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  1. I watched Laura's webinar on this topic and was impressed that she agreed with guest concerns after experiencing the menu on the Equinox with her team and directed change to the fleet. We' be sailing in a couple of weeks -updated menu should just start rolling out.
  2. You can't know what will happen, but if you look back on Covid, they played a game of getting people to make final payments, then once in the window, cancelled the cruise. So if you let them cancel, you get a refund, if you cancel on your own by not completing final payment, they keep more. Plan on it going and put the burden on them to cancel. That's how I'd play it. (Had a similar situation during Covid - and that't how it played out- made final payment then they refunded everything once it was cancelled.) Additional thought, if Israel is only a stop and not an embarkation/disembarkation point, , they'll just change the cruise itinerary to stop at a different country and the cruise would not cancel - just change.
  3. That was/is (on some ships) Michaels club. I thought that included Zenith, but guess it also accommodated Elite and Elite +. (I never saw E, E+ admission, so removal must have happened before I made it.) Zenith still has Michaels/Retreat access.
  4. Celebrity ships lack the spare "real estate" to add a separate high tier club. (If you look at their current on board Captain's Club space - it's pitiful - CC rep desk and a few chairs.. Their business model relies more on buy-in for some level of inclusive perks. ie - "money can buy you love.. ". If you look at higher end lines, you're paying for greater inclusivity of on-board benefits like dining, drinks, etc. Getting a few drink coupons doesn't really help you out on the high end line as you've already paid for it.
  5. Past years, I've seen it in December. (If you're sailing over the Thanksgiving holiday period - you can see some onboard next cruise office)
  6. But they lay out d'oeuvres during that timeframe. When it's crowded - I don't even bother. "Trial" of some sort makes sense.
  7. Could this become the beginning of combining/consolidation of all three line reservation staffs?
  8. Fantastic documentation - quality photos - you could publish the Twangster Cruise Coffee table Book.
  9. Very interesting. I wonder if they're offering RCL sailings on Celebrity - I'll check that out next month.
  10. A show element would make sense. If if offered, how many passengers would be in the "ability window" to use it? All the liability concerns are well founded.
  11. Anyone sailing Eclipse Nov 17th this year? Our first time departing from San Pedro.
  12. Don't forget to use your complimentary laundry benefit!!
  13. Interesting, a couple of weeks before this was announced we were discussing why the Diamond lounge was named/branded the Diamond Lounge as its actually and "upper tier" benefit - D, D+, P. I can see how the renaming makes sense to all the upper tier, would think it could confuse the newer cruisers who will mistake it for just being a member of the C&A program.
  14. I wouldn't see a merger happen, especially with Silver. Its business model and target client base is different. If R and X were to merge, it could be a sign of a closer integration between the two to combine leadership positions and reduce G&A across those 2 lines. Personally wouldn't want to see it as they each have focused guest experiences and I believe both would suffer with the compromises that would ensue.
  15. Simply stop by one of the bars prior to going to dinner and pick up a glass of wine. No issue bringing it from the bar.
  16. I'm amazed how you're able to curate your cruise experience seemingly real time.. This one is really great.
  17. Same kind of thing happened in Key West where they limited the size and number of ships that could visit.
  18. Won't be sailing Icon in awhile. First as a new class with new propulsion , water treatment architectures, and crew training/reorientation, it's going to have some bugs. For the high price, I'll wait until everyone is trained up and bugs are sorted out. Let the market sort it out first. As far as Coco Cay - its seems kinda redundant to what the ship offers.
  19. As Allure is the original configuration, and not as many toys as the newer ships, it seems there was a lower percentage of families with children sailing on-board the times we sailed. This is NOT a quantitive assessment, but didn't seem as crazy as Wonder, Symphony, Oasis.... Could be the times we sailed, but seemed tamer. Not sure if others have this subjective observation.
  20. Wouldn't say it's "worse" - it is the only one with the original Oasis configuration. I would agree it needs updating - would really like to see Playmakers installed.
  21. Very weather dependent related to wind conditions. I've done it once, but other times the breezes closed it down. Of course could be for other reasons. World helium supplies have been very low (hence very expensive) since the pandemic and it might actually might not be cost effective for operate at this time - that's just a guess.
  22. Despite the show, I continue to be impressed by the skills of the skaters on such a small rink. There are times it looks like they might end up in the front rows.
  23. You'll receive Diamond level benefits as Elite (lounge, drinks etc). Your 16 C&A points don't matter in the reciprocity. Your set sail pass will show you as Diamond - enjoy.
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