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  1. Ok, quick update, If you add your set sail pass to your Apple Wallet, the barcode at the bottom shows your room number. the last 4 digits past the dash. bummer, not only are we not conntected, he is in th Aft and I am in the tippy tip front. I'll give 'em a call and see if we can pay to be closer and if we can swing it. Still, not a deal breaker, it's better to be on the ship than not at all!!
  2. I know, it was just so last minute, and with Christmas looming, an extra $200 felt like a deal breaker. I will definitely plan better in the future. Luckily we don't have babies, and we can hand off our 6 year old like a hot potato.
  3. I'd LOVE to have side by side balcony rooms. We had a spacious balcony last May and it was so great. I almost cried when i saw the interior room tour. But ditching the kids was not an option and we prioitized two bathrooms over a beautiful view. And we booked this as a spur of the moment trip, when the price hit $141 for 4 nights, we just pulled the trigger. I hope being on the boat at all outweighs the cramped rooms.
  4. We are doing October 31- Nov 4 on Freedom. 27 days out. our sail pass updated to Deck 8, but stateroom still says Gty. The luggage tags are still blank. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it changes. Fingers and toes crossed, but we will have fun either way. Just take turns with our 6 year old, who is a handful.
  5. We just booked a last minute cruise. We requested connected rooms, which were available, but we went with the Gnty room instead of paying $200 extra to choose our own. Check in was easy to do on the app, but Does anyone know how long till they assign our room? And can we request connected rooms if they aren't?
  6. Hey cruisers, didn't see this sailing on the board, so I thought I'd throw it up there and see if anyone else is going. I'm so excited!!! This is our second Cruise, second time on a Freedom Class ship (Independence in May) and first time with children. any advice or tips would help so much!! Is anyone dressing up for Halloween? I'm excited to get some real use out of the kids' costumes this year. If you see us, please say hi!! I will be in my PJs with cat ears (I'm a cat nap).
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