standing there with vacant eyes eating shrimp. Shrimp wasn't even at that bar!!!
  16. With me asking - My cabin steward mentioned on the first day that he will be bringing me distilled water and apologized for forgetting to bring it. They no longer offer extension cords because they have an outlet next to the bunk (only one outlet). My wife and I went off to do things and have dinner and flipped the Do Not Disturb magnet on the door as we did not need the room to be cleaned. I stayed out for a bit after dinner, but my wife went back to the cabin at 7PM and saw the steward waiting there with the jug. She suspected he was missing his dinner. He told her he could not ente
  17. I got a response back within a day that they will have a jug of distilled water and an extension cord for my CPAP!
  18. When you say you cover with a "plate" as in coming from Sorrentos. Is that a paper plate? Or something heavier? I figure paper plates on a ship could be a bad thing as people are slobs and next thing you know paper plates and cups are being blown all over the deck and onto balconies! Napkins too!
  19. I've heard of people bringing breakfast back for spouse or family in the room, but wondered, how this is done. Do they have "To Go" containers? Trays with covers? I do worry, my Mom might just say she's not feeling well (seasick) and stay in the room the whole time and I might have to bring her food (picky eater too!).
  20. Ha! I just read this comment on another site (article about buffet etiquette, but topical). I'd be quick to choose, "Sorry dear Tilapia. You stay here and listen to the nice men playing in the band. I'm taking Lamb on the lifeboat. Will be back for you. Promise! <snick!>" http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1514 "Scott Michael ยท Tulane Medical School Sorry, but the ones who treat the choice between tilapia or lamb curry like they were choosing which one of their twins got to go into the lifeboat on the Titanic and which one stays on the deck drive me nuts!! I do
  21. Pea Meal bacon is Canadian Bacon, made from Pork Loin. English or British Bacon is more like a thin cut pork chop from what I hear. (that's why I want to give it a try!) As opposed to American style bacon which is from the pork belly flaps. (made a killing on pork belly futures when I bought some commodities shares in the 80s shortly before the fast food burger joints unveiled BACON CHEESE BURGERS on their menues as a new and exotic food item). Then, there's Buck Board Bacon, made from pork butts or pork shoulder - just as good, but not easy made into uniform slices. I als
  22. Oxtails!! Where!? I like a well prepared oxtail, nice an saucy with tender fall of the boane meat. As fine as any osso bucco!
  23. Speaking of Brits... Has anyone seen English Bacon onboard at the WJ or MDR? Ahhh. Bacon and Honey Stung Chicken would be bliss!
  24. ...Furthermore, if a Tilapia were to ever offer me a tray of No-Bake Brownies, I would have to decline!.... ....I would prefer Honey Stung Chicken. Thank you!
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