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  1. Its pretty smart for RCL to include these "cheaper" food options in the package. Filling up on burger / chicken wings / fries is much better than the higher priced tenderloin/seabass/shortribs etc....
  2. On all 3 of my upcoming cruises the 4 and 5 night packages are no longer offered. Based on comments from others these might be gone for good?
  3. Ill give my PERSONAL experience on the refreshment package and any package. If you purchase a package your mind immediately starts to decide "How many drinks at X.XX amount per drink do i need to drink to make it worth it". This seems to become a justification vs a situation where you really WANT another drink. For example on some ships now there is only ONE size specialty coffee which means you cant buy the LARGE one anymore to get more of your money worth. I personally found myself going back for a coffee / smoothie just to try to hit some magical number more than really WANTING or Craving another drink. People will say "Yes but waters are 3.00 each and you can collect waters for the ports". Those 5 cent bottles of water are just pure profit for the cruise line and they know that we all feel like we are getting a deal if we drink 5 per day and calculate that to 15.00 worth of water when really its .25 cents worth. The real question is, if you do not have the package will you spend 18 a day on non alcoholic drinks. In my case i never took the soda cup out of its plastic and i can honestly say I would have saved considerably not buying the package because i would never have paid for the things I ended up getting just to "justify the purchase of the package"
  4. I will note however, the number of different sodas the bars have vs the freestyle machine is FAR less. Bars have the typical Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, GInger Ale, while freestyle machines have at least 15 choices before all the flavors. Makes you wonder why it has taken so long to get those machines "engineered in" when there are usually only 4 per ship.
  5. I had some teenage girls at my table (i was 36 at the time). They were fine to talk to until they decided to bring these completely wasted guys they met on the boat to dinner with them and proceed to invite them to sit at the table with us. We had a 6 top but only 4 assigned to the table so they figured they could just invite anyone. These guys were so obnoxious and turned the girls into almost the same as them. These guys shows up in tank tops and swim trunks so i quietly notified the head waiter. Nothing was done the first night so when they showed up again the second night i was pretty firm with the head waiter asking to move me or move them. By the third night the girls and guys didnt show up anymore but it appears there is so much opposition to saying anything controversial that they were OK ruining my trip to make sure these 20 somethings werent inconvenienced. The answer is YES it does happen, especially with the drink packages nowadays.
  6. Smoking isnt allowed on any balcony no matter what side of the ship. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, typically on the pool deck.
  7. They seem to stick to the diamond menu pretty closely however I am guessing since a VODKA OJ or Cranberry vodka is 90% cranberry juice asking them to leave out the vodka should not be an issue and its in their financial interest as well. You will likely get fountain soda unless you specifically ask for a can in which case they will just ring that up as your diamond drink.
  8. If your next sailing is more than 2 weeks after the end of the cruise you level up on. Points and tier status updates take about 2 weeks after a cruise ends to reflect in your C&A Account.
  9. Only if you call in and specifically tie your spouse to your status. If you just show up on the ship and expect your spouses seapass to reflect your status you will have a challenging time if they are checking seapass cards at the diamond lounge.
  10. How did this thread become about who has the travels the most / has the most nights / best credit card for travel?!?!?
  11. Why not just walk into the onboard shops and use the 5 finger discount at the same time? Stealing is stealing and to promote it on a message board is publicly saying "I dont follow rules, your welcome to everyone else who gets to suffer because of me"
  12. I realize Allianz is a large bank also but, these guys are just plain greedy after reading all of this so far. Fourth-quarter net profit was 1.70 billion euros ($1.92 billion) compared with EUR1.43 billion a year earlier, the company said Friday.
  13. Isnt this the exact same as when you see a billboard for a new subdivision of homes that says HOMES FROM THE 210,000s as an example. You go ask about it and the 1 house that was 214,000 was sold years ago and now they are only 300,000+. Why is this a scam?
  14. These things in terminal A were amazing! Literally from the time we walked (dinged) off the ship until we were in the completely unorganized pickoff/dropoff area was < 5 minutes. They had so many of these machines that there was no wait and they were very efficient. They recommend you have your passport out and ready in case it doesnt recognize you but in my case being 6'9" i just slouched a little bit so it would pick up my face and off i went.
  15. That seems right then, the 7 nights on Oasis Class and Quantum are going for 199 now.
  16. MAX two bottles of 750ML wine and Anything else non alcoholic with the limit being 12 bottles or cans less than 17 oz each. You could bring YOOHOO if you wanted, SUNNY D, That Pink Milk Stuff, possibilities are endless!
  17. dont call, just follow the instructions on redemption via email, never once have I had a problem doing that.
  18. You can always do it right on the cruise planner site and not need to call your travel agent.
  19. Yea and if we hand money directly to the people we interface with we are leaving a lot of behind the scenes folks out soooooooooooooo cant win.
  20. if its true that the company takes a percentage of the AUTO GRATUITIES then some of it ends up in Mr Fain's 5.5 million dollar paycheck.
  21. I asked to do this on Allure last month because i had the UDP and never went to the MDR and they said they can only remove auto gratuities, not change who or where they go to...
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