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  1. Booked next January for 11 night Southern Caribbean on Anthem from Bayonne. 318 days to go. Our 2nd time on Anthem. St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, and San Juan are the ports we are visiting. Never been to any of these ports or on a cruise this long. Might be too early to use Cruise Planner for onboard activities/dining/beverages, but would like some suggestions or advice on shore excursions. We enjoy snorkeling, catamaran sailing, relaxing at a beach (even better if there's a bar), hiking, and exploring. I enjoy taking pictures and my wife enjoys shopping for clothes and jewelry. I've done a little research and read many trip reports and shore excursions but there are so many choices it's hard to narrow down the field. What are your favorite places to go/activities to do at these destinations? Do any of these activities sell out far in advance? Our anniversary coincides with our St. Maarten day if anyone has any crazy romantic ideas to share.
  2. Very exciting for Royal Caribbean but I'm not sure I follow the concept. I'm just fine with staying on the ship at night with all of my stuff. What is the allure of staying off ship?
  3. That sounds awesome. I've never booked anything but an OV balcony or less, but my next 4 cruises are all GTY suite or JS. Could it be the influence of this blog or the podcast...........? I'm blaming Mr. YOLO/aka Matt.
  4. We did the Med cruise on Royal a couple of summers ago. It was Summer, it was hot, it was crowded. We survived! We booked all of our own excursions, none through the ship. We saw Florence and Pisa the same day. We saw Vatican City and Rome/Colosseum. We did Pompeii on our own and a Vespa scooter ride in Naples. We took a cab from Marseille to Cassis and hung out on the beach all day. We tendered to Villefranche , took the bus to Nice, and explored on our own. It was an amazing trip. The trains were on strike one day, there were accidents on the Italian highway another day, and my son got accosted by a street vendor in Florence. All part of the fun. The guides we booked were always waiting for us when we got off the ship and returned us in plenty of time. Never in danger of getting back too late. You can do it too.
  5. I witnessed identical behavior in the bathroom by the Windjammer. Yuck. Everyone needs to remember to "WASHY WASHY" before touching any utensils or food.
  6. Thanks again @KWong. We used the 2 stop option on Lyft and went to the Publix. My wife picked up 2 bottles of wine and 2 10-packs of 7 oz sodas. We carried them on and had no issues. Saw the Total Wine but didn't want to push our luck with the Lyft driver. thanks for the suggestions.
  7. We boarded Empress at Port of Miami last Sunday. No issues, no additional tests or anything out of the ordinary. I was ready to have my temperature taken or asked a lot of questions but it was quick and efficient process.
  8. Thanks @KWong. That might work. Now I just have to convince our UBER driver to take us there.
  9. Our cruise on Empress is tomorrow morning. EXCITING. Flying into FLL before the cruise. NERVOUS. We reluctantly skipped the drink packages this cruise. Slightly regretting that decision. Thinking about stopping somewhere between the airport and the cruise port to pick up 2 bottles of wine and a 12 pack of soda. Any suggestions on where to go and how to convince our Uber drive to take us? This will be a Sunday morning and not sure if there are issues picking up bottles of wine with local laws.
  10. thank you for alerting us to the Costa Maya news. We are headed there next week (Thursday I think) but have no excursions planned. Hopefully all will be settled down by then but I will report back if there is any news to report. Krazy Lobster?!! Might have to check that out. How far from the port?
  11. Totally understand the original poster's (@kittysoul) question and dilemma. You are kind to show compassion and concern to make sure you are tipping appropriately. Totally don't understand why ANYONE feels they have the right to browbeat others about tipping. It's a personal decision based on each individual's experience on the ship and their own economics. Maybe those people should mind their own business and let the rest of us enjoy our cruises!
  12. @Larry Muster.....did they let you know exactly why your stockholder benefit was rejected? Seems like any cruise has multiple discounts or promotions, wouldn't they always wash out the benefit? I'm back to being confused.
  13. Our cruise is in 10 days and we are definitely GOING! It's your first cruise and all of the excitement and adventures should hopefully outweigh any apprehensions or paranoia you have about the virus.
  14. Welcome to the wonderful world of Royal cruising, it can be addicting!!! I am still relatively new to the forum so I'm sure you will get more qualified responses than mine. We booked through NextCruise on our last cruise in December. Nice getting the OBC and low deposit and we had 60 days to make changes to our itinerary. I've also booked cruises outside of NextCruise because there were so many great deals being offered. Didn't want the fare or our cabin choice being gone by the time we boarded our ship months later.
  15. @KristiZ, that makes more sense and sounds like good news!!! Thank you.
  16. That sounds amazing. Better than the sailings I've been looking at. When is your sailing?
  17. Reading the RCI terms and conditions, it also references not being combined with Travel agent rates. Does that mean I won't be able to use it because I already booked with MEI travel?
  18. Thanks @Matt and @bobroo for the clarifications. Understand it may be offered as OBC instead of discount, but I'm fine with that. Obviously I am hoping it will be a good investment, but I will report back on how well the stockholder benefit works out.
  19. Did some research online and on the forum here looking up the RCI stockholder benefits. It's clear that you must purchase a minimum of 100 shares but I am still unclear about if the stockholder discount can be applied in addition to other promotions or discounts. Previously I don't think you could combine them but I thought I read a blog post that the rules had changed and now you can. Is that true? Apologies but I can't find the thread where I read it. I understand the risk/rewards of purchasing stock and was going to do it anyway. But with 5 cruises booked, it would be great to get the extra discount.
  20. Better yet, never get off the ship! You'll get your sea legs in no time matey! Aaarrrgghhh!
  21. oops....I had Grandeur on the brain, so my brain on a Monday just went with that. Enchantment is such a fun ship. If you are the lucky charm, then she should pay you to come on cruises with her!!!
  22. Following.....looks like you are having a great time so far on ENCHANTMENT. What's your MIL 's secret to winning at the casino? Our money becomes extinct anytime we are in the vicinity. (ship name corrected!)
  23. Now that's a slogan that we should all get behind!
  24. Following! Our first time at CK will be this fall, and we are so excited. We will wait to be seated and wear proper attire. I may even wear a tux!!
  25. Our 17 and 20 year old went to the casino to play slots every night on our December cruise. We didn't know until 2nd to last day of cruise. They said no one from RCI monitored or asked them for ID. Not sure if that helps.
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