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  1. Interesting the Ripcord is actually less than what you pay at a "land based" site. Experienced it on land, but not on a ship.
  2. Yes, consists of recipes from the various on-board dining venues.
  3. Would agree there is some degradation in both menu offering and some food quality. We did find meat dishes (despite being cooked properly) seemed dry, including in "Fine Cut" which in the past, was top notch. Thought Apex was the weakest of the last 3 we've sailed, Edge, Reflection, and Apex. While in Luminae, we had items from the MDR menu instead of the daily Luminae offering. ( Was not an appealing menu.) We'll be on Beyond in March. Fingers crossed.
  4. Anyone else have one of these? Found it today. Received it at a Chef's table.
  5. We really enjoyed that line. Sorry to see them sold off. Hope they do well.
  6. If in the WJ, take advantage of the cook to order egg/omlette station (get them hot off the grill).
  7. First try your airline frequent flyer account. Use the record locator on the A2S to pull it into your airline FF record. Then make seat reservations. If your frequent flyer account gives you an error because the tickets were not purchased. Call A2S and they should fix that. (It happened to me too, but the call explaining the issue was able to get resolved )
  8. They've been using fountain dispensing at the bars and offering cans. Celebrity doesn't have the self service fountain machines like you find on Royal. You have to ask at the bar or dining venues. They may offer those cups as a souvenir in the shop. We have a few, but they were issued as part of our drink packages years ago. They also will serve in glasses/cups but they're plain (except for the Retreat).
  9. Like this? Not since they altered the "inclusive" drink package offers. I haven't seen them on recent cruises. They were around a way back.
  10. Are there any recommendation for hotels near the port?
  11. I'm glad everything worked out. Sky Suite veranda furniture continues to be the "windmill" to charge. It will end up being a survey comment for us. For future reference, the aft facing Sky Suites have great chairs, but a lousy table for dining. Even though the space is quite adequate for both.
  12. Sailed Apex over Thanksgiving week in a Sky Suite. Room steward was in our room straightening things out every time we left the room. It was like "old days". On other cruises in 2022 Celebrity and RCL, twice a day.
  13. If not stuck with flight reservations, it would be easier to retain flexibility. I've been reading that it's filling to capacity. Quite the popular destination.
  14. https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbeans-largest-cruise-ship-is-oversold-due-to-inventory-error/89710?fbclid=IwAR3aSJk9MaZfqZsyOKYGxhWRJEqTFyONhSL2-qdxhjkMgH9L20VGHf9sGrI Anyone affected by this? I looks like willing parties could make lemonade from the lemons.
  15. Based upon 2 recent sailings, RCL and X converged to be pretty much the same.
  16. Has anyone sailed Beyond lately in either Retreat or Aqua class? We sail in about 90 days and the APP is showing the neither Luminae or Blu is open on sea days. Not sure if this is because we're still 90 days out or a reduction in available lunch venues on sea days. Anyone know? Not really an attractive change if so.
  17. We just got off Apex and noticed the menus are a step down from a year ago. Meaning, less complex offerings, somewhat bland. Appeared to be less dessert offerings (noticed that on RCL also). Quality was also a little off, especially beef and lamb dishes. Fish (salmon and haddock) were good. Although prepared to the right temperature levels, we noticed the meats to be dry. Might be a supply chain or storage issue. We'll be sailing Beyond in March and hoping for a better culinary experience. We dined in Luminae, Fine Cut, Raw on 5, Eden (which abandoned its original themed menu), and some MDR options.
  18. We just got off Apex and didn't think the menus and food were not quite up to our past experiences. Kinda dull... (Others we dined with others in Luminae and they had similar perceptions - but maybe we're just becoming too used to it.. "familiarity breeds contempt") Hope you experience better, but be prepared.
  19. Has anyone sailed Beyond Retreat? I’m looking at the App for our upcoming trip and there is no lunch menu published for Luminae on sea days. Do they not open Luminae for lunch on sea days ? If so, that’s different from the rest of the fleet(and would be quite disappointing).
  20. Ship: Apex (second of the Edge class) is only about a year and half old. Meticulously maintained and looked new as we sailed it. Still had the "new ship" smell and didn't notice any wear issues that caught our eyes. Well curated with art throughout the ship. Each Edge class ship has a unique artistic branding to maintain visual differences between the ships. But in general, deck plans for both Edge and Apex are identical. The new Beyond has an additional upper deck. Cabin: Sailed in an aft Sky Suite with ample space and slightly larger balcony (which provides Retreat/Luminae access). Balcony was equipped with 2 lounges, 2 upright chairs and small table. The table was not adequate to hold more than a single plate and a couple of beverages. While a very comfortably equipped cabin, the balcony furniture configuration isn't ideal for room service. Being an aft cabin, plenty of sun and room, so heading to public sun areas is not necessary. Bathroom was large with ample storage and an oversized tub and 3 way shower head location design. Closet space is ample, but not as efficient as it could be. Room safe is small and would not accommodate a laptop or tablet computer. Edge class ships offer cabin climate and TV controls through the APP which was very handy. APP is very functional, the only missing linkage is to any spa appointments you may wish to add to the calendar. Cabin came with a butler and steward. Both were extremely helpful and attentive. Service: Apex service was a high point. The rooms butler checked in at least daily, worked with the concierge for reservations or updates, and ensure the room remained fully stocked. Room steward was cleaning whenever we left. Always came back to a fresh room which is a notable post pandemic service upgrade (previously we would see 1 or 2 visits unless called). Restaurant wait staff also excelled, they were active and worked to ensure needs of guests were satisfied. Food: Not a highpoint. Not sure if this is due to supply chain issues or not, but we noticed changes in Luminae and some special restaurant menus that were not for the better. It was tough to distinguish a "finer" food quality between the specialty restaurants and main dining offerings (4 MDR options plus buffets, and cafes). The primary distinguishing feature was service, not food or menu quality. We came to the conclusion the cost/benefit of specialty restaurants on this cruise wasn't there. Entertainment: Two main performance areas, forward theater and Eden with production shows. They're not the high end Oasis or Quantum types of productions, but 50 minute productions by singers, dancers and acrobats. The main theater has a huge high def screen behind the stage that is part of the show. So there are stunning visual enhancements to those productions. Eden shows entail acrobatic/dance which is fine, tends to look the same for each performance. Great vocalists and comedian rounded the entertainment also with the various solo performance and instrumental performers. Of course there are venues that also offer silent disco and games to keep you busy. The martini bar tenders also display their talents under music and lights. Other: The ship sailed at full capacity (3100ish). A lot of families with small children, which we've not really seen on Celebrity, even on holidays. Even the Retreat area was at capacity on sea days. Kids behaved pretty well, we spoke to a few and they relayed that there really isn't much for them to do on-board. (not surprised). Elevators were fully stressed. Long waits as they filled up and would have to pass floors due to loading considerations. Made for using the stairs most of the time. While it was a very nice week, I would rate the overall experience as a 3.5/5.0. Service was top notch, but the food just didn't raise the bar on this trip. We'll be on Wonder and Beyond in 1Q23.
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