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  1. Wow crazy news... more cancellations... I think this is just bad planning and forecasting from Royal. If you're going to have a season from Bermuda, stick to it for a few months and then move... don't disrupt all these cruise plans people had made... they won't be happy. Israel I understand because of the unrest...but from Bermuda? Come on guys!
  2. I'd take 2 hours driving any day to warm spots lol! Alaska is nice but taking a jacket on a cruise is just weird ?
  3. True! I totally love being able to drive like 30 minutes to port and back without having to get an on airplane. We were going to go to Alaska this summer for the 3rd time on Quantum before that all got cancelled. Maybe next year ?
  4. Omg that's hilarious lol... Well if this is not the inaugural sailing that would be a bummer but it's all good... I just hope they keep it to the 5-nights and don't cancel everyone since it was hard to get the rooms we did... but let's see what happens. So nice that you guys live in Florida/east coast. I am all the way across the country in Seattle...so I got a bit of a ways to go...
  5. Most people unvaccinated on a cruise ship? Count me out of those cruises.
  6. Cool, thanks! I can't see if my room cost went up or down because there are none left lol. I paid $1193 for the 2F Studio Oceanview Balcony. My guess is if it were to become available, the price would be higher given there aren't many left.
  7. And it's gone... lol. Have you noticed any price drops? Or has it been steady or gradually increasing?
  8. Missed all the action today as was venturing out with the fam...but good to see that Royal confirmed the news about Odyssey leaving Israel. Definitely unfortunate what's going on over there and I hope things get better... The question now becomes when will Odyssey's real inaugural sailing from the US take place with paying passengers? I am booked with many others on this board for the 11/15 5-night sailing which was reduced from the previous 9-nighter. Let's see what happens next... while I'd love to be on the inaugural, I am not planning on cancelling the 11/15 sailing, would still love to go on this ship exactly 6 months from today!
  9. All good! I hope they keep this sailing to 5-nights though and don't change it. I like the itinerary and it'd be my first time to perfect day @ cococay
  10. Can you request an earlier flight even if it costs more? I'd be open to spending a little bit more to get into Nassau earlier than 16:30/4:30pm. Too much could go wrong/delay. I think most people who care flying in day of are arriving before 12pm. Plenty of time to relax and not stress...
  11. Nooo! Please keep it to the 5-nights ? That's what I booked on... who knows what they are going to do from here... heck the Odyssey may actually start sailing from Florida before November!
  12. A crew member just confirmed the captain announced that there has been a change of plans... so it sounds like it is true. I am sure we will hear official confirmation in the coming hours/days/weeks... Edit: (removing image to protect crew member)
  13. It's news and a rumor, and I am sure more will come as the day progresses. I am not surprised given all that's going on there.... I was a bit surprised that Royal even put a ship out of Israel given the history of violence in and around that country... unfortunate what's going on there now...
  14. Me too! I just saw this breaking news on YouTube from a trustworthy source so thought I'd share. We'll see what happens next.
  15. Just heard that Odyssey of the Seas is leaving Israel and heading to Florida. They will offload crew to Anthem of the Seas. More to come I am sure as the day progresses...stay tuned.
  16. When you log into Cruise Planner daily to see your "days to go" counter go down...1... by 1...by 1...
  17. When all you do is thinking about cruises all day and everyday...
  18. Thanks! Yeah I know Jenny will be there in spirit, holding down the fort while Tony is sippin on cold drinks enjoying the fresh open ocean air! I posted this on the 2 Adventure 6/12 facebook groups and there are a lot of responses! Take a look if interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/460260555404296 https://www.facebook.com/groups/464161158112568
  19. Hey all! In addition to our very own @Mattfrom RCL Blog, I thought it would be a cool idea to share information on which other cruise vloggers and bloggers are going to be on the June 12th, 2021 sailing on Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau -- the inaugural cruise! Here are a few I have come across that I am looking forward to following -- it's going to be a fun and busy week for sure! Tony and Jenny @ La Lido Loca Jordan and Jared @ JJ Cruise Matt and Chelsy @ Hoffman Happy Travels I know Danny from Harr Travel isn't going to be on June 12th but they will be on the June 19th sailing with our very own Matt from RCL Blog as well! Danny from Harr Travel probably does some of the best ship tours I have ever seen. What other cruise vloggers/bloggers are going to be on this cruise? Let's keep a working list!
  20. Howdy all! Getting the roll call started for this one! Can't wait to try the newly amplified original game changer of a ship!
  21. Howdy all! Getting the roll call started for this one! This will be my 2nd time to CocoCay (hopefully get to go in November 2021 on Odyssey) and my family's first time to CocoCay, can't wait for the fun over my birthday!
  22. Howdy all! It's me again ? Creating the roll call for this 4-nighter out of LA! It will be the 2nd leg of a b2b for me as I will be doing a 3-nighter solo right before this one when my family joins. Looking forward to enjoying 7-nights on this beautiful ship and finally being able to go to Mexico on a Royal ship!
  23. Howdy all! Thought I'd get a roll call for this one started ? Doing this 3-nighter solo out of LA before my family joins me for the 4-nighter on 12/6... 7-nights total should be nice! Looking forward to trying one of the first sailings out of LA for Royal Caribbean to Mexico in 10 years!
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