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  1. how can you have more than 100% capacity? Weโ€™re people sleeping and bathing on the pool deck?
  2. I just did two mock sailings including my seven year old grandson in it. Both times there was a price included for him. So they donโ€™t sail free? I can understand port fees being included.
  3. 24 hours later Royals marketing department must really think we as consumers are not very smart.
  4. So I just looked at my cruise planner for our May 2023 cruise. $98.00 for the drink package. I sure hope the price comes down to a reasonable price in the coming months.
  5. Unfortunately things seem to be going backwards in Pa. Two school districts outside of Phila just reinstated mask policies. Our county now has high transmission rates according to CDC. We were at low three weeks ago. Wife is on Plaxovid so hopefully that helps. Thanks for everyone asking about her.
  6. Wife started with sniffles Tuesday night and tested positive today after departing SOS on Saturday 14th. Facebook group page has numerous people reporting positive tests. We heard nothing while on board nor did we inquire about cases. Vaccinated and double boosted. Just be careful folks but we had a great cruise.
  7. How long after the end of your cruise do your points get added. Just want to make sure we got our double points for our cruise.
  8. Iโ€™m guessing we were lucky last week on Symphony. I saw no issues involving staffing. Plenty of beverage staff at the pools. Service in the MDR was fine. No meal took longer that one hour 15 mins. The only thing canceled was the 1977 show โ€œdue to technical difficulties โ€œ. The odd thing was I saw what seemed to be extra security personal throughout the ship. Our previous cruise in 2019 I donโ€™t remember seeing that many. Other than that we experienced no staffing issues that affected our cruise.
  9. Unknown why but it is still closed
  10. Been on board this week. Heard there was around 5400 on board. Absolutely no complaints for this cruise. The crew have been fantastic and all meals in main dining and and one night in Hooked were great. Shows were Hiro,Flight,1977,Randy Cabral and two comedians. With that said this ship is back!
  11. Wife and I just did the emed on line tested so easy and quick. Double boosted Miami and Symphony he we come.
  12. Yes but she was pulled in at an unusual dock for her and she is now leaving
  13. Looks like an unscheduled stop for medical emergency? I canโ€™t be sure but it looked like more than one ambulance has been at the dock.
  14. Iโ€™m not seeing this listed anywhere for a dining option. Have they done away with it we were going to eat there one day probably for lunch while hanging out in solarium.
  15. Mine were delivered in three days after placing my order.
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