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  1. Oasis class most likely Nov 2022.  Allure was supposed to arrive in Nov 2021, but port upgrade is a year behind due to plague.  Really wish Celebrity would sail from Galveston, even if it were seasonal like Disney.  Would really provide a nice option.

  2. On 6/11/2020 at 5:47 PM, Jill said:

    Oh man, if this is the case, I’m barely squeaking in my October 17 Symphony 

    Guess I would believe the North American ports w/Carribean before any of the European routes.  I think they'll still be arguing about who gets let in for tourism through 2020.   I'm wondering if we see Apex pulled from Europe and deployed in Carribean this year.

  3. Sincere applause!  Whether you like, dislike, approve or not with the plan - it is a plan, and Virgin has rolled it out to the public..  Leading the fleet!    Any line should be doing similar things and showing forward motion.   I've felt RCL has been very passive from at least a communications perspective.   Publicly traded companies like RCL and other cruise lines need to make periodic announcements show shareholders and guests know they're working the problem.  

  4. Familiar with that issue.   When we sailed Symphony a while back, the CK doors were open earlier in the embarkation day, so you could get in to set some reservations with the mater d .  During cruise, the doors were locked and you would need to tail gate or knock since JS does not provide access to CK.  Thought it odd since access can be programed for limited access time windows too.  (especially if tied to the reservation system).     Avoiding that issue with upgrading to next level on future cruises.

  5. Coastal Kitchen gives you more intimate service.   Feels more "old school" cruising.  Food is also a little nicer as they're serving a smaller number of people.   Jr. Suite will get you in for dinner.  Higher suites get breakfast/lunch.  We made reservations at the  door (for the week) on embarkation day.

  6. On 5/8/2020 at 7:51 AM, Pima1988 said:

    @Neesa I will never forget that passenger, we were on Adventure.  It occurred in the hot tub in the Solarium.  He may have had 1 too many drinks, but man oh man he was ticked.  I kept my mouth shut as he ranted.

    Everybody was talking about how excited they were about going to the new Perfect Day.  That was when he went loose.  To him RCL screwed him big time.  He felt rightly or wrongly, that he purchased the cabana, and now it was all about getting it re-priced.  RCL sees it as you returned the item, it was placed back in stock and someone picked it up faster than you did.  

    What made matters worse for him was by that time there were no bungalows, beach beds or clamshells available.  

    Cabanas are the best impo.  My brother 1st said to me, you are crazy to pay 400 for a cabana, just get a lounger.  He is a finance advisor for millionaires. Than he stopped for a second, and said, ok, you are there for 8 hrs.  It holds 8 people, basically 50 bucks per person.  They give you guaranteed shade, sofas, loungers next to the beach and deliver food/drinks to you all day.  That is 1 cheap excursion since it actually turns out to be $6 an hr for a higher level of service.

    We will not take a cabana on our next cruise since it is just hubby and I. We picked up the Coco Beach Club day pass instead.  Got it really cheap. (79 pp).  The fact is, like the cabanas, it is limited in numbers which we like.  The lunch menu to me is also worth it since it feels like buying a specialty restaurant.  I am a pool person.  Husband is a beach guy.  This is the best of both worlds for us as a couple.

    My only hope is that the seagulls have not found out that Coco Cay Beach club exists.

    @WesKinetic tieing into the seagulls.  If you want to get glares, feed the gulls.  We actually saw teenagers in the water at Chill throwing veggie straws in the air.  People were leaving the water and telling them to knock it off. They just kept laughing at how funny it was with more and more gulls coming.

    Again, I don't know about south beach, but on Chill the attendants were amazing.  Remember to tip them.  Little known fact your bartenders on the shp will also be there at the bars on Coco Cay.  The attendants are contracted for only 4 weeks at a time. 

    My favorite memories of our cabana are:

    •  I ordered a drink and told her that I was going to the bathroom (2-3 min walk) I thought nothing of it.  I just thought she would leave it in the cabana. Walk out of the bathroom and there she was with drink on the tray.  What, huh?  You actually stood outside of the bathroom waiting for me?  This is ridiculous.
    •  Mat floats come with the cabanas.  Chill beach has a roped off area in the water for only cabana guests. Hanging with people on the mats that were in another cabana.  The attendant is ankle high in water delivering drinks to those guests.  They never left the float.
    •  They brought us fruit trays of sliced melons in the a.m.  Fruit kebabs in the afternoon.  
    •  We had an amazing attendant.  The cabanas come with towels, don't check any out from the ship for the cabana. While we were in the water, she would take our old wet towels and swap them out so we had nice new dry towels as soon as we came out of the water.
    •  You will get a special menu.  You can order anything and everything on it.  I got the portabello mushroom sandwich and a salad. I told my hubby of the off the menu chicken parm sandwich,  not on our menu, but they got it for him!  My BIL ordered so much food I was full just listening to his order.  He got a Portabello sandwich, grilled chicken breast, greek salad, funnel cake and salted caramel brownie (he weighs 160 lbs and is 5'9)  You also can go their version of the WJ on Coco Cay

    Nice run down.  We're visiting Nov '21.  Just 2 of us, so don't need the Cabana, so were going to get the Club Pass.  Are chairs kept available, or is like what happens on the sun deck?  Are there also umbrellas available/


  7. On 6/16/2020 at 9:37 AM, Hince57 said:

    My Nov 2021 cruise got nixed on Allure out of Galveston. Had a 2br AS (sad face).  Looking to book the same sailing/cabin whenever they reopen booking for its Florida sailings.  Anyone know when they'll open those sailings for booking?

    I received an email from RCL to rebook our Mar 22 cruise.   We were automatically moved to the Liberty, but rebooked the cruise to sail Allure and made the move.  Will be leaving from FLL.


  8. We were booked on a March 2022 cruise.  It was cancelled and we were put on Liberty (which we like).  Just received an email from RCL saying Allure will sail (I believe from FL) and we can get back on.   We don't know the itinerary, but we can move over at the same price as originally booked.  We'll jump if the itinerary is better.  We'll end up with a refund if we stick with Liberty.

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