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  1. It's mostly all inclusive. Captain Jacks (Wings and fires), beach club and the big water park are the only things not included outside of excursion activities / items (things like water skis, cabanas, & day beds, etc) There are a few snack shacks around the island to grab a bite at and the main dining venue that are included. Both have a pretty good selection depending on what you are looking for (the chicken sandwich at the snack shack is as good as people make it out to be, try it!). Drink package works the same as it does on the ship. Plenty of loungers around the island bot
  2. Big reason I have been hesitant booking on the smaller ships. I have oasis this year and anthem next year. Not sure I'm going to want to go a class below anthem at this point... but those itineraries do look nice
  3. I'd love to say I'd come up with a great question but I'd likely go full caveman and just say "Need vacation. When cruise?"
  4. Sorry about your cruise! August first is good news though! Gives me more hope for my September booking.
  5. Yeah in confident it could be done with out much hassle it just wouldnt be enough and i want to focus on the cruise. I'm pretty sad i havent been to disney in like 4 years. There was a point were we were going at least once a month (before we even had kids lol). Then we moved to jersey and we going once a year for a while... then we started cruising. I have magic kingdom down to a science. I draw up map routes based off of fast pass times I can do the entire park before 2pm as long as you are there for the rope drop and that's with stops for food and characters. A lot
  6. I loath seafood. So I typically avoid places that have names with anything sea related as the entire place usually smells of fish. There was a place in Coco Beach that I was going to try earlier this year but I inlaws brought me a sandwich from one of my favorite places in the Tampa area so we skipped it. I'll probably try and get us to go there this time. The Florida plans are still up in the air. Not sure if we are just hitting the beach or driving up to the space center just yet. Its probably going to depend how much is open. I'm a huge Disney fan but we already decided we were
  7. Yeah day 1 one I will play by ear. I do plan on trying the filet at both ck and chops. I'm a bigger fan of ribeyes luckily my daughter loves steak so I'll have her get the filet at chops and ill get a ribeye and just try hers. Everyone says the filet is better at ck, so I have to try both to compare for myself!
  8. I'm sure they can vary just like royals. Guessing peak times they are higher. I was there in April a couple years back. I really enjoyed it too.
  9. The lunch menu at portside seems to be lacking some key items i like for BBQ. It is an option though, I'd probably side with Chops or picking around the suite lounge offerings. Boy Star Class magic really doesn't have any powers on Coco Cay huh? CJ not being included seems silly. It's wings and fries.. Snack shack it is then! Thanks for the info!
  10. I stayed in a cabana at Disney's Castaway Cay for $550. I thought the pricing was in line with RCCL's "standard" cabana, and the cabana seemed way nicer at castaway... Well, standard cabana vs standard cabana. The over water cabana at Coco Cay was way better but for triple the price and it being over water it should have been.
  11. With all this dieting all i can think about is food. I know i'll have a genie and they can do all of the meal planning but i'm a bit of a plan freak. I have the entire cruise mapped out for where / when i want to eat already. We enjoy going to the venues so i doubt there will be much in room dining except for breakfast. We'll play that by ear once we see how much room there is for dining in the suite. Food plan - Day 1 - Leaving Jersey Lunch - Special Star Class lunch? Chops? Dinner - CK Filet night? Will move if its a different night Day 2 Sea Day -
  12. I'm already booked in September and have no plans on changing it unless they cancel it. If i could go earlier i would. As for the discussion of masks. I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker at all but i wouldn't be happy if they were required everywhere. It just doesnt work. Dining? Pool / spa? Open air decks? Kids club? I think a compromise would be requiring them when attending shows where its much closer quarters for long periods of time. If there is any mask requirement good luck enforcing it, half the people that are wearing them now aren't wearing them properly which defeats a lo
  13. I'm one of those odd people that hated pizza for decades, then i moved to jersey now i love it. Don't think putting the cure in sorrentos would change my mind on me eating that. Tried it once on the last cruise and I wont ever again. If the wife and daughter went to get some i would go elsewhere. Put it in a lava flow and now we are talking.
  14. Yeah yeah, my wife says that too It just drops quick because I was getting really chunky lol... That and this diet is pretty strict. Only thing that really sucks is the weight can come back really fast once you eat "normally" again. Much easier to gain the weight... especially on a cruise.
  15. Week 1 of my diet is complete. Down 8 pounds already! First week is the easiest and hardest part of this diet. The weight loss is going to slow down now as i reintroduce small amounts of carbs. Time to start working out to keep up the fat burning! Is it cruise time yet??? Nope 125 days to go!
  16. Antibody test is fairly easy to get. I unfortunately tested negative for that. I'm around the virus pretty frequently, but less people coming in for the regular test and less showing up positive the past 2 weeks so that's a good thing. God willing ill be cruising in September. If masks are required, hopefully they are only required for shows.
  17. I'd confidently get on the first ship out if I could. Not everyone would feel the same though.
  18. I'm holding my sept 20th out of Jersey until the last second. I'm in jersey and in the medical field, I'm pretty confident things will be moving by then.
  19. Whoops think i read your post wrong. You can snorkel in the beach club area but i think the area in chill island might have more stuff to actually see underwater. The gear was pretty lightweight mask / vest easy enough to carry around
  20. So i went down that slide and got yelled at, then the cabana manager came over and said it was fine. I was well over 150 pounds I saw the weight limit for the slide in the book before i went down. For what i paid i was using that slide lol. It was worth getting yelled at.
  21. The overwater cabana came with snorkeling gear, not sure if the beach ones do... I'd assume so though. I was one of the only people that got in the water by the cabana because it was cold and choppy. I couldnt see much of anything. I didnt see anyone paddle boarding while i was there but again there was a lot of chop.
  22. You're going to love it no matter where it is. From what i saw there was only 1 beach cabana in a poor spot, there is a smoking section directly behind it. I know this because i was having a cigar there and i could hear the people complaining about me from the bench i was sitting at. I extinguished it ( after a couple more puffs.. it was an expressive cigar!!) Walked over and apologized, they were embarrassed but then they told me they had been smelling cigarettes all day and they were just frustrated. I would have been too. I supplied feedback on the poor location of the smoking
  23. I was in an overwater cabana. The entire beach club area was great, had a nice upscale feeling to the whole area. It was private and quiet. My only complaint is that I was there Feb 1st (it was only open for a day or so) and you could tell some of the finishing touches werent done. Like i said in my other post it wasn't super fun for my daughter, though i think she would have had a better time if it were warmer. It was super windy and cold making the water too rough and chilly. Some friends we were sailing with said the water was warm and didnt even notice the wind on the other side of the is
  24. I would say neither would be ideal in your situation but I'd side with the beach club. The thrill park cabana's main draw is the water park tickets, but the actual water park seems a bit too extreme for how you described your kids. You also aren't going to very close to the beach here and the main kids areas are outside of the waterpark Beach club does not have a lot of offerings for the little ones in terms of activities, and the food is more upscale (they still have offerings for kids but the food is one of those things you are paying for). It will be a quiet spot an
  25. Some Port with dessert and I'm happy.
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