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  1. Create a packing list and then winnow from there - it's easy to overpack and every port has places to shop. "Formal" nights are as formal as you want to be; a nice scarf over a blouse and slacks that dresses your look up is often enough. You don't have to pack a gown, though if you want to, feel free as some people go all out. You can check ahead both on ship and on the Royal Caribbean app for meals to plan what you want to eat. TIP: the dining room staff wants you to be happy; the chefs will try to adapt for you as best they can. For example, I speak with the head waiter the first night and request low-salt options where possible.... soups and sauces they can't do much about but most of the entrees they can reduce the salt on, especially steaks and other food that is cooked to order. The main dining meals are all fantastic but a little light on the veggies, so I usually ask for a side of grilled asparagus or steamed broccoli. Tip your bar tenders and they will do you right for drinks. Guest Services will break down large bills upon request so you don't have to have a bunch of singles. If you run low on cash don't use the on-ship ATM (high fees) if you can avoid it. Ask the casino staff to show you how to put money on your sea pass card to play the slots, then play a nominal bet and cash out the rest. You're paying gratuities but I always tip extra to my bar tenders, wait staff and the cabin steward. Depending on how long the cruise is, an extra $20 for people is worth it.
  2. The gardens are worthwhile and she might change her mind... downtown Victoria (right at the harbor) has nice walking and some cute little shops, plus it's fun to watch the seaplanes take off and land. If you have the time the Museum is really good and they have solid whale watching choices right there as well.
  3. The driving tour is pleasant for a couple of hours' trip. The Old Town area is also easily walkable. Good luck!
  4. The White Pass Rail wasn't going all the way into Canada last Fall - they stopped prior to the border due to repairs (Canada had opened the border by that point) so it depends on repairs status. the train ride was still a must-do!
  5. They accept PCR and antigen BUT not self-tests. You need either a BINAX-Now, ID-Now or a "proctored" (via video link) self-test.
  6. It's $18 per person and plan on about 20 minutes' drive. If you sign up ahead of time (which is required) a rep is supposed to meet you at the baggage claim kiosk for your flight - there is also an RC kiosk centrally located in one of the Terminals (MIA is a big horseshoe and I don't recall which terminal but as you walk look for any cruise kiosk and they can direct you. Carnival's is huge and easy to find....)
  7. Confirm with Guest Services (or your concierge, if you're Diamond or better) and they can print out tickets.
  8. One last suggestion is you don't have to carry small bills - Guest Services will break a $20 down into small bills for you.
  9. If you run low on cash and don't want to pay ATM fees, you can use a slot machine in the casino.... Insert your Seapass card in any slot machine, set up an account to draw from your on-file credit card, load the machine up with however much you want, play a minimum bet and then cash out the rest. I regularly grab an extra $20 to $30 that way as-needed and then we don't have to carry more than a couple hundred bucks cash with us at the start of the vacation.
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