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  1. Please don't forget, United States is big and when you live near center of the US but not near a big city (think airports, or other kinds of transportation), then it also is not easy getting to ports. Depending on the port it takes about over 7 hours. About an hour drive to the nearest airport, then flying a day or more early, hotel transportation and also food, and even getting the Covid test is not easy where we live. Costs add up fast, so I do understand your comments about Australia. We always make the best of it, after all it is cruising and for now this is where all our vacation funds are for!!
  2. I understand that the main point of this thread is about The Ovation, however this is fleet wide, and worldwide, seems like nothing is untouched. We love cruising (preferred choice of vacation travel) and understand that during these times it is not always easy to have everything go smoothly Bottom line is on a ship you are a fully “captive audience”, and really don’t have any choices when shows are canceled, or venues are closed. We sailed on the Allure a few months ago a few days not all most activities throughout the day into evening were canceled this included some venues onboard closed, no big shows. This was not listed in the cruise planner, and we heard the announcement mid-day. When we do a “land trip” (very rare nowadays) and things go south we can easily move to a different place, go back home or stay. Granted, we have not done much traveling over the last three years and on a ship, this is a totally different ball of wax. You can always reach out on social media go to guest services, and that is about it, you can’t “leave and go to another place", check out, walk to another show down the street. I have never heard about anyone doing that on a cruise, leaving early by choice. Lastly all the prices have increased greatly for onboard and shore excursions. We do our best with vacation dollars, we live nowhere near a port, then you add the cost of testing and other expenses we hope that the ports of call are open and the staff aboard the ship can handle the full capacity. I am not “ready” to say well this is the way it is going to be, that might make us change the way we travel with vacations. You pay (in some cases) a premium price, I expect premium service.
  3. I was not trying to confuse anyone, I apologize if I did.
  4. One other thing to consider especially on an Alaskan Cruise is your current room facing land or water and what about the upgrade what side of the ship is it on and a much better room? Since the daylight is much longer we had a chance to upgrade our room on the other side of the ship and we ended up not going for the "sea" side of the ship. Planning on a lot of balcony enjoyment, when we take this cruise a few weeks!
  5. Few things to bring: My S.O. Sometimes the kids/sometimes NOT Best effort to relax Few things I try and leave BEHIND ~ (Note never really happens) Stress .... HA Work computer Bad crappy cold bizarre weather Phone/watch ~ fully understand nowadays that will never happen Overly worked
  6. Question we have not gone to Coco Cay since the "redo", I would love to do the water slide however the Beach Club is more (or less) my style. For a lot of money we could do both, I am wondering has anyone done both, also any pros and or cons. Last few times at Coco Cay we did not get off the ship. Thanks in advance!
  7. My suggestion would be when you pay for most everything on a cruise you get a receipt, print it and bring it with you and show the room attendant. This has worked for me on every cruise I have been on, sometimes things do not get transferred to the actual people who are the ones carrying out the task. I am not saying this happens all the time, I bring it just to cover (again just in case). If this fails go to the front desk. We celebrated a mile stone anniversary, the champagne showed but not the decorations and I let the room attendant know and it was taken care of when we were at dinner!
  8. We sailed on the Allure this past December, granted with everything going on in the world we thought that at that time, the Allure was showing a bit of age. Before the pandemic the Allure was supposed to be "amped" and that did not happen and not sure of the status now. Please don't get me wrong, most everything was wonderful, and other than showing some signs of age it was like I said wonderful. Thanks to Pandemic, our Symphony cruise was canceled and have not sailed on her yet (on the list way down the road), Below are some facts about both ships, and Allure is 8 years older than Symphony (sometimes newer has more to see and do). Allure facts: Symphony facts: Years old: 12 Years old: 4 Tons: 225282 Tons: 228081 Speed: 22.0 Speed: 23.0 Length: 1181 Length: 1188 Beam: 213 Beam: 217 Cabins: 2745 Cabins: 2745 Crew: 2150 Crew: 2394 Passengers: 5490 to 6314 Passengers: 5475 to 6314 Space Ratio: 36 Space Ratio: 36 Total decks: 17 Decks with cabins: 10 Total decks: 17 Decks with cabins: 10 Hope this helps
  9. Cannot wait to get on board once again ~ in the process of getting ready for the end of the year holiday's 2022 (no matter what if any holiday's you celebrate or don't celebrate)! First day might be chilly, but the warm welcome and heading out on the open seas is what I am looking forward. Can't wait, only 236 days from today!!!
