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  1. It is 3 nights and three restaurants. So you could go to Johnny Rockets and pay the $10 charge and then use your dinning package for Chops...or vice versa. It is only one restaurant per night for 3 nights in total.
  2. Things are in flux basically. Who knows how many people might cancel, be unable to board due to positive or inconclusive covid test, etc. So RCG wants to avoid having a bunch of issues with shows and therefore, we have to make the reservations on boarding day through the app.
  3. Freedom has been sailing a lot longer than Mariner, I am sure mariner will get more and more guest as she continues on. But I was following a Symphony, Allure and Oasis live blog and the chair hogs are back. They seem to be more prevalent at CocoCay then anything. I read about one lady who got there and took off all her clothes to reserve daybeds, then never even used them.
  4. I want to try Central Park 150 but there food seems a bit foo foo and I like simple food. I also had to really stare at that picture to realize they didn't just bring you large chunks of bread but sandwiches
  5. I stand by the assessment that it is a personal thing, there is not right or wrong answer to the average amount. I am sure if all you gave was an extra $1-2 the crew would appreciate it. Just do what you feel comfortable with, that said..... It will really depend on a myriad of things in my opinion. I have a base that I start with and then if service goes beyond that I tip more. I also am very low-maintenance. It doesn't matter if I am staying in a suite or an interior. I don't feel obligated to tip more just because I paid more, I tip those who provided me with service. When I budget for my cruise I usually estimate a certain amount to cover any tips. This is my base-line: I personally will leave $8-12 each night I dine somewhere when I am travelling solo. When travelling with others, I feel like it should be at least $5pp each night from us. I know some people like to wait until the end of the cruise, whatever floats your boat. I tip $1-2 on drinks and I normally give my room attendant between $35-50 depending on length of cruise. I like to give them $10-15 halfway through and the rest at the end. I will tip the crew who do the excursions and tours based on how much I enjoyed myself.. When I eat in the Windjammer, I will hand out a few bucks to those who clear the table. I hate to do it, carrying cash is annoying, but I usually bring my tipping amount in $1s and $5s so it is easy to disperse.
  6. I am enjoying reading this but you don't have to start a new thread, just keep replying to your initial post.
  7. The closer you are to a sailing, the less early you will be able to check-in, if that make sense. So @Doakgot a 3pm time because that is all that is left. I also sail Halloween and the times available now start at 3:30 and go to 5:30 because we sail at 7pm. That check-in opened Aug 2 and I got the earliest time. But if your check-in opens soon, you could be able to snag a nice time. My check-in for my Jan cruises start at Nov 27th, according to the app, I should be able to get a 12/12:30 check-in with ease as I know when it will be open.
  8. There hasn't been a gratuity added on top of the $7.95. That is the service fee. I remember reading in the past of people taking advantage of this free room service to order 1 cookie or something. So RCG added the fee to avoid wasted resources like that. You tip at your discretion.
  9. As far as flights go I would say 11:30. If ship docks late and gets in like 8am, I would still just have enough time to self-embark and make it to the airport in time.
  10. I always purchase at a price point I am comfortable with and hope for a sale. I have the key for my Jan 24th Mariner, I really am hoping it goes down in price for black Friday.
  11. Also keep in mind that cruise lines sell to TA(travel agents) and third-party booking sites. So you might see only 20 rooms but there are a lot more available. It is just some other party has them on hold.
  12. Just Oasis the ship sailings from May to June 2022, I received the same email.
  13. Congrats, I am so sad I was never able to try to bid for Star class on my Allure cruise.......those pesky 4 other people messed it up.
  14. It is 90mins, don't think they will extend time. I think that's why boarding opens up so early. My Oct 31st sail away is at 7pm and 5:30 was the latest boarding time. Earlier on the earliest boarding time was 1pm, a few weeks ago it opened up 12pm appointments. Then with suites and PIns able to board an hr early, check-in begins around 11am. So the 90 mins will always be there, they will just allow earlier boarding times.
  15. All of these suggestion are amazing and I agree. I also wish we had the ability to hold a reservation. Sometimes I see a good deal but don't know all the logistics. Like if the flight and pre-cruise hotel will be more than the cruise. A 24-48hr curtesy hold would be nice, just to make sure. Often times we go back and the room we want is gone.
  16. We sail at 7pm. I have a noon check-in now as they opened up the times a few weeks ago and I was able to change. I got my witches costume, 20 days to go.
  17. @Cruiser4ever I want to say no....only because even with the unlimited dining package these places still have an upcharge. I think the specialty restaurants included would be those often used in the dining plan. This is still new, so in reality, nothing much is actually known.
  18. My math has always come out in favor of a multi-device and separate drink package. You only need to do 1 person with a 4-device plan, even though it will allow you to select everyone. But it really depends on ship and sailing length. If a 4 device plan is $50 times 7 day you are looking at 350. If soda package is $8.99+ gratuity that is $10.61*7*4 or $297. That is $647 for the four people. If the Voom+ soda package is $23.99, then for 4 people that would be $672, so a net savings of $25.
  19. That drink looks so good, 20 days to go for me. Walmart isn't great but at least they can get what they need right away. @SuperStarian
  20. Ugh, sorry your embarkment wasn't smooth. But now you are cruising and I am sure everything from here on out is going to be awesome.
  21. @SayuilWith the best price guarantee you can do it all the way until 48hr before sailing. As many times as you want. If it is after final payment you will get OBC, if before, it will go back to the method of payment. It has to be based on your room category, however you can upgrade and downgrade at your discretion. So if a balcony gty is cheaper than a promenade interior now, you can change and get best price.
  22. I saw this happen in Vegas, I went solo for my 30th. Met a lady on the airplane celebrating her divorce, both staying at the Luxor and we hit it off. We decide to hang out, since we had similar plans. After dinner we hit the slots and I hit a $2300 mini jackpot and claimed my winnings. When I came back she had hit jackpot, a little over 100k. She told me she was going to cash out and meet me at the show, so I left for cirque du soleil Zumanity. She never showed, I assumed she was maybe shopping or met someone. Came back because it was my birthday and I felt lucky, she was still there and down to her last hundred dollars. She did hit another mini jackpot but I think it was less than $4k. I always pocket my wins and just play what I was comfortable losing....if I feel like playing more.
  23. @MrMarcMight be cancelled or sold out, since it can't be brought on board. I also keep hearing about how cheap it is on Adventure, Freedom and Liberty in 2021. My Jan 22 sailing have all be above $25.99, with a sale. The Mariner one hasn't gone lower than $27.99 since before the restart. My Jan Indy was $23.99 at one point but I thought that was too high for 4n. If it is under $20 a day then it makes it palatable. But with low capacity and 2-device internet at around $26/day, it's not a good deal.
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