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  1. The prices for some of the cruises have gone up so congrats to those who already deposited! Yay! Already in Cruise planner and check out the sales that went live today!!!!!!
  2. Worth the wait... ? Looking forward to sailing out of LA on Royal Caribbean too!!!
  3. Very nice!! What an amazing deal you must have grabbed with that 7-nighter! Let the countdown begin ?
  4. We're on Navigator in Dec 2021, Symphony in Feb 2022, and then maybe Navigator in March 2022? Need to convince the wife for me to go solo on that March 2022 one, oh and the job thing... ?
  5. Wow our Jr suite has gone up by $150 from what we booked it for. Demand/price surging is happening as I type this I am guessing!
  6. Hey Matt! Planning on book 1 cruise for sure! Depending on dates and pricing, 4 and 5 night is the target, but if 7-nighter over Thanksgiving isn't too crazy we may look into that one as well. When is @mpoole3 doing his live onboard?? Hopefully it's on one of the cruises we book! Would be awesome to meet him in person ? I was able to meet Nick Vitani a few years back on Explorer 3-night out of Seattle and it was awesome. We hung out at the Schooner bar and he had his cats shirt on.
  7. Totally, I am checking site a few times a day LOL, totally obsessed and waiting for it. I got a feeling it will come out tomorrow!!
  8. Welcome to the refresh party! ? Any day now... I have never been to Catalina or Ensenada... just Cabo, Mazatlan and PV. I am guessing we are going to do the 4 day or 5 day and stay on the ship even with port visits. Exciting times!
  9. Oh wow...that looks very intriguing... 7 nighter! Over Thanksgiving too... where are these "interwebs" you speak of? ?
  10. If I lived in South Florida or near LA... I would definitely be booked on a ton of 3 and 4 day cruises. I mean, why not?! One day... I still think the best thing ever is finishing a week of work, taking a half-day on Friday and bouncing over to the port, hopping on a 3 or 4 night cruise to da Bahamas and then back to work on Monday/Tuesday... seriously so awesome and I am jelly of those who have gotten to do that in the past.
  11. 100%. For myself and many others I am sure, where we want to go is ON the Navigator of the Seas ? It can have 4 days at sea and I'd be okay with that lol!
  12. Are there any updates to the next class of Royal ships with Project Icon? From what I recall, they will be smaller than Oasis-class but larger than Quantum-class? Excited to hear more about what they will be like and can't wait to sail on these one day in the future!
  13. Luckily for me the flight to LA is only 2 hours (from Seattle)... much better than flying across country but we have to do that for other ships such as Symphony and Oasis that we have booked... this likely won't be the only time we do Navigator out of LA... I am sort of tempted to do the b2b for the first time.... 3-night followed by 4-night...followed by Disneyland... not sure if wife will be OK with that but yeah 4 days is so short! I am likely not getting off at any of the ports...
  14. @twangsterLooks like you're spot on with the 3 and 4-night itinerary predictions. I was checking Nav sailing in the Caribbean and all 3-nighters leave on Fridays and 4-nighters on Mondays. I so wish I lived in South Florida or LA... nothing like getting off of work early on a Friday and sailing away on a ship for a few nights before returning Monday morning and back to work...that's the life... one day... I am up here in Seattle and we've only been lucky once with a 3-nighter back in September 2018 on Explorer of the Seas. Left Friday, day at sea and Victoria and came back Monday morning... miss it and wish they did it more often up here in the Pacific Northwest.
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