  10. This helps explain some of the different categories on Royal Caribbean - I find this helpful and hopefully you will also find this tool useful: https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/17055533_Recategorization_Trade_Grid.pdf Thanks
  11. My personal warning is the "higher room" or class the harder it is to go back.... We always did smaller ships with RC and we finally just before Covid we did a newer ship (Anthem) we bid and were in a Star Class! YIKES, since then we have sailed a few other times and not in Star class, so we are now saving every penny, nickel, and dime so we can do Star Class again. We are sailing on the Radiance doing Alaska this year (hopefully 3rd time is a charm) and no Star Class, best part is the ship has no Star Class so it is easier to take if you know what I mean.
  12. When we go to some ports, we stay on board - we have been to Coco Cay a few times and last time we did not get off. Pools were empty, and we had a great time, also the Schooner Bar is open, also coffee places. If you have never experienced the port (in this case Coco Cay) then I would do a walk around on your own schedule.
  13. With our upcoming cruise the drink package (and most everything else) is all over the board price wise. I think that sometimes they post a price to see what people will pay, and if not enough sign up then they lower the price. When I first purchased this Deluxe package it was $ 84, and I check all the time - it dropped to 73, and I did a repurchase at 64 a day. Just like room upgrades it seem to have on rhyme or reason - however RC makes money off any drink package!
  14. Allure of the Seas has one of the best tracks, on any ship I have been on - it is below the aqua deck and runs basically around the complete ship. Deck 4 (I think or deck five)
  15. Hi, Welcome to the boards Are you talking about the Credit Cards or something different like taking a cruise? , You get one point per night in a non-suite room to advance to the next levels. Junior suites and above get 2 points per night. If this is about CC then it works out differently depending on the card.
  16. Update, after being on hold speaking to two different supervisors they gave me the choice of paying what they said or cancel the cruise. Another lesson, check what is going on way before the final payment is due. So I paid not jumping with joy, we did have the funds, I will have to drink a lot to cover the cost Ha Ha. Believe it or not, I understand, also my fault for having RC as my travel agent (first and last time), I love cruising and I am a very big RC fan still am, can't wait to get on board in the open seas! By no means this is over, gives me something to do with all my free time. I am going to call again and maybe someone will listen, if not, then what is will be - will be. Thanks!
  17. We had Dexter on Allure over the holidays in December, and then we were on another ship (Celebrity) and he had one week left on Allure (this was in February) Last I heard he is still on break - however, not sure. I have also heard that you cannot "request a Genie", but I don't know that for a fact.
  18. What we have done in the past is both my SO and I have book adjoining rooms (connected) and one parent goes in one room and I went into the other room, at night the kids had their own room and we had ours. We leave the door open at all times. The room attendant can unlock the door at the start of the cruise. Just a thought
  19. To book a room someone in that room needs to be 21 years or older. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/international-age-policy
  20. @nessa any updates? I have now been on the phone with Royal Diamond + line for over an hour, talking to anyone that will listen. We are now entering the supervisor stage. I love RC but I will NEVER use one of their TA's. I will update and fingers/toes crossed that something positive happens.
  21. We always get the drink package, we are not heavy drinkers at all however sometimes doing a bottle of wine during dinner and or after dinner drinks it really adds up. Also sometimes RC gives a really great price for the Deluxe drink package. Lastly we drink a lot of water and having extra bottles in the room is wonderful. When we cruise we go all out!
  22. Has anyone heard anything about pre cruises/Covid test to board after the pre cruise? Also "picking a time to board"? So many other questions and the clock is really starting to click.
  23. Hi! So I have my last payment for an upcoming cruise and this is my question (Getting the run around from everyone) - most of this cruise was "paid" for with FCC's. RC sent the last payment bill and in the type it has 1 price The attached final bill is a different amount My TA (bummer for me) is through RC and she has a different number that is owed The amount is a lot to sneeze about and the range is over $ 2,500 (the attached bill is the lowest) Any ideas?
  24. Rest of this year: Radiance of The Seas ~ Alaska Pre Tour and Cruise (RC) Celebrity Reflection ~ Trans Atlantic Allure of The Seas ~ (Surprise, just booked) Star Class Eastern Caribbean Celebrity Edge ~ Holidays Making up for losing the last 2 years
  25. We are going to be taking a cruise this year (hopefully) to Alaska and Canada, question that I have since you are close to land for this trip is it worth getting the internet package or will our phones most likely work as normal? Any help is greatly apricated Thanks in advance
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