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  1. @twangster Thanks, I know that information because I've had internet on the ship before. It is just that they give you a discount on internet that can only be used on the ship which is 98% of the time more expensive then ordering it ahead of time. Or, it breaks down to almost exactly the same price so really it isn't a discount. That is more of why I wondered, I was hoping it MIGHT be a better deal.
  2. One of the perks of platinum level is 15% off internet. How do we get that, is it only by getting internet once on board or can we use that discount some how ahead of time?
  3. Just was looking at this cruise and had planned on booking today. Yesterday a GTD interior was $269 PP, today $423 PP. Even though the webpage says prices good for three more days, a bit annoying. I even when into incognito mode on the browser and double checked. What was a good rate for every one?
  4. Be prepared to drink! My mother and I did CT on Oasis in Sept and wow, the wine kept flowing and it's all DRY. My mother enjoyed my share of the wine as well as hers. LOL
  5. The room service and the additional 25% off food is NOT on the Key any longer at least not on the two cruises I have booked. One in Feb and one in April.
  6. What a joke. I noticed the Key price went to 19.99 for our Feb sailing but now it doesn't list 25% off dining purchases OR room service. The soda package is $3 per day less. The unlimited drink package is $7 higher per day then it was two weeks ago. UDP same price. Internet, same price. Same on my April sailing except the Key is $1 per day less also without the discount or room service. Its a good thing I normally don't get these items or I would really be disappointed.
  7. I guess I will just bring my 12 cans of seltzer water on board with me as planned.
  8. There was a thread that Puerto Plata is being rerouted because the port will not be ready for another six months. You may want to see if your sailing was one that was being discussed. I know my Feb 19 sailing should be on the list for not going but it is not.
  9. My mother is not celiac but stays gluten free due to allergies. I cannot speak to what they put in the sauces but Mom did not have any trouble. I would suggest however if you have not sent in the form for allergies you do so. If you put in the special request form noting she is celiac then they will not cook her food with anything else. My mother just let them know she was gluten free and our server asked if she was celiac just to be safe. Our server in the MDR would tell Mom she could not have a particular dish once she told them she was gluten free. Every day she had shrimp cocktail appetizers because she loves them and everyday the server would have two ready for her.
  10. There was a secondary parking location but unfortunately it is listed as closed due to COVID with no reopening date. They are correct the parking is right next to the port and when we were there in Sept it was $25 per day. You can see if any hotels in Newark area will allow parking and then Uber over. I joked that we should just park at the apartments next to the port and Uber over. We drove around and there isn't designated parking or passes for the ones we went through! LOL Unfortunately all of my family has left Bayonne so I no longer have free parking.
  11. On Oasis in September we were able to do Chef's Table for $75 instead of $99 by waiting till we were on board.
  12. My dad is a disabled vet and neither of the cruises my parents have booked offered any type of discount. Every agent I've spoke with at Royal said it is only special promotions and they don't happen all the time. I have found looking at vacationstogo.com will show which cruises offer a discount, now whether that is through vacations to go or the cruise line directly I can not be sure.
  13. I did this on Oasis at the end of Sept, my mother and I shared a 3 meat meal. If you are gluten free its not a real friendly place with sides. I had the burnt ends not the best I've ever eaten but not the worst, same with the brisket. The ribs were tasty. I watched one woman walk out with the three meats all in ribs.. the plate looked enormous. I had the cornbread as my side and my mother the cole slaw, both better than average. An 18% tip is added to the ticket.
  14. We were on Oasis at our MDR was at 5:30 also I definitely wouldn't say there was social distancing at the tables. There was maybe 3' between us and the tables to my right and I had to slide sideways between two chairs and two tables to get to mine.
  15. I don't drink coffee and juice or soda maybe once or twice a month. I do drink seltzer water/soda water, is this available at the bars or the freestyle machine? At the bars is there a charge? If there is a charge can I just get a soda package and drink the soda water? Thanks!
  16. Photo tour of Category 6B Spacious Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony on Independence of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Blog See if this will help you. This is exactly what my spacious oceanview balcony on Oasis looked like except the bed and couch were reversed.
  17. Well this bites... I can't stand Nassau and we just booked a Feb trip on Allure that has DR and Labadee listed.
  18. One other thing to take into consideration is the proof of the alcohol. Since you are flying you can't have anything over 140 proof or 70% alcohol. I found this out when we went to Bermuda and bought 150 proof dark rum. We weren't flying but the store made sure we knew.
  19. When we were there at the end of Sept a local told us that masks are required everywhere except the beach and when eating. She also stressed there were steep fines and a curfew I believe of midnight.
  20. Mine was pending until three hours AFTER we sailed. LOL
  21. I too noticed it on Oasis last month. I ordered an amaretto sour that was so off tasting that I mixed it with lemonade to make it taste right. Then I ordered a bloody mary, granted I asked for a bit spicy but all I could taste was the spice. One was ordered in MDR the other in Solarium pool area.
  22. My husband and I are taking my 78/79 year old aunt on her first ever cruise and her first ever anything in Feb on Allure. I pushed up the cruise because she has vascular dementia and I'm noticing it getting worse. I want to give her something she might remember (vascular dementia is different). We have the scooter ordered, I have sent in the special needs form but I would like to know about excursions etc. I looked at every excursion available for the Eastern Caribbean cruise and there were only two and the same port that show wheelchair accessible. Others that look like they should be fairly easy all say not mobility accessible. I mean really its a driving tour?? While she is not in a wheelchair she will be using a scooter because she cannot do stairs, she shuffles, and can barely handle curbs/thresholds. She is 4'11 and a fall risk. I booked this myself because I have not had good luck lately with TA's. Can anyone speak from experience on the ports and excursions? Thank you.
  23. Ooh.. didn't think about that. Im an independent contractor and do work virtually, wonder what my tax preparer would say...
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