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  1. Just because I have something available doesn't mean you will.   We all have different plans and access to international and US territory can differ from plan to plan.    You must check with your provider to verify for sure.    PRO TIP - use the chat feature and take screenshots of their answers incase they tell you wrong.

  2. ok, this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know typically how long security footage is kept?  Something happened a few months back that might need to be legally investigated and I was just wondering what the chance of footage still being available.  Thanks in advance.

  3. The wife and I get many comped rooms.   We usually book her a solo room (double points), and then I book a triple and book friends in that room with me.  I go get a key to stay with the wife and everyone is happy.  Yes, I know it's a little more expensive, but we are really close to Diamond+ and the friends know they are still getting a better deal traveling with us.

  4. On 8/18/2022 at 1:02 PM, leesam82 said:

    Hi Bob 

    I have used casino royale before for cruises. One thing that does occur is that everyone (travel agents, individual travelers, and RCL agents) all book through the same system and rooms. This means that some times a sailing could be sold out. However, what happens sometiems is that agents can do a 24 to 72  hour courtesy hold for the passenger. Once that hold is done the room is freed up to be booked again. I would keep on calling in until you see the sailing be listed as sold out on the RCCL website. 

    There could also be a large group that cancels before final payments are due, so a sold out ship could be scrambling to fill cabins.....always check back!!

  5. On 6/27/2022 at 10:50 AM, Funeegal said:

    Thanks.  The points showed back up on his account.  All things are ok.

    keep an eye on it.   ours was all ok until they decided to change it and we had to get our 18yr olds rightful status back on the first day of our last cruise, but was warned it might get changed again.   

  6. I got off Quantum this morning.   We had a very similar situation that Ovation seems to be going through.   Our facebook group was lit up with all the usual rumors, even if half of it was true then RC is not prepared for the full capacities that are boarding right now.  Several of our “everyday” crew members disappeared and we were told they were sick.   The entire crew was told to upgrade their masks to N95’s midweek.  One of our concierges that we were extra friendly with profusely apologized for the cruise experience (I wasn’t even complaining about anything).  They were struggling to find their groove all week.   It was obvious they were not staffed for the full ship.

  7. The last rep mentioned this and we went and looked at it together, but I did notice the CAS membership benefits sheet that this is from was changed in March.   I need to find one from December (she turned 18 on December 29th) and see if it was different.   I just can't believe so many people told us wrong until today.   Needless to say, it's very frustrating.

  8. I'm happy you had such a memorable cruise!!!  Before we sailed on Anthem we had a less than stellar cruise experience on Liberty of the Seas and swore off Royal Caribbean after that cruise.   We did Anthem 3 years ago on a 9 night New England - Canada itinerary, and this ship turned us around and brought us back to Royal Caribbean.   LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthem!!

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