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  1. This is correct. We had a 10N Canadian cruise from Baltimore scheduled for May 2019 and was hit as part of the initial shutdown. We took the 125% FCC for BOTH the cruise and the cruise planner, when we thought we'd be back in a few months
  2. I highly recommend adding a credit card now to make things easier when you board and not require you to go by the desk on embarkation day. Once you are onboard, you can then totally swing by the desk and "pay your charges" so nothing really ever hits the card. I would not put a debit card on the account since there could be holds placed on your account until after your cruise is completed.
  3. I also wonder if some of the pricing is in relation to the number of people that have some onboard FCC from past cancellations. We had a 10 night cruise get cancelled in the first wave of things and had only purchased the Refreshment package for two people. When they offered the 125% we took it and ended up with a ton of onboard FCC that we ended up using much later when we visited places that required excursions to get off the ship. Normally we don't do excursions, but we were able to do an excursion at each port with very little additional expense.
  4. I think that’s the same thing with a lot of things. We have a local water park which is nice and a second one not too far away, so the one on island is not of any interest to us. However, we are considering dining at Izumi hibachi solely because our “good hibachi” at home has taken a nosedive. We don’t typically do speciality dining or excursions to save on cost but When we vacation, We tend to do things that we can’t do at home. I bet there are a lot of people who don’t have easy access to a water park and for them the price is “reasonable”.
  5. To be clear, I wasn’t taking shots at anyones belongs, just making a safety recommendation. I’ve been replacing that style of extension cord when I find them at my families houses and figured I would share the same recommendation to the OP. My brother in law is a fire fighter and each winter they get so many runs due to people using these cords and plugging in space heaters, Christmas trees, running them under carpets, etc.. if I offended @Walt Golasthen I apologize as that was certainly not my intent.
  6. Personally, I wouldn’t use the middle one ever. That style of cord is far too old and I’d be concerned that it isn’t 3 prong and the sheathing is probably not protective enough for todays appliances. If you need an extension cord to plug in an approved device, then Royal should be able to provide one for use.
  7. This seems like something that would best be answered by Royal directly. I would contact your travel agent or Royal Caribbean. They should be able to answer your question and make sure all sides have the relevant paperwork completed, if this is even allowed.
  8. You will want to complete the special needs form at the link below. They specifically ask about accessible excursions and can work with you to ensure you are able to enjoy all the activities. Good luck! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs
  9. It’s because of things like this that many of us always recommend using a good travel agent. I wouldn’t have wanted to pay another deposit while getting it all figured out and I believe a TA would have been able to prevent that.
  10. No one should panic and that was not my intent, i was just sharing how we do things and the thought process I went through the first time I saw this requirement on an excursion. While they probably won't ever check, there is always the chance that you are on an excursion that is "being tested for compliance" so in theory they could check. At the end of the day, i take whatever steps I can to minimize any hassle and shared my process. Everyone has thier process and people can choose whatever they like, not a big deal.
  11. I'm just saying they could check and for that reason we carry the "allowed" sunblock. I don't want to have any hassle while I'm on vacation, much less when I'm away from my home country and have to deal with thier requirements. I'm a "rule Follower" and I read all the documents, policies, and excursion notes and make sure I'm compliant. In my opinion, I'll never have a hassle for following the documents. This is how we cruise, but many others here will have differing opinions. Not a big deal, i was just sharing how we do it.
  12. You should probably direct this question directly to Royal as they would have the official answer.
  13. While you will "probably" be ok, In my opinion, it's best to have the reef safe "in case" the excursion vendor checks your sunscreen when you pull it out of your bag to apply. Of course, they can't check what you put on in your cabin before you arrive, but once you are on the excursion, you may fall subject to rules, regulations, and fines in the other country. For us, it's just easier to have it and use it and never have to think about it.
  14. We've seen it listed on a few excursions, but so far no one has checked. We purchased some for our last cruise and as we use up the "bad stuff" we will only buy the reef safe versions for ease of travel.
  15. I am an adult and I was obsessed with it as well I so suspect they will disappear as upgrades occurs because it was never busy on Oasis back in February. I got the majority of my drinks at the Bionic bar because is was never busy and as a non-alcoholic person, it was neat and fun to see all the various combos and how they tasted, so I know what i may want to get later in life at a "regular" bar. Too bad the Bionic bar couldn't do the Blueberry "no"jito, or I would have lived at the Bionic bar.
  16. I wondered how that worked. We had a situation where we were going to leave a TA and was curious how to do that onboard, but then that last cruise with them was cancelled and we just booked the replacement with the new TA.
  17. While many of us on this board are helpful and wouldn’t intentionally provide bad information, you really need to contact the onboard medical staff. While it’s probably motion related, they will best be able to diagnose the problem and work with you on a solution that works with your medical history.
  18. You just contact the TA and have them make the booking. Royal doesn’t care who makes the booking and won’t be able to do anything before it’s booked.
  19. I'm a fan of being on the ship in most ports, but not Coco Cay. My wife doesn't get in the ocean and she enjoys just sitting in a chair watching the ocean as well. Also, the included food on the island is great and the Island itself is a wonderful experience. I would suggest you sleep in a bit, eat a good breakfast, then wander the island for a bit before having an amazing lunch and heading back to the ship. Sine this looks to be your first Royal Cruise, you should at least explore the island a bit so you know what's there and how you may want to spend your day on future visits. I'm moderately jealous that you are cruising solo, i've not been able to pull that one off yet
  20. Royal or your travel agent will provide the details you are looking for, usually via an email. I would start with contacting them to see what compensation they may be offering as it is different for each cruise.
  21. just go through the process again. We had an issue with a cruise back in February where one field was suddenly empty, but everything else was fine and we kept our same arrival time. I can't remember which field it was, but i seem to remember it was insignificant. I also do the check in via a PC for the most part, since I have been checking in for up to 7 people.
  22. Typically, we only buy the Refreshment Package in the cruise planner and book it shortly after we book the cruise and then reprice as needed. We've done limited excursions due to COVID restrictions in places and we did the WhitePass train in Alaska, but we are a "wander the port" type of cruiser and explore on our own. We're also those "weird ones" that don't eat anything off the ship in most places and are normally back on the ship within about 4 hours of getting off and always back on the ship at least 2 hours before "time". We like to get ready for dinner and then watch the "cruise runners" in some of the ports that tend to sell cheap libations When we cruise, our favorite things is not having cell service / internet so we can actually relax and people from home can't talk to us
  23. I always ask crew when I have a question if they don’t know, they can certainly get you to the right person that would know.
  24. If you’re on the ship, I’d just ask one of the crew that is working the venue. They would be in the best position to let you know.
  25. I hope they keep them. While it can certainly be frustrating to get a “later” boarding time, I think the current system “rewards” people who take the steps to stay on top of the reservation. There are also ways to get an earlier boarding time if you want to pay for a higher cabin class. As a mostly inside GTY cabin cruiser, I’ve been able to get early boarding times with no issues, by just knowing when the dates of different things occur. It’s all in the app or from your TA, so everyone knows the same thing.
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