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  1. I got Coco Cay Beach Club for $78.99. $55 less than I had booked it for, so canceled and rebooked. Everything else was the same price I already had. 10 cruises booked right now.
  2. I tip in USD. But when in Europe I will often do Euros or Pounds.
  3. I usually do not buy inexpensive off-brand baggage. Most is Samsonite. I use hard sided and soft sided. Have about 10 nice pieces right now. The ones I was losing wheels off of were the large bags. Just too heavy for me now anyway. And boy do I like wheeled luggage. In the old days going to Europe with no wheels and 70 lb luggage bags! yikes. Can't do that now. Medium luggage sizes about 35 pounds is tops for me. We travel quite a bit for just vacations. I live in Montana and always visit many airports to get where I am going. haha
  4. We once had one of our bags delayed (went to wrong airport) for 2-3 days. The airline covered the cost of everything we had to buy. I also learned that you do not pack one persons clothes in one bag, and the other person in different bag. As all of my clothes were delayed, none of my husbands. I now mix clothes in the suitcases, and put outfits and shoes together. That way we both have some clothes, that even go together. I also carry on all my bags onto the cruise ship. It is a hassle but at least you have them. Plus cruise line has broken several wheels on my bags in the past, that they do not replace or cover in insurance.
  5. is fresh squeezed orange juice included in the free drinks vouchers on your cards?
  6. Was wondering if travel insurance would cover any of your expenses to dry the clothes. Or replace clothes that are not washable (dry clean only). Or clothes that got discolored from other wet clothes. Just a thought.
  7. After I send my vaccine card picture on check in process, it was verified acceptable in about 1 day.
  8. I am also on that cruise, and also trying to Royal Up. Good luck to both of us.
  9. I was also going to suggest a hair dryer for some items. Once when I left my luggage with porter before boarding the ship they were left in rain. One suitcase everything was wet. Blue color faded onto whites, etc. The cruise ship ship then washed and pressed them all for us.
  10. Test the kids at home prior. Then isolate until cruise. That is what I do as an adult!
  11. The at home ones work great. That is what we use. Can do it anywhere.
  12. I had read that Solarium was for vaccinated guests only. But it may not be like that now, or on all ships.
  13. If they are going solo you do get extra points. But the rate would change, and be more than each person was paying, before going solo. The single person would be paying approx. 1 1/2 times rate. At least that is how I think it is. Maybe someone else will clarify that.
  14. I have taken a 3 Atlantis tours thru the cruise lines. Might come back at later time?
  15. I no longer try and fill my day and do so much. I take times when I read someplace quiet. Or order room service for breakfast and don't leave the room until noon. I figure if there is something I miss, I can do that next time. I do not like being overly tired and not taking the time to rest. Our cruises are mostly 2 weeks long. Every 3 or 4 days we need a time-out. Maybe room service for dinner and a movie in our cabin. We bring a disc with movies on it, and use it with the room TV. Plus we almost always stay up very late (at home and on cruises), so getting up early is not what we enjoy. With a cruise, and most vacations, you can do whatever you want, at your own speed. Just enjoy!!!!
  16. Interesting, I have never seen hot tubs open 24/7. I have been on about 50 cruises. Maybe they have changed, which I would like. As we always want to go into hot tubs after midnight.
  17. Unfortunately I go with carry-on your bags onto ship. I have had more issues with luggage on ships than airports. Many broken wheels on larger bags. Twice the bags were left in a cart in the rain. One of those times my clothes were almost all wet. And dark colors faded onto light colors. The cruise ship did offer to clean them all, but some stains did not come out. And embellishments on a top were damaged in the cleaning. It can be a hassle to carry your luggage on, but I prefer to have the control.
  18. when you know the day check-in opens you can check-in at 12:01 AM that day, eastern time. I am Mountain time and can check in after 10pm the night before.
  19. I love Chicago and would be super happy if that was the play they chose
  20. Sorry, was assuming the second person was getting a refund.
  21. You would get double points for going solo. But you rate will increase also. As far as I know.
  22. I have a cruise Jan. 31st, and my final pymt is due Jan. 1st.
  23. About the same thing happened to us last month, October. The day before we were set to leave on flight next morning, we took our Covid tests online, at home. We are both vaccinated and had no symptoms. My husband came up positive. We were in shock. Had to cancel the flight less that 12 hours before, plus the cruise, hotels, etc. You never know I guess. Out next cruise is beginning for December for 2 weeks on Oasis. We are not getting together with anyone for Thanksgiving. And very little contact with people 2 weeks prior. I have had about 10 cancelled cruises, and not going to chance this next one.
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