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  1. Was your 2013 trip on the Jewel a chartered music cruise? There are companies out there (sixthman.com for one) doing just that. They are booking every genre of music you can think of with about 20 acts on board. There is an annual Rock Boat Cruise, oldies cruises, Southern Rock, Country Music cruises, Barenaked Ladies is scheduling another, ect. They give the regular entertainment staff the week off and then rock the socks off the passengers. I've been on three such cruises. Two of them were amazing. Ships and Dips l & lll were headlined by the Barenaked Ladies. The lineup was amazing. There was music about 20 hours a day. BNL took an 8 X 10 photo with every party as they boarded the ship and gave a copy to each passenger of their photo. Not only did they play two full length concerts during the cruise, they appeared multiple times each day. Don't even ask me about the Barenaked at Sea photo on this family forum! But you can google it. In the sail away concert on the pool deck, they said that they were on board with their families. They asked for privacy when seen with their families, but asked the passengers to approach to say hello, pose for a photo, or ask for an autograph when they weren't with family. The undercard was just great. In fact, the band, Gaelic Storm, has become an absolute favorite of most of my family and many of our friends. We now see them regularly when they are close by and have occasionally traveled to see them in Dallas or Chicago with other family members. Gaelic Storm s great for so many reasons. One of them is that after every show the entire band comes from back stage and poses for photos, converses with the fans, and signs autographs. They know many of the fans who see them often, and that is the case with my family. In fact, at one Indy show a couple of years ago, their merchandise people showed up late, and Patrick asked me to run the merchandise table for until the people showed up, which they did just before the show. But to answer your question, I don't think you will have that experience on a regularly scheduled cruise. In fact, I'm not sure how you booked such a cruise without knowing it the first time.
  2. Thanks Matt. I like reading where others have been and will be. I am but one humble user. If it is or becomes a problem, don't keep them up for me.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I kind of liked looking at the ships others had been on, but it is not as important as the information discussed and delivered here.
  4. I noticed there is a new look to this site recently. I went to make a correction on my signature that comes up with each post, and I notice that is gone too. Has anyone seen a note about the change?
  5. Cayman is a favorite for our family. 7 mile beach is world class. Stingray City is a lot of fun. Shopping is good. One hint would be the party boats to Stingray City are usually very crowded. We have arranged small boat trips on the island outside of the cruise line. I think there is a Diver Down there that you could contact. If they can't do it, they will know someone who can.
  6. Funny that you call the Navigator a small ship... because it is not. The Voyager Class, Navigator included, were the largest in the world when they were new. The growth of ships has escalated at an unbelievable rate since these ships were built. But, back to your question. To me, the Voyager class is the sweet spot of cruising. The ships are a great size with an awesome layout. The ships are built to handle and disperse the crowd. They don't have all of the bells and whistles of the Oasis and Quantum classes, but they have a lot. We did the ABCs last year and really enjoyed the islands.
  7. Wow. Just 16 inches. That's crazy. That must be a highest of the high tide measurement?
  8. My family and I have cruised a lot. As a group we stay away from NCL unless the cost/itinerary is substantially better. The reason is the poor food quality in the MDR. It is so bad they force you into the upcharge restaurants. It's like eating at Applebees or Bob Evans 7 consecutive nights. We prefer to do the upcharge once a week, not every night. These thoughts are those of mine and several family members and your experience could be different, but I doubt it.
  9. Does anyone use this website? Do you find it to be reliable? I have no reason to doubt it, but before relying on it for accurate information, I wanted to find out if others have found it reliable. Thanks
  10. There are tons of boutique hotels on South Beach. I don't recall them being terribly expensive.
  11. I smell a late pick up or some other circumstance that is out of the Carnival's control.
  12. Probably available in April and September or October only. We did a 12 night on Carnival a few years ago. It was in April and went from Ensenada, MX for 5 days across the Pacific and then 7 days around the islands. Repositioning cruises are a little wacky because little unexpected things happen because the cruise line and staff are out of normal routine. We flew into San Diego and home from Honolulu. I think a similar trip may be available from Vancover. It was an awesome experience. Great price with upgrades.
  13. The website to go to is Sixthman.net. I've been on three of their music cruises. If it is a genre you like, the entertainment is amazing. Sixthman takes over all of the entertainment for the entire ship. the headliner usually does 1 or 2 full shows during the cruise and several other appearances. The undercard is everywhere all the time. In January of 2007, my brothers and I were on the Ship and Dips Cruise (Barenaked Ladies). BNL was awesome. They were everywhere all the time. The best part was the undercard. We all go to know a band called Gaelic Storm that we had never heard of. It has been the favorite for all of my family and many of my friends who we have exposed to them. I highly recommend these cruises if you find a genre you like.
  14. I once was in a discussion with the owner of Sixth Man. They are the company that leases the ships for music cruises. 10 years ago, the cost was $250,000 per day to lease the Carnival Triumph. That would make the cost to purchase way up there.
  15. In my opinion, the chances of getting it back are very slim. As a general rule, I think once you are off the ship little to nothing is turned in...Unfortunately.
  16. Really a terrible situation. My wife read that some of those affected by the shooting were indeed headed for the cruise ships. Pray for all the families involved.
  17. Anyone going on a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale today have any trouble getting there? Between the incident at the airport yesterday and the storm in the South today, I thought it might be challenging.
  18. Starboard side gets a great view of El Morro as you leave San Juan. The others would be one view on the way in and the other on the way out.
  19. Maybe it's not my business, and maybe that hotel is nice. I've heard it called the "Nothing to Do Sheraton". The Sheraton Old San Juan is exactly what it is called. A 500 year old city with walls, forts, churches, and restaurants right out side the door. It's a cool experience. Just sayin'.
  20. I've not done one of these cruises on RCI, but I've done three of them, and yes, we received all of our credit all three times. I really don't understand why these cruises aren't more popular. How many of us really want to see the production shows on board? Come on admit it. To have all the entertainment replaced by entertainment you actually really like (assuming you pick a theme cruise that is a theme you like) is a great thing. My first was January 2007. My group of brothers were in our 40s and really enjoyed the Barenaked Ladies. BNL was great, but the huge bonus was all the down ticket bands and acts that none of us had heard of. You may not like them all, but you may find one you like more than the headliner... and we did. 10 years later BNL has faded, but we remain huge fans of Gaelic Storm and their music is in the background of all family functions. My parents, in their 80s now, and my 9 year old, consider themselves big fans too. None of us, and I'm guessing few of you, had heard of them 10 years ago or even today. All the same food, all the same ports, but great entertainment rather than something you tolerate to please your wife or someone else in your travel party.
  21. For best choice of cabin, book the farthest ahead possible. You can usually change or cancel later, but your great cabin won't be available. Just my .02
  22. I have won a few hundred a few times playing blackjack. Lost a few times too. Never had luck on slots.
  23. I've been to Provo on a land vacation and Grand Turk on a Carnival ship. RCCL is missing out. Nice place. Not to commercialized like so many others.
  24. I thought the rooms were getting new carpets and mattresses. No? Both are needed. I've been on the ship twice in the past 18 months. I love it, but it needs some attention.
  25. According to Marine Tracker, the Adventure is back in San Juan today. Despite the issues with the refurb, I look forward to hearing how she is now that she's back in service.
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