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  1. Feel free to take pics as well. Upon booking I searched online and found that Tony from La Lido Loca who I actively follow stayed in my exact room 6652 on Spectrum of the Seas. So pretty much the same room, different ship.
  2. Nice! Look at the size of that balcony! It wasn't available when I looked but our balcony's are bigger than the other Studio rooms so that's awesome!
  3. Awesome! Did you grab 7252? I grabbed 6652 last night, looking forward to this cruise! I am on a rollcall on FB if you're interested, but it's called November 11th sailing since that was the original sail date before RCL reduced it from 9 nights to 5 nights: https://www.facebook.com/groups/277090759997068 I haven't looked for one on CruiseCritic yet or here on the RCL Boards.
  4. So am I understanding this correctly? For my 5-night solo studio balcony cabin, I will get 10 points? I wanted a balcony no questions so spending double $ to get 10 more points wasn't worth it for me. I need fresh air haha.
  5. Oops, wish I knew this last night when I booked LOL. Booked on Deck 6 instead of Deck 7, hey it's closer to Two70 ?
  6. I booked one last night! 2F Super Studio Oceanview Balcony is what they are calling it. There were 2 left so I had to grab one. I was debating between 7252 and 6652, both behind the hump, port and starboard side, respectively. If I had known about less obstruction I would've booked the 7252 but I am in 6652 for the 5-night Inaugural sailing! The 7252 is now gone as well. Without the insurance it was only $1190 which is a really good deal and I wanted a balcony not an Inside or Oceanview so had to go with the Studio balcony. A regular balcony with double occupancy for a solo cruiser like myself on this one was I think double the price. Can't wait! @twangsterIt sounds like you're on the 11/15 sailing as well?
  7. @twangsterThis is awesome, thanks for all the finds! I am subscribing to each and every one! Keep them coming. I am tempted to book the 5-night inaugural sailing on 11/15 in a solo studio balcony room, what are the odds you think of it happening? My TA thinks sailings could begin from the US by end of summer so I am hoping that is the case! I sooo wanna go on this ship! I went on Ovation and it was epic and Odyssey looks even more epic from a Quantum-Ultra class ship.
  8. Does anyone know which airlines still follow the "block middle seat" approach? Not sure how you physically distance on an airplane. If I end up coming I'd be coming from Seattle which isn't the shortest flight to say the least ? Hopefully being fully vaccinated helps but being around others who may or may not be vaccinated is of some concern of course.
  9. Unfortunately I don't see it happening... and this is why people are booking cruises outside of the US now... me included... my first US sailing isn't until December so I hope the CDC gets their stuff together by November... this could go on forever from the US really... there has been chatter about whether cruises will ever be sailing from the US again... The CDC doesn't stand for Center for Disease Control, it stands for Completely Destroying Cruising.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a vlogger/blogger/RCL blog meetup in the works? I'd love to have the opportunity to meet everyone... with elbow fist bumps ?
  11. Good to know, thanks @Plumlee2028for the insight! I am guessing mine will be a bit more with insurance but that's okay, willing to spend whatever to get a decent room with fresh air on the first sailing back at sea! It would be an amazing experience!
  12. Hi Sharon! I haven't booked yet but if I do and get signoff from the wifey I may come solo. How was your room rate around this time? I was looking at a balcony and it came out to $2400 for 1 person for 7 days.
  13. Any solo cruisers on this one? I haven't booked 6/12 yet but am tempted to do so, if I can get approval from the wifey... I feel like it would just be amazing to be on the first sailing from North America with so many of you along with other vloggers and bloggers, and document the whole experience. Plus I've never been to Perfect Day @ Cococay, was supposed to go last year but yeah...
  14. And another... "S I B I N Story O' My Life" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKYM6wtEZ2PxFQ0GClTgoA/videos
  15. Found another crew member on Odyssey -- Dhruv Tara https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQhvvA_xsJ8c7r5iYGbx5Q/featured
  16. Thanks for sharing @twangster didn't know about this until I came across this thread. Subscribed and looking forward to following more videos, and going through the ones he has already created ? Odyssey is a beautiful ship. We went on Ovation 2 years ago to Alaska and loved it so I know this ship is going to be spectacular with even more amenities onboard.
  17. Double points are so awesome! I am nowhere near you guys in the C&A status, currently Gold with 17 points ? Am I understanding correctly that if we have any Suite booked (Jr suite and above) we basically are getting 4x the points non-Suite folks would get? So I have a 4-nighter booked in a JS, instead of 8 points I would get 16, and on a 7-nighter I would get 28 points? We got 2 Jr Suite booked and 1 Crown loft booked between now and Feb 2023! I was talking to my wife and we've decided to focus on being Loyal to Royal going forward, we love their ships and what they are all about ?
  18. Price Alert Check your rates! Our Jr Suite for December 2021 just went down by $620 from what we paid 2 days ago!! Oh yeah!! Great way to start the day!
  19. I need to get me on a B2B and then B2B2B... I am sort of tempted to book the 3-night before our 4-night on 12/6... lol... 3 nights just solo... and then 4-nights with the fam/kiddo! Then off to Disneyland!!
  20. Wow!! I saw those crazy low deals last night too man, I refreshed a few times to make sure it wasn't an error LOL. What a great deal you scored, congrats! $2400 for 7 days in a GS? Yes please. I would've booked that as well but we have Navigator in December 2021 (sailing with you!) and Symphony in February 2022 for my birthday and first time to Perfect day at CocoCay! Next time! Will this be your first time to the Mexican Riviera @mpoole3? We scored a J3 Junior Suite on the 12/6 sailing for $2600. Now it's $2950.
  21. I took a look at the excursion options which are part of the sale that just started but nothing seems interesting to me. Since we are on a 4-nighter only in December, I am pretty much going to stay on the ship and explore more and enjoy more of the onboard amenities! It is going to go FAST! PS -- our J3 Junior suite in December 2021 went up by $350 from yesterday!
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