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  1. Yup, had that happen too. Seems there are always a few servers that make the cruise just a little bit more enjoyably.
  2. Okay thanks. I have been reading it on the laptop. Maybe I will switch over to the tablet. Periscope is there anyway. :)
  3. Question, not related to cruising but related to this forum- How do we change our settings to get the most recent posts first?
  4. Ours just plugs directly into the outlet. Times sure have changed. I can't think of anything electric we pack that doesn't charge with a usb port.
  5. Lots of good breweries! Here are a few pics of Estonia, https://cruisingmemories.shutterfly.com/balticadventure/355 Right. This is a democracy after all. My wife and I could discuss it before we agree with what she says. :) Seriously, though, I would really like it to e during our Anniversary too.
  6. We have sailed it twice, once in May and once in August. We much preferred the May sailing.
  7. I have asked for them to leave the beer bottle capped so I could put it in the mini-frig for later. Some will do that for you, some won't.
  8. We don't pack surge protectors any more either. Ours just plugs into an outlet to give a few extra sockets to use. Nothing stays plugged in once it is charged.
  9. Excellent tips! I can't think of another one. Try not to over pack. Make sure that all your meds and anything you might need before your luggage gets to the cabin is in your carry on. Have a great cruise!
  10. I always take the wife's card and get two drinks. You may see posts from people that say they only have one drink card and are able to get drinks for their spouse also, with it. That is stealing and I hope they get caught. RCI has to pass the loss on to somebody. As far was how long between drinks, I think it depends on the bartender. Actually so does having only one card with you if the bartender knows your spouse also has one. It is absolutely amazing how some servers remember you after meeting you only once or twice. Funny how they are the ones that seem to get the extra tips. :)
  11. Just trying to wet your whistle, whatever that means. :) We have pics of other ports if you want to see them. That was an awesome time and we really liked Visions
  12. Mayhaps, if you wait until July 2017, they will offer the same great deal for the Sept 2017 cruise. Maybe not. :)
  13. Depending on your deck, there might be a good reading spot right near your cabin. There are comfortable chairs all over the place. You won't have any problems. If you specifically want to be by a pool, the solarium is a great choice. Have an awesome cruise (Like there is any other kind)!
  14. As I suspected, TAs are only at beginning and end of a season. Nothing in June. That is too bad because the cruise length is perfect. Plenty of time. Thanks for the suggestions!
  15. Would love to do that TA one, but don't want to have to fly to Copenhagen to do it. Maybe we could connect in London rather than Amsterdam. We haven't found a decent Canada/New England one in June. Doc, Vasa Museum was worth the trip. Helsinki was one of my favorite ports! Here are some Stockholm pics, https://cruisingmemories.shutterfly.com/balticadventure/961 For Amsterdam, I think we had 45 min or 1 hr to catch our connecting flight and they had to hold the plane for us. Have all of your electronics together.
  16. That's great! Are you doing any private tours? We used SPb Tours, but it sounds like there are other good ones out there too. We spent two days pre-cruise in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, only enough time to do the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The only bad part was having to go through Amsterdam Airport. Security checks everywhere. Serenade is a really nice ship. Thanks for the St. Lawrence Seaway idea! We are looking at the Saguenay Fjords, but it wouldn't be RCI.
  17. Never thought of the British Isles. Would love to do Iceland, though. We did 11 day B2B cruises on Visions for the Norwegian Fjords and the Baltics. Have you done the Baltics yet? Truly awesome! We managed to hit St. Petersburg during a record heat wave. I didn't know RCI did East Coast/Canada but thought HAL only did it for the Fall colors. We have gorgeous Fall colors in Northern WI. Does Royal go down the St. Lawrence Seaway? That would be cool! Congrats on your 20th and have a great time? Are you scoping? Thanks DD! We were supposed to do the Mediterranean last October.
  18. My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in June 2018. Obviously we want to do something special. We do the Caribbean every winter. Been there, done that, bought tons of t-shirts! :) We have done Australia/NZ, Baltics, Norway, Alaska, and Panama Canal. We will probably be Diamond Members by then. Here is the panic mode part; Since we haven't come up with a good cruising idea, she is looking at a land vacation tour of the Canadian Rockies. While I am sure they are quite beautiful, to me that translates into hours on a bus.Any ideas to keep me off the bus and on a cruise ship?
  19. I let my wife do that because since those are the ones we end up doin anyway. :)
  20. We are looking for something for June, 2018 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Other than the fact that we don't want to fly overseas for the cruise, we haven't decided anything specific. We will be Diamond members by then. This should help!
  21. Here are some pics from our 2005 cruise/tour. These are mostly on the train, none of the lodge. If you have any chance at all of staying at Alyeska Resort, take it! Absolutely fabulous. https://cruisingmemories.shutterfly.com/alaska/30 In 2005 we were on HAL and 2009 we were on Princess, so can't help with lodging.
  22. First stop is to initiate the drink package and start exploring the ship. Usually check out Windjammer, but pretty sure we won't do that right away on Allure. Explore!
  23. Sounds like Ocho Rios. How far is the market from the dock?
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