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  1. Could you elaborate on #1? Do we drop our luggage and check in all at the same time or do you have to check in after you drop luggage? I heard about flight reservations being done online, no idea what that means as well. Is that the same as checking in? I have 1 connecting flight so it goes from CA--> AZ--> FL. Do I have to check in at every port and do they give me enough time to get onto the next plan when we connect flights? thanks in advance!
  2. are any of these water proof if you also wanted to take it into the ocean during excursions or water play?
  3. When i was 6 months away from sail date it felt "fake/unreal" BUT now i'm starting to receive my set sail pass, luggage tags, etc and i'm freaking out. My goal for this post is to ask the community for suggestions and tips especially with black friday coming around the corner. Does anyone have a shopping list of any and all items you have or suggest I buy for the cruise? So far I have water shoes, luggage tags, sunblock, thinking about some sort of portable lockbox for personal belongings, and cruise apparel. I'm in a bit of a stump and drawing blanks on what to do in general as well. I sail in about 30 days I believe so I want to start ordering everything ahead of time in case anything happens I have no buffer. Also if you guys know the process of flying from Los Angeles, CA to Florida. (never flown before) Any airports do's and don'ts Much appreciated! <3
  4. Use Kelley Hardy! I booked my very first cruise with my very first TA. Both have not disappointed!
  5. I'm on Jan 4th literally debarking the same day you're embarking!
  6. I like how you dodged the question and request for your source of allure coming to Texas. Going to disregard as bait click until otherwise
  7. when you win some you dim sum. *mic drop*
  8. too bad casinos defies math, science, logic, and perhaps physics.
  9. wait you guys are winning?! That was an option!?
  10. I think carnival attracts a majority of a certain median household that is more price aggressive compared royal caribbean. Although you know what you're getting when you go with RCI every single time and consistent!
  11. We have many carnival ships within 30 minutes of me but i rather fly all the way to Florida from California for royal caribbean. Loyal to Royal!
  12. Those are definitely some very helpful advice i'm going to do some research on, thank you! We're on Jan 4th!!!! Which will come extremely quick since thanksgiving and christmas are right behind!
  13. Similar to being able to take memories/experiences to the grave with you but not your materialistic items.
  14. I avoid LAX with all my existence! We were lucky to get flights out of ONT or john wayne.
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