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  1. Being on the pool deck, I'm pretty sure this dog was just trying to sneak back into the Windjammer. The floor of the Windjammer at lunchtime on a sea day would be total doggie nirvana, no? Really, I'm no different for the Tutti Fruitti salad in the MDR. I just sit at a table with a white table cloth. So theoretically, this could be a picture of me.
  2. I would, they do a good job there. But as a new diver whose C card is just as fresh as your Seapass, don't eliminate the ships excursion from being a great experience and finding some other passengers who are <surprise> exactly at the same level your are. And, the task loading of the ships excursion is like, 0.
  3. ***Notice To All*** Under no circumstances will there be "lobster served in the Windjammer to get the food budget back on track" after any cruise I have been on. NOT A CHANCE.
  4. In winter months I particularly like sailing out of Florida ports because I can arrive 3 or 4 days early and just dive locally. However, it is often cheaper to be on a cruise, even at the 2x solo rate.
  5. April is a long way off and to be honest, there is a lot more to the proper use of a Diamond Lounge than we’ve talked about here. It’s more than drinks and coffee. It’s a place of solitude. The computer terminals are very helpful and likely there is one unoccupied. It’s a place to grab a light bite to eat if not pig out on favorite hors d’ ourves. It’s learning the power of the concierge and what they can and can not do. It’s the skuttlebutt and rumor mill. But in my opinion, the best part of all? It’s the other like-experienced people that you will meet there. It’s the sharing of stories, ide
  6. The dive operator for RCL in Cozumel is Sand Dollar Sports. There are over 120 some dive operations on Cozumel. So, there are a lot of choices. Knowing your expected arrival time and spending time online with Google maps and looking at reviews; porting in San Miguel is an excellent learning lesson in how to chose an outside dive provider when on a cruise. Start a spreadsheet. Personally? I use Cozumel Marine World for a whole bunch of good reasons. I can walk there from the port. I can eat at Ernesto's Tortilla Factory for lunch. And no matter what time the ship actually arrives or a
  7. On a related note ( South Florida residents will get a laugh out of this): When I sail out of Lauderdale and I am waiting to check-in I purposefully stall just so I get a really young agent so I can do the following when I get the health questionnaire: ME: <fully reads, signs, and hands over completed questionnaire> AGENT: Good! Are you feeling OK today? Haven't been sick in the last three days? No cold, flu...... ME: <puzzled look> Well... ahhhh....yeah....I gotta tell 'ya.... AGENT: <immediately stop what they are doing because this is defiantly
  8. How else is Mexico supposed to pay for the wall??? Pony up touristas
  9. Well Mr Anello, I think you are beginning to feel the same punch in the gut the Royal corporate office felt when you sent the sheriff over with your lawsuit and the likelihood that your attorney has been playing hardball the past few months. Your arrest is called retribution.
  10. If your husband is registered for the Try Diving or Discover Diving programs, then there is no book work. But.... if he is registered for the Open Water Diving course, this is a spot-on concern. Your husband is exactly correct, it is advantageous to complete the online eLearning portion before boarding the ship. I would send an email explaining the situation to [email protected] . I would include his reservation number, sailing date and request an eLearning direct link and code for taking the course. I believe the above email goes to whoever is in charge of the scuba programing a
  11. Please, please, please let all the frequent contributors here try to educate others so they understand not to behave like this. I understand the cruise line is culpable. I understand the frustration of the passengers. But please understand this is not a train, it is a boat.
  12. I L-O-V-E the smell of new Seapass! I wish I was in your flip-flops.
  13. Oh yeah, the room service coffee, fresh fruit, sweet roll thing is just the pre-game meal. You'll be throwing down a little later after you take a shower, do some housekeeping and got the kinks out of your legs and feet.
  14. I've found if you pour coffee straight into your eyes it'll work faster. ;0)
  15. A little back story about room service. The assistant waiters with the lowest seniority get the duty of delivering the room service goodies. You'll see a different person everyday. I'm sure it's a bunch of running around the ship to places they were just at seemingly just minutes ago. The delivery of your order is awkward. The full trays are a tight squeeze inside your cabin doorframe. It's an uneasy transition from when you answer the door and the waiter tries to enter fighting off the 10,000 lbs of force door closer with your tray of food. And, there isn't always a clear landing place f
  16. Couple things: the airboats are really loud. Irresponsibly frick’n loud. They will give you earplugs and you will be glad to have them. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses!!! You are off the ship but you are still in Florida. Zero shade, hot, and humid. If it’s a RCL excursion, they will have several bus loads of folks with your same game plan. It will only get cancelled on account of lightning. Is this a good way to do something unique, get you and your luggage to the airport, and eek your vacation a little further? Yes defiantly. Is this a celebration of Marjory Douglas and the Eve
  17. I am glad to hear so many good reports!
  18. Personally I bring my gear; all of it that applies to the diving I expect to be doing. It means traveling with, schlepping around, and paying for an extra bag of just scuba gear. It also means caring for the gear once I am back on board; rinsing, drying, and charging batteries. I know going into this that that 40lb bag of gear could very well be a 50 lb bag of gear going home if nothing dries out. What scuba diving might be available is a BIG factor in choosing my next cruise. What diving I can do locally if I arrive a day or two early is also a BIG factor in choosing a cruise. In short, a lot
  19. Thanks for sharing @mworkman ! That is twice as many excursions than were offered 5 or 6 years ago. When we were there we hired a cab to take us to the locks because the excursion were really BLAGH!. Our particular driver did such a great job afterwards we bought him lunch at any restaurant of his choosing and hired him for the rest of the day. It was a great experience. What we saw was not great; quite the opposite. I'm sure the "hire a taxi on your own in Colon" is much, much too rough for most RCL passengers. (Note to self: write a post about past memories of hired taxis for advanced study
  20. Quick question. And to illustrate your original question starting this thread; @mworkman would you mind listing like just the names of the excursions that RCL offers for Colon? It won't take a lot of your time, I'm sure.
  21. Ahhhhhh.....how do I put this gently? You really only have one safe choice for an excursion in Colon, visiting the locks of the Panama Canal. Period.
  22. Here is a better solution: Eliminate the the health questionnaire before each cruise and have an intelligence test. The test will be a salesman sample of a window. The gate agent take take each potential passenger and ask them "Is this window open, or, is it closed?" One answer only. About 3 seconds to respond. To be honest, if someone is not bright enough to know whether a window is open or closed, I really don't want to be sharing the ship with them for a week. It's my vacation too. As a loyal passenger this is very upsetting and has turned to insulting. As
  23. Don't forget that although the Bahamas may be much warmer than the weather back home, it still gets dark earlier during the Winter months. I'm going to stick my neck out and say "Zero people will want to be having a Perfect Day at Coco Cay if it is dark outside."
  24. A show of hands— how many people strongly believe that Grandpa’s Seapass might have been used to purchase alcoholic beverages before this tragedy? Lets see how many votes for contributory negligence we can get!!!
  25. Yes, let's not hijack mcoler18's thread! I think the following rule applies to all Sorrento's: Even bad pizza is kinda good.
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