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  1. I don't think OP understood the robes are not free to keep. They will definitely charge you if you try to take those home. Same like the pool towels.
  2. Private lesson (~$550) is one hour and can be for one or more people. For example you take your family. You are basically renting the wave for an hour with staff helping. The group lesson ($69) is per person for one hour and you may be joined with random other group lesson people. For example you and your child both pay 69 and join up to 6 other people in the same hour. There's actually another option where you rent the wave for an hour without "lesson" from staff (they are there just for safety). This is usually done by advanced riders who want more wave time. I heard it's around ~350 or so.
  3. I would put whoever plans to sail more solo in the Jr suite. If you guys plan on always cruising together than just remember who you put solo for next time. You wouldn't want to flip flop and not get the extra points next time around.
  4. Long as it's above 10°C roughly 50°F water rides are open. Some pools and rides can be heated if it's working and they turn it up.
  5. If it's your first time I'd keep the key to try it. If you're an experienced cruiser I'd cancel and just get a single voom stream to share. Do you really need a separate internet connection? It just means you can't be online at the same exact time and can share the account over any device you want.
  6. I've never used it but you get special luggage key tags and can leave right after suite and Pinnacle guests who are called first. I don't think they escort you any more but there may be a key line out. We tend to leave later after breakfast at a more relaxed pace so usually no lines. Trying to get off the ship first... There's usually a line and potentially grumpy people.
  7. No, you are in a special dedicated section with only key people. To be fair the debarkation breakfast isn't as good as the embarkation chops lunch which isn't as good as a real chops lunch in my opinion but it's nice having the relaxed lunch.
  8. Over packing is def a big mistake as everyone mentioned, but I recommend packing more than one swimwear! It's always funny to see everyone packing tons of different outfits and only 1 swim trunk or swimsuit. Especially since you will be more than likely be in it for a good portion of the cruise if you enjoy pools and hottubs. If you're packing more than one roller bag and a backpack for a 7 night... You're prob over packing and annoying yourself having to deal with that much stuff.
  9. Having tried it about 4 times now. 2x as a couple and 2x solo. I don't think it's worth it unless you're either solo or going for your first cruise as a couple with no loyalty or suite benefits. 100% worth it as a solo cruiser if you plan on taking advantage of the key benefits and you must have internet.
  10. Now you can take any home covid test and either bring it in or take a picture of the result yourself. Onus is on you to be a good person, if you so choose. (Unless you're going to Canada or Bermuda which may have different protocols)
  11. What I found annoying is most vendors at port area will take USD but will only give Canadian back as change... Fortunately using a credit card in Canada isn't as scary as using it in some other countries :p. Just make sure you use a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees.
  12. People seem to love the aft but if you want less motion middle would be the way to go... It's like asking do you like appetizers, entrees or desserts? I am sure there are people that like different things.
  13. Ours showed different as well until I did the trick where I remove her loyalty number from account and re-added it back in. Then both our accounts showed the same number and status. Looks like a bug in their system where it doesn't update sometimes. If you call the loyalty line to complain they tell you to do exactly that to resync the linked accounts.
  14. I think it depends on the ship. Anthem March it wasn't included but may adventure it was.
  15. It may be "tensioned" to some degree but that's definitely the inflatable surface on top. The old tension surfaces don't have that rounded top area and the seams you can see in the picture connecting the two pieces in the middle. I heard it was changed that way to make falls safer. I haven't ridden the new surface yet so can't say how different it is.
  16. Small correction. Only odyssey and wonder currently have the new inflatable flowrider surface with the seams. All the older flowrider surfaces on other ships are tension (trampoline-like). It does sound like all future flowriders for royal will be the new inflatable surface.
  17. One small note since not everyone is tracking... If you royal up you don't get the extra points.
  18. I've seen lots of people not tip for their diamond vouchers so when I tip using mine they are usually very appreciative and you tend to get extra pours in your drink if that's what you're looking for. I've also had bartenders remember my name and say hi when I run into them at other venues. Shows how much they appreciate it.
  19. Mirroring what @Pattycruise said... I just did a b2b going to Canada 2x.. filled out arrivecan form for both and the only thing I needed to get on and off the ship was my seapass card. I had my passport and arrivecan code but they never asked for either at Halifax.
  20. No flow no go! I only choose ships with flowriders... same reason why I am loyal to royal, since no other line has it. Yes they did replace the surface on Odyssey since the previous one developed bumps from sitting in the sun during the great cruising void. I have not been on it but I heard it's better but it's still the inflatable surface which many seem to dislike compared to the tension surface on the ships your used to.
  21. The key lunch is a very limited chops menu. 2 cents... To me it felt more like chops chefs in training were doing the key lunch in the MDR.
  22. Non suites are probably easier to win on a min bid but doesn't mean you can't for a suite. Depends on how many on ship and how many available that don't have higher bids than yours. I am on a b2b on adventure and saw a couple say they got owner suite on a min bid so I guess anything is possible.
  23. I've been able to bring rice wine but it has to say "wine" on the bottle or label somewhere. Same went for port wine! If they even notice the bottle that is. I've had them examine a weird shaped Korean plum rice wine bottle but since it said wine they let it through.
  24. I prefer close to rear elevators (noise has never been an issue on any RCL ship I've been on) and a high deck 1-3 levels below pool deck because I hate waiting for elevators when I don't need to or walking down a long hallway to get back to the room. Ultimately I would pick a floor near wherever you would spend the most time. It will save you allot of walking and vacation time unless you are actually looking to lose weight by doing a million steps.
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