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  1. Gotta disagree with this completely. DFW is a great place to live. Cruising from Galveston is not my first choice, but it's a nice choice. With the DFW airport right there, you can go anywhere in the world for your next cruise. There is tons to do in Dallas, great restaurants... and no state income tax in Texas. It's hot in the summer, but pretty good weather the rest of the year.
  2. With the poor use of the Language, this can't be directly from Royal. It must be from a third party or just flat out inaccurate. Has anyone seen a correspondence written this poorly from any above board business let alone one as conscientious as RCCL?
  3. Yes. There are daily flights from any of the three NY airports to San Juan. I'm not sure how much is available after 6PM
  4. Question: Are these emails copied verbatim? They are presented as such. If so, I highly doubt their validity. Poor grammar, no apology, and poor conjugation. Not from Royal Caribbean. This is a scam.
  5. To me, San Juan starts with a walking tour of Old San Juan. You can do it on your own, and there is a ton of history there. Again, to me, the best way to start that tour is to walk around the south side of the wall and enter through the original city gate. From the gate, it's straight up the hill two blocks to the San Juan Cathedral and the tomb of Ponce De Leon. The church is open all day. You can just walk in so long as you do so respectfully. Once you leave there turn right and head up the hill to an incredible 16th century old fort (El Morro). A romantic thing for couples to do is t
  6. We did West Coast to Hawaii a few years ago. Great cruise. We changed times 3 times during the trans Pacific portion of the trip. It was in the daily paper (Carnival's version is called the Cruise Compass I think) and was announced by the Captain in the Noon announcements.
  7. The Carnival Paradise used to be a smoke free ship. They found it wouldn't work, and Carnival now allows smoking on it. The smoke free experiment was about 20 years ago, so maybe it's time for some cruise line to try it again. I'm guessing it hurt casino revenue more than the cruise line thought.
  8. I see your point, but they need tourism to return. It is their lifeline.
  9. Wait for RCCL to contact you late in the game for an upgrade. It may come, and if it does, it will be at a good price.
  10. To take this good idea a step farther, Miami has flights to San Juan all day long.
  11. The Adventure of the Seas is not "shabby". It's a beautiful ship. To me, it's the sweet spot of cruising. RCCL is helping save lives and doing the best they can in a terrible situation. They will do their best for you. It's unfortunate, but for now, you have to wait. They are helping Puerto Rico recover. If things don't improve in San Juan, they will have to cancel more cruises, including your's. Because you have air-to-sea, you are in a better situation than those flying on their own. RCCL will know where you are in the process, and will hold the ship for a time if needed.
  12. Hey dj. I wanted to respond to your post. I know I did earlier in the week. I know you know that RCCL is doing the best they can with a terrible situation. Nobody can help the fact that 3 terrible storms, 2 of which hit the same area, have wreaked havoc on the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and SW Atlantic Ocean in the past 3 weeks. It seems the major cruise lines that serve these areas have really stepped up to help save lives and to do the best they can for their passengers. If it were me, I'd be bummed too. I've had one vacation rescheduled by a hurricane, and the replacement turned out t
  13. If you go to the RCCL website, you'll see the potential changes due to weather by looking at the Weather update yellow banner at the top. The other change is due to a mechanical problem.
  14. You could be right. I think it will all come down to damage at SJU. Good luck.
  15. The storm is over Puerto Rico now. It should be long gone by Saturday. Then the question will be how much damage to Puerto Rico and the ports you are scheduled to go to. I hope you have a great time. The most number of days I've been on a ship in a year is 26. I'm a little jealous of your 35.
  16. You're welcome. When I say you have to finesse marinetraffic.com, I mean that you have to read it carefully. The cruise ships are in the big blue icons. Oftentimes there is an old reading for a particular ship (say 12 hours ago). Then when you go ahead in the general direction that ship was going you may see a smaller blue icon identified as "passenger vessel". Most of the time, that is the ship you are tracking from the 12 hour old reading. There is something in the website that doesn't always identify the ships by name.
  17. Here are two more websites I really like: http://www.marinetraffic.com/ http://www.cruisetimetables.com/ Marine traffic is supposed to show you the location of all the ships, all the time. It does pretty well. You have to learn how to finesse it a little. cruise time tables shows the schedule of port of embarkation or port of call around the world sometimes more than a year in advance. I use them both almost daily.
  18. Hey dj. Looks like you are new here. Probably the number 1 most discussed topic on this board is getting to your location the day before your cruise or buying insurance at the time of purchase. Obviously, it's way too late for that now. You may get lucky, based upon the timeline given, and I hope so. If so, have a great cruise, and please next time spend an extra day at the beginning in the home port of your ship.
  19. I've mentioned this before, but RCCL and this forum is a lot like a family with RCCL being the parents. We, the children, sometimes have minor gripes about this or that, but always with the understanding RCCL (our parents) are trying to do the best they can with the information at hand. Then a newbie comes along in his/her first post with unreasonable complaints, and we all circle the wagons around RCCL. I really like that about this forum.
  20. Most buildings are gone. The beach is gone. Not sure how those poor people will recover.
  21. Original Poster. Sorry should have explained. by the way, thanks for the info on the Allure. I was not aware of her mechanical issues.
  22. Totally agree on St. Croix. What a wonderful place. I would retire there if the wife would agree to it.
  23. It's also worth mentioning, Cozumel is probably more than 1,000 miles from the area you are sailing to.
  24. Thanks for the explanation rjac. Maybe not to the OP, but I believe this ship and cruise would be just fine. 99% of cruises go on as planned just fine. This particular ship and cruise have been affected by two issues that are not really in RCCL's control. There is not a speed regulation, but rather a limitation that is attributed to a mechanical problem. The repair is scheduled, and I'd be willing to bet those whose January cruises were cancelled due to the repair would gladly trade a cancelled cruise for a change or two in itinerary. I wouldn't want to be switched out of S
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