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  1. Not optimal, but I brought it up on my tablet and took screen shots. This does allow you to print only the pages you want. If your eye sight is good you can put two on a page. These don't look like they are copyrighted.Are they, Matt?
  2. Good topic! Are there only ship excursions, or are there private ones that can be booked separately?
  3. We never get the photo package because there seems to be fewer and fewer pictures we want to keep. In your case it will probably be worth it. A discount on the package is always one of the coupons inyour cabin when you board. Almost always, anyway. Whether they inflate the prices before then discount them, I have no clue. Maybe someone that has recently cruised can tell you how much the discounted price on the ship was. Regardless, happy cruising!!
  4. A great thing about booking early, is that you get to be involved early on. Checking out your cabin and ship, reading reviews and seeing photos. It also gives you time to find the best flights. Plus you get to say, Only 259 days until my Allure Of The Seas cruise!
  5. A full size hard case fits under. As mentioned, you may have to lift up the frame. Good question, BTW. :)
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