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  1. It really sounds like something that would appeal to my family, it's just too bad that it doesn't run when we can go (typical Spring Break/Summer Break limitations!).
  2. Just chiming in to say that this is absolutely 100% the correct answer.
  3. Same. Was very pleasantly surprised!
  4. That was me, and if I recall correctly, it was @Ogilthorpe who helped me out with that, so I'll pay it forward. If you call 1-888-305-4626, they can expedite the availability of the reward OBC and put it right into your cruise planner. I just contacted them last week with another redemption, and it was in my account within 15 minutes of hanging up the phone.
  5. If you are thinking about doing it on the ship, and I can not stress this enough, GET THE CRUISE DIRECTOR INVOLVED! They live for this kind of thing and are really good at it. I proposed to my wide on Enchantment of the Seas nearly 20 years ago now. The director managed to lure her on stage between acts in the main theater on formal night after finding her SeaPass card that she had "misplaced." While doing a really funny bit with her about why it's important to never lose it, blah blah blah, the Assistant Cruise Director had met me at the back of theater, rushed me through backstage and ha
  6. This is right from the State Department's website. While they still have quite a backlog to get through, it looks like they're making progress. The last two weeks, more went out than came in, so that's positive!
  7. Okay, I'm just relieved that this is direction this thread is headed in...
  8. I've worked with Kathy. She's awesome. VERY responsive and knowledgeable. You're in good hands.
  9. My God, if this isn't a perfect summary of 2020 in general. Well said.
  10. I'm also on an August 2021 with Coco Cay, and we've also been stuck at $79 since we booked. Looks like that may just be the going fare for an Oasis ship calling in the summer for now. Like @KJones suggested, if you're comfortable at that rate, might as well book it, you can always reprice if there's a Black Friday sale or price drop once you get closer to your sail date.
  11. Can't agree with this any more if I tried. Pandemic or no, bring on the manned buffet stations. I'll gladly deal with the potential of slightly slower lines as a trade off for people with questionable hygienic practices not pawing up my food and/or befouling the serving utensils.
  12. I'd be surprised if lobbyists aren't already pitching this over GrubHub-ed steaks from The Palm.
  13. The Short Stop Grill - Garfield Arkansas. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g31606-d3190968-Reviews-The_Short_Stop-Garfield_Arkansas.html
  14. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/06/09/royal-caribbean-postpones-royal-amplifications-its-cruise-ships-until-further-notice
  15. This is correct, although the 5 business includes mail delivery time to US addresses. That said, you do have a plan a bit further out for it. The other thing that I'm a fan of is that they deduct it from your account when you process it, so no outstanding checks (I HATE outstanding checks!). If they do not cash it within 90 days, it is refunded to your account.
  16. I have a short list like this as well. Luckily, my bank's e-payment system will actually mail a check out to any vendor I add to my "Payee" list if they don't accept EFTs. They even cover the stamp!
  17. I've been sitting steady at $61 for my 8/2021 Oasis sailing. Come on price drop!
  18. Enjoying those cookies again I see. Seems prudent.
  19. Yes, it's a version of year-round scheduling. When implemented, most districts prefer to start Q1 somewhere in mid-August, so summer break still ends up being six weeks (which is still a nice chunk of time!) and starts around the beginning of July. It helps reduce the summer slide, eases child-care burden on families (again, overgeneralizing, but most districts that implement this offer ESY/camp programs to cover the 15-day breaks with grants available for those in need) and allows families more flexibility to travel and enjoy social time together (remember that?). It also reduces the time
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