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  1. What about unvaxxed pax who have itineraries where unvaxxed are not permitted ? Are they still requiring you to wait until protocols are announced ? I guess (hope ??) that things can change by Nov.
  2. Nope. You're not. I don't have a FB account either and never will.
  3. No, not at all. I'm sure you've read some of my SC blogs where I discuss that Dan really doesn't care much for the Genie service. In fact, if it were strictly up to him, would cruise in a balcony cabin with none of the "extras". He doesn't really care for the fuss. One of the things that he really dislikes about SC is all of the activity that it generates. Someone is constantly calling or knocking at the door or coming or going (now, this may change with COVID restrictions and protocols but that's the way it was BC). What the Genie wants more than anything else is for you to enjoy your cruise and it that means that you didn't need him/her much, all the better, I'm sure ! But I'm willing to bet that at LEAST for the first time, you will enjoy the attention and help. It is so nice not to have to worry about ANYthing. All of your reservations, your seats (it's so nice to know that your seats are reserved and that you can wait until just minutes before the show to arrive), your trips off and onto the ship, room service, extra attention for your daughter, arrangements for special tours (may be a thing of the past....) like the personal tour we got of the Central Park gardens with Laszlo Turos (senior horticulturist for Royal who created all of the Central Park gardens). But you can get as much or as little attention from the Genie as you like. On our one of our last SC cruise we asked that the Genie make a special effort to minimize the interruptions and she did ! ...and there's just nothing like having your Genie arrange a party in your suite !! Some Genies will even create and send out invitations but we never wanted anything quite THAT formal.
  4. There is no mandatory tip for the Genie. Anything you decide to tip (or nothing) is entirely up to you. It's truly a personal decision.
  5. I have had trouble clearing my ears at times, too. I always find that if I wait until I feel the pressure to start valsalva, it is too late. You might consider starting to clear your ears right from the start of descending. Even if it seems like overkill, it’s better than trying to descend with clogged ears !
  6. We have always found $700-1000 for a 7 night to be fair.
  7. It certainly could have been the Explorer that we were on but there was also a very bad storm that Anthem experienced a few years after ours. That one caught big headlines. I suspect this is the one you are referring to.
  8. The worst seas I have ever experienced were coming out of Bayonne...but that was also due to sailing directly into a nor'easter. We were on Explorer in the late fall (Nov I think). I thought for sure we were doomed. The big waves took out 2 lifeboats, flooded the elevators midship and blew out a glass door midship (which is why the elevators flooded !!). Had the ship been sailing at capacity, we would not have been allowed into our ports of call, but fortunately, we were not (at capacity) and the sidelined lifeboats did not present a problem. After we made it through the storm, the next days of sailing were some of the smoothest I have ever experienced. Those first 2 days and 3 nights though.....yikes !
  9. Congratulations on your SCUBA certification. I have only done 1 diving excursion with Royal and it was really disappointing but I don't blame the excursion. The conditions were just crappy. It was on St. Maarten and the visibility was awful. We putted around down below for a while and then came up and stayed up.
  10. Congratulations on Star Class, Andrew !! Glad to see you back on the blog. I have not done a private journey excursion but I have been contacted by a few PJ agents for some of my upcoming SC cruises. If you would like information for one or more of these agents, let me know.
  11. We have 7672 booked on Jewel for our August 19, 2022 12 night British Isles Cruise so if we are able to go (protocols, ya know....) I will let you know how it is !! I guess that's probably too late, isn't it ? Oh well...you can let ME know how it is !!
  12. Ours too. We are putting in a full home water treatment system and a RO system for the kitchen. I have heard that Florida has the second worst water in the US. I believe it.
  13. I had been thinking about something similar. I wonder if you could do o e of the proctored “home” tests while on cruise #1 and get th3 results back in time for cruise #2. Would that work ?
  14. UGH. I am so very disappointed for you. I loved reading your posts b/c you were so excited about this cruise and about the upgrade. I am sick about this. I know this is no consolation to you but I feel your pain. I hope you are able to find something else that will bring you the same joy that you were feeling about your Anthem cruise. When did this happen ? I didn't even know about these new restrictions. Again...so very sorry to hear about it.
  15. @Scoular, your cruise with your mother on Anthem has been cancelled ?
  16. I was very surprised (but happy !) that on our last shorty Grandeur Bermuda cruise (a few years back) they served both lobster tail and lamb shank which are the 2 menus that usually get the axe on the shorty cruises. I think that’s an anomaly though.
  17. Best post you’ve ever made ! (…and I love your posts…)
  18. From what I remember, the smoothies at the Vitality Bar are included with the DBP but the addition of protein powder is an extra charge. As others have said, whether or not the “extra” food options at the pub, etc are included is really ship-dependent. All food, at any venue, with the exception of Starbucks pastries and candy from the candy-by-the-pound store is included for Star Class. ….at least, it used to be…
  19. I don't care for the full face mask either. Something about the way I have to hold my head, hurts my neck. Gimme the ol' timey mask and snorkel.
  20. I think the gator thing is a myth. We have been here for nearly a year now and never seen one !! ?
  21. That's very disappointing about North Star and iFly. Those are major attractions that they use in generating sales. I would be extremely unhappy if I paid for the Q class experience and NS wasn't working in ALASKA !
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