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  1. Explorer of the Seas 9 nights departing from Civitavecchia. The cruise was part of a 10 week bucket list holiday and is now just a huge headache trying to organise refunds, credits etc. Oh well - 1st world problems I guess...
  2. Well just got word that our Med cruise departing 30th August has been cancelled. RC have agreed to refund but will take 12-16 weeks. This was to be our first cruise - unlikely to convince hubby to go on one now
  3. We've got a Med 9 night cruise departing 30th August from Rome- not feeling hopeful...by the time we leave Australia - 28th July we will probs have to self isolate for 14 days at the other end as Aus predicteded to peak round then - which will royally stuff up all our other plans, connecting flights accomodations etc
  4. Hmm dont see how I can avoid the drama, we've already booked and paid for longhaul and internal flights, hire cars, ferrys, cruise and accomodations (all time snsitive) so quarantine is a concern - that is if we can even leave Australia at all by then
  5. 10 weeks - bucket list holiday. Amsterdam, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia
  6. Well we have a 10 week Europe trip booked leaving Australia 28th July, 9 nine day cruise only part of it - so It's not looking good. I'm so dissapointed as this was our bucket list holiday
  7. She advised all mediterranean cruises cancelled at this stage. She has been emailing clients - RC offereing full refund...we have one shceduled to leave Rome 30th August
  8. My travel agent just informed me that RC have cancelled all med cruises till May. Ours leaves Rome 30th August - hoping things have improved by then ...
  9. Wow you would think they'd just make it standard one way or another! but it's a win for me as an Aussie. I rang RC as I wanted to pay for my cousins drinks package as a surprise gift (they are in Italy and have booked from Italy) - proving to be near on impossible as each region has different rules
  10. Thank you, so this is USD? and where in the cruise planner do I find this please
  11. Ok I'm super confused now! 1st timer cruiser this year August on Explorer of the Seas. Are gratuities not included in the cabin/cruise cost? (Im in Australia). Understand the drinks package is extra...
  12. Thanks Kristi. Guess I'll have to join the OCD club too
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