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  1. The illustrations make it look like an integration of Coco Cay and Oasis. A floating Coco Cay.
  2. If you're getting coffee from metal carafes, the carafe can impart bad flavor if they're not cleaned properly. I've found more consistency when you get by the cup at the point of origin, whether it be the promenade or dining areas. I think turn over helps. We experienced more issues with coffee delivered through room service - questionable carafes. (Exception was just after shutdown when everything was new or really cleaned)
  3. If I remember correctly, if sailing in November, you may see an opportunity to access the later half of 2024 through the on-board cruise reservation team.
  4. Caught a glitch with my A2S flight in January. Cruise was paid off for some time, but I continued to check my airfare periodically to verify ticket purchase. I noticed we were getting seat bumps and I would have to reclaim seats (understandable when equipment changes). But was seeing an "unknown" ticket status in my frequent flyer account. Called A2S and discovered A2S didn't pay for the tickets, so we were hanging out without tickets. Caught it early, about 90 days out and they purchased the tickets. Would had to get closer and lose the seats or my direct flight because of a purchase glitch. Verify you flights with the airline early to ensure A2S completes transactions.
  5. I'm not sure you would get many US merchants who have seen $2 bills and accept it (there's no extra drawer slot in the registers for a $2, so goes under the drawer) I have a couple , but keep them as novelties for the grandkids.
  6. If I'm correctly remembering, your personal calendar events will remain intact when you're off board.
  7. Last time we tried to do the 5+ on day 1 , we missed our Chops dinner reservation - pretty lame right?
  8. In some cases, you'll find that A2S will book two one way tickets so you will have 2 record locators, one for each leg (outgoing and return). Also, they don't actually purchase the tickets until sometime under the 90 day cruise payoff. Sometimes not until 30 days prior. This means you need to check your frequent flyer account (American Airlines) and verify you flight numbers, seats etc several times until purchase. Equipment changes can also drop your seats and you find out your pre-reserved seats are gone. Consequently, I've backed off using them for domestic. I'd rather pay them early to get my seats and desired reservations. I want direct flights and have experienced changes pushing to in-directed adding hours to our travel. Won't put up with that, especially when paying a premium for direct flights. Keep you eye on the ball with A2S reservations.
  9. We still will stop by - usually after the rush. Off hours it seems to be fairly empty and not a bad place to drink coffee and read. Hit and miss with the concierge as the cruise goes on off hours, but is a good time to get help if available.
  10. If you want a mattress topper or even dinner reservations.
  11. There is a dessert bar and salad bar. IMO the meats are overly seasoned - too salty for me.
  12. Yes. Itineraries and ship porting tend to follow an annual cycle. Rates will be different. Ships will be re-deployed as newer ones enter the fleet.
  13. Nice ship. Solstice is first of its class. Mid sized by today's standard and a little smaller than the new Edge class (smaller than Freedom class). Its been through its "Revolution" upgrade but the suite Retreat area is still decorated like Michaels club (old name). Its a different feel than RC, Princess, or NCL - a bit slower paced. First, Celebrity doesn't have toys, so less for kiddos if there going also. Just pools and hot tubs. There is a Solarium area (16 and older) with a some quick and healthy menu/drinks. You won't see pool events like biggest belly flop or even VP tourneys. No large promenade, but there is shopping and areas of around the clock entertainment and guest activities. Like most Celebrity ships, the martini bar tends to be the primary hangout for guests. The bar tenders put on a good show at night. Focus is on dining, entertainment, and relaxing. On the upper deck there's a real grass lawn and you can play bocci, put, or just lay on the grass and watch a movie. Its smaller than a Freedom class ship. Easy to get around. Has a 3 level main dining room and a buffet. Specialty restaurants and bars, spa and workout area. Solstice has been a Pacific mainstay with west coast, Alaska, and even Hawaii and south Pacific itineraries in past years. Its a relaxed venue.
  14. Luggage handling has become very reliable. The times we've used it, our bags made it with us. Its lower risk if you don't have tight connections (or direct flights), but if you're uncomfortable, it is also possible to do carry-on for a 7-day Caribbean (very casual). We carry-on most of the time because we hate the waits at destination.
  15. I'm aware of the port cams. Many ports have them. I was specifically curious about the webcams they used to operate on OoS. It would toggle between neighborhoods, Central Park, Boardwalk, Promenade and another venue. Its wasn't video, but just snaps of the area.
  16. Maybe there was an $18/pp/day deluxe drink package offered and they shut down the site to clean all evidence.
  17. I wanted to make a final payment but wasn’t up yet
  18. Been a down a lonnnnnng time.......Maybe tomorrow
  19. Same problem. Cannot sign into Royal or Celebrity webpages.
  20. The times we've been there yes. Seating around the pool area goes fast and folks seem to camp around the pool all day.
  21. The Captains Club event for higher tier levels (Elite and above) offers a limited drink menu during specific hours, so not really a benefit we even partake; hence, we always book drinks as part of an inclusive package, so not been an issue. We do like the complimentary laundry service on the 7 night or longer trips. With 2 people, each Diamond/Elite, you get a bag each after the 3rd night.
  22. I guess weather could influence such a decision, but we wouldn't know that until we're sailing. And they couldn't reschedule unless there is room on the island. Lots of demand from many ships and it can get very crowded. All such factors would need to be considered.
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