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  1. You have all been amazing! Thank you so much for providing me details in depth for my very first cruise. I don't know how far I would have gotten without royal caribbean blog! I have been using this site for everything and anything involving royal caribbean and it has never let me down! We've already had a "crazy" idea of booking our next cruise and possibly many more while on our first one haha!
  2. Where does one find the eDocs? Do I have to check in again online around 40-45 days out or is there a notification? Through the online website will there be a section provided to obtain luggage tag?
  3. Thanks Ashley! I have no idea this is how you set your dining reservations. I was over here wondering how on earth is everyone else doing it. This is a very peculiar/interesting way to do it. If I set a time and was unable to make it but came earlier or later how would that work? Much appreciated.
  4. I am sailing on Symphony of the Seas (first cruise ever!) and I have officially checked in online . Stalked the countdown timer until it hit the 90 day mark before sailing and checked in. My sail date is Jan 4th, 2020. They only thing I received from the check in was my set sail pass, where they asked me to confirm my documents (used passport book) and my personal information. Aside from that I was not required to do anything else, felt a bit empty or if something was missing. My question is: Where do I get my luggage tags, plane ticket information (booked through RCI), hotel reservation information for the night before embarkation and anything else that is required or needed?
  5. How do you make reservations ahead of time for MDR? I use the cruise planner and I'm sailing on symphony of the seas in Jan 2020. Officially checked in online but it only provided us with our set sail pass nothing else available.
  6. This is great information as well, thank you! Knowing my luck I better make sure I play the odds and cover everything I can on my end.
  7. This was amazing information thank you! I don't have receipts for anything in my luggage and it's extremely hard to prove the value. For example I love watches and put a few in my suit case along with some favorite brands that fit me well. I can't imagine going on a cruise happy without all my personal belongings. Especially when you mentioned most clothes did not fit for your family and you basically have to settle for looking like a gift shop. I will definitely take pictures of everything and I know I purchases travel insurance with my TA at MEI Travels along with my credit card travel insurance.
  8. When you say special request what does that mean? Could I order something off the menu but also isn't so far-fetched? For example if they did not have burger, hotdog, or pasta on the menu could I still tell them exactly how I want it made?
  9. I've been doing my best to get on a diet before my Jan, 2020 sail date. I got about 3 months or so to lose 40 lbs ideally. It would be great for pictures and stuffing my face haha
  10. I'm more concerned about the lost luggage! How does that whole process work? Who reimburses you and where would you find clothes, shoes, accessories, etc before embarkation? I'm sure the clothes you had to buy to recover did not fit or was not ideal to what you had already put so much time in packing? (off-brands or desperate to get clothes in general so it wasn't a favorite brand or fitting) How does one prevent this nightmare from happening? I'm sailing for the first time early Jan, 2020 and this has been the bane of my planning so far since it's always out of your control, or is it?
  11. I am definitely going to try the miami vice/lava flow/mudslide on the cruise and compare it to the ones I've had at vegas!
  12. I believe they prepare and have food staged in large volume that it would be kept warm under the lamps. Which I understand since I can't fathom the logistics of feeding so many people by doing cook to order in MDR. I saw on another thread that you can make a request to have the dish be hot with the server/waiter.
  13. Never mind I guess I can't join your industry of work haha. I'm definitely not cut out for that! Appreciate and grateful for you saving homes and lives!
  14. did you take these pictures with a camera or a phone?
  15. I've noticed no one mentioned the quality of the laundry. Anyone know how it is washed, detergent, softener if any? I'm scared it will come out really rough, wrinkly, or weird smell.
